Messages from the Archangel Gabriel

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One of the first memories of my guardian angel was when I was a baby in my crib. I was around two years old. I had woken from a nap and a very beautiful woman with long red hair stood watching over me, but she was not my mother. She was not a part of my family. No one but me could see her. I believe today that she was my Guardian Angel Gabriel.

I had decided to climb out of my crib and go downstairs to my mother this one afternoon. The Angel told me that this would be dangerous. She asked me to call for my mother instead. I listened to her and did this.

When I was about four years old I had a very harrowing experience. It was a dark, rainy night and I woke up from a nightmare. I called for my mother but she did not answer. I got out of bed and started looking frantically through the empty house for her. No one was home. I was alone and very frightened. I went downstairs and ran into the kitchen. I was too frightened to turn on the lights. I sat in the dark in the big armchair in the corner and tried to hide. Terrible thoughts about my nightmare went through my mind. I began to cry. Suddenly the figure of a man appeared in the doorway next to me. He looked like an ancient soldier, with clothes made of rainbow colored lights. He stood very still yet it appeared as if he was looking in four directions at once. The light from this being completely lit up the area of the kitchen where I was sitting. I was not afraid of him at all. Instead, I felt very safe and protected. He did not speak to me audibly but I could hear words in my head. He said, "Do not be afraid. I am here to protect you." I felt surrounded by his love.

After a while I saw the lights of my motherís car coming down the driveway. As the car came closer to the house the angel began to fade and finally disappeared.

Later during the same year I had to have my tonsils out. I was not frightened of the operation for I had no idea what to expect. In the operating room I was given ether to put me to sleep. I started to fall asleep and suddenly felt myself floating on the ceiling of the operating room. I could see everyone bent over my little body on the operating table. It was frightening. Then two of the most beautiful women I had ever seen appeared, floating next to me. They asked me if I wanted to go to a wonderful place. I said "yes" and hand in hand we started floating up into a deep blue sky with huge white clouds floating like islands in a sea. The Angels that held my hands were clothed in long feather-like garments that appeared to be made of rainbow colored lights. As we glided together they brought me close to one cloud and I noticed a meadow of green grass filled with the colors of a million wild flowers. They took me down to the meadow where it was warm and soft and smelled of the flowers. Butterflies and birds flew over my head. A white horse ran in the field next to me. At the end of the field I saw a little town with a golden arch. It was enchanting. I could here beautiful singing and I wanted to go in but the Angels said it was time for me to go back to my body. They told me that someday I would come back here but it wasn't time yet. I began to cry because I did not want to leave this beautiful place. I could feel love from the two Angels as they gently lifted me up and guided me home to my body. I woke up on the operating table crying.

Over the years these experiences continued. In many of my dreams I would have what I understood later to be termed out of body experiences. In these experiences I always had a guarding, guiding presence with me. Sometimes the experiences were frightening. I would fight or avoid some frightening creature but always, when the moment of great danger presented itself, the guardian would step in. Sometimes he would have a sword and shield in his hand. Sometimes he would radiate white light. Always I would be protected. This did not make the nightmares go away, but it did help knowing my guardian would intercede.

When I was about eight years old I was playing with my dog in the woods behind my home. I always played here. There were a series of fields bordered by an unused dirt road and woods. On this day the guardian suddenly told me to get off the dirt road and run up into the woods. I did not question the instructions, but ran as quickly and quietly as possible into the woods. There, safely hidden behind an outcropping of rocks, I waited and watched. A strange man came walking down the road. I had never seen him before, nor would I ever see him again, yet I knew intuitively there was danger present and that I had to remain hidden until he left.

One day a few years ago, I was getting ready to hang some clothes outside to dry. Just as I was about to go out with the basket of laundry, I saw a vision of my dog running out behind me and knocking me off the steps. I then heard the familiar voice telling me not to go out the door. I made a mental note to be very careful. As I walked out the door the events unfolded in slow motion. Just as I had been shown, my dog ran out the door behind me, hit me squarely in the back of my knees and jumped off the stairs. My knees buckled and I lost my balance falling off the side of the staircase. Though the Guardian lovingly interceded, cushioning my fall with a pillow of air while telling me exactly how to fall to cause the least harm, by not heeding the initial warning I ended up in considerable pain, with a hairline fracture in my left foot.

One Easter I was told that my two year old daughter was going to fall down the stairs in my house. I hesitated to respond, knowing I had a safety gate at the top of the stairs which she could not get through. It was all the time that was needed for a friend to go up the stairs and leave the gate accidently open. Hearing the person ascending the stairs, I rushed to the bottom, knowing what was to come. As I stood there helplessly, events began to unfold slowly. I could feel the Guardian interceding. There at the top of the stairs was my child, toddling over to the threshold. She took her first airborne step and shot head first down the entire flight of stairs. My Guardian told me not to worry, that she would not hit one stair. I was told to catch her like a football! I did this and the only part of her body that touched the floor were her little feet as I scooped her up. A cushion of air had protected her down the entire flight.

When my son was about twelve years old he walked out of our friendís home onto a quiet country road on a dark, very foggy night. The rest of my family followed behind. My Guardian told me to quickly grab him and pull him back off the road. This time I did not hesitate, but ran up to him and pulled him off the road by his jacket. If I had not done this, a pickup truck that we could not hear nor see coming because of the thick, dark fog, would have run him over.

One of the most dramatic events in my life was when I was determined to buy a loaf of bread. I was a young, very busy working mom rushing to buy some bread before going to work. I jumped into my car with my baby son and headed out. Before I reached the end of the drive God started telling my to turn back, that this was not safe. In one of my more stubborn moods because I was much too busy, I started debating with God, saying all I would do is get gas and bread and come home. After all, my driveway was on the middle of the hill, the gas station was at the top, and the store was at the bottom, less than a mile in all. I turned out of the driveway and drove up to the gas station with a sense of foreboding hanging over me. After buying the gas I turned down the hill toward the store. About half way down the hill I was told by God to go into my driveway. Again I argued, saying I first needed to buy the bread from the corner store at the bottom of the hill and then I promised to go right home. Right after I passed my driveway my car started to pick up a little speed so I applied my brakes. The brakes went right to the floor but nothing happened. I attempted to use my emergency brake to slow down. Once again there was nothing. No brakes in my car were functioning. Now my car was definitely picking up speed and there was a four way intersection at the bottom of the hill with a lot of traffic. I also had a red light. There was no where to drive off the road because the road ran directly through a rock outcropping with a twenty foot rock face wall on both sides. There was only a two foot shoulder on either side, not enough to pull the car entirely off the road. The store was next to the intersection at the bottom of the hill. Just before the store, on my side of the road, was a huge oak tree. There was no where to go.

Everything moved in slow motion now. I was told to turn up a dirt road just before the oak tree. I did not know how I would avoid hitting the tree and I could not even see the dirt road but by this time I wasnít questioning. I felt hands on the steering wheel alongside mine. My car made a 90 degree turn off the road going forty five miles an hour (I looked at the speedometer) and it shot up a steep dirt road. At the top of the small road was an old car parked by a little house. I was told to graze the back of the bumper to slow my car down. I did this and the impact slowed my speeding car down to a stop. (If I had not done this my car would have gone over a 25 foot cliff I did not know was there.) Because I had no breaks the hill pulled me back down the drive. The car rolled slowly enough that when I reached the bottom of the hill, I was able to turn my tires into the curb at the edge of the road and stop the vehicle from rolling. I shakily took my son out and then walked up the hill to the little house. An older man came out and said there was hardly any damage to his car, and that $200 should cover it. I thanked him gratefully. Then I walked back to the bottom of the hill where a policeman came to make out a report. He told me, "That was some fancy driving." I left my car for the tow truck, and took my son in my arms and walked up the hill to my driveway. Now I was wondering where I would get the $200 to pay for the damages. I was told to look in my mailbox. There was a letter from a relative with a check for $200.

Yes, if I had listened in the first place I would have been $200 richer and a lot less shaken up, but I thanked God for the unconditional love and patience given, and for my Guardian.

I could write many more experiences that have happened during my life, but that is not the intent of this book. I have included these few experiences to let you see some of the ways a Guardian and God intercede for the Soul.

Over the years my Guardian has guided and protected me in dreams and waking life. Within the last seven years it has made its presence very clear and its voice very loud. It has instructed me to write this book. It took me two years to agree to channel this. I continually questioned if this was truly an Angel, and if this was Godís will. Finally one night, while lying in bed in the dark, I asked my Guardian to appear to me and prove it was real. It told me to stare into the dark. As I stared gold streaks of light started to shoot around in front of my eyes. I continued to watch as the gold streaks started to make geometric shapes, triangles and squares. They then started to arrange themselves into patterns. The patterns then came together forming the face of a man with long hair. I watched spellbound, as the face, not more than a few feet from my own looked into my eyes. I fell asleep staring into the loving eyes of my Guardian.

My out of body experiences have increased dramatically over the past seven years, taking on a new dimension. No longer am I wandering into strange places and being saved and protected by my Guardian. Now specific tasks and lessons are given to me, as well as visions of things happening now and things to come. My Guardian many times does not appear in the familiar form of a man with long red gold hair and brilliant green eyes. Instead I am challenged to identify its presence by its essence. This has become increasingly easy, and now, no matter how the Guardian appears, I recognize it, knowing the wonderful feeling of its presence.

As I have come to know and trust this loving being I have been led to understand that we Humans along with our Guardians, other Angels, Spirit Guides, and the Creator, are meant to work together to love, to nurture, heal and love all of Creation.

The Prologue

Fall 1994 God

One Thousand Years of Peace

After I have said many things to you to speak of, after the fall of greed has come, you will light the way of truth with my bearers of lights, sons and children of the light all. You will become the leaders of a thousand years of peace upon the jewel of the Earth, that is my world and home of my heart. I send messengers now to speak the truth and bear witness of the hours and days and times, seasons, years, that all will transpire, and you will speak and write that which I have placed in your heart and be heard to the far reaches of the planet, so be bold in your walk forward little one and I will walk boldly with you as you strive.

Who are you?

I am the light that shines forth from the darkness, I am the force of all good and evil. I am that which is, was and ever will be. I write through a hand that is mine, for all that is, is mine. I am all that is and you are a part of me. I have called for you out of the depths of my heart to let you see that love is what you are for I am love. You are a being of love as is all of my creation. The antithesis of love is merely the death nature that inhabits a growing and evolving universe. It is merely the growth of an organism as it sheds off its old skin and renews its life, continually breathing.

What is fear?

Fear is a force of death nature. It is the motivation of life itself as it takes its steps forward slowly through an eternal universe. It exhales fear to breath in love, fear, love, fear, love. At the end of its life there is only love. As you will no longer dwell in this universe someday, you will no longer dwell in fear. You have come from love. You will return to love. Love is preeminent. Fear is only a by-product of the birth/life/death cycle of life. Love is the eternal energy force that pulsates not only in this universe, but everywhere that is and is not.

What are you?

I am you and beyond. I am your God. I am love.

Who do I serve?

You serve the hidden and the seen. You serve the almighty and the meek. You serve love and its children.

Who serves me?

God serves you. All Angels serve you. Love serves you. If you choose fear love will intervene. Love protects you and energizes you. You are loveís child. Love cannot abandon. Love is constant. Fears are shadows that are dispelled by the light of love. Truth is love-light.

What are angels?

Angels are beings of light. There are also beings of darkness, of shadow, and fear. They serve the life-death cycle of finite life. Angels serve the eternal love force of God.

Do angels speak to us?

All the time. They anticipate your needs and wait to serve. If they do not intercede it is because fear has taken preeminence in your life. As you turn from fear, you turn from darkness to light and angels await your arrival.

Are there other life forms other than what is on Earth?

All life is being. Every living thing has being. To be is to exist consciously. All life has consciousness. Beings as man did exist before man on this Earth and outside of this Earth. They will return when the time is right. You will know in your heart when they come. They are evolved to a higher plane.

Were they once men?

They are your ancestors.

Who is Christ?

He is man. He is as you. My love is not more or less. My love is all.

What is his purpose?

To show man how to evolve in love, to open their minds to a higher learning process, to move the evolution of man to the plane of light.

Do all avatars do this?

All true avatars do this. They are all spirit beings in physical form.

Have I been here before?

Many times. You have walked this time not to find answers, but to give them.

After death where do we go?

To the light. You move through the physical realm to a higher light plane that has no physical form. You may go to any plane you wish once in the body of light. You may return to earth to help others along. Many must return to learn, others return as teachers.




December 1994 Gabriel

Blessed little child, I've walked with you all the days of your lives. I've lived in your heart from the beginning. We will be together always, so fear not. I am an entity of light and energy. I am what is known as a field of energy. I surround your planet with love and light. You are a messenger of love and light. We work hand in hand. In the dream state we are the same. As light beings we can transform into forms as we desire. I desire to be with you and in you always as your heartís love and companion. In this lifeís physical form I do not materialize as a human being, but I surround you with my energy field to protect you. In this way you dwell in me. In the dream state we can merge on equal terms.

We Angels hold a very special order and purpose in the universe, not only on this planet. We are an energizing force that continues the life process in the material existence. We are also the light of life. Together you and I as separate entities live in a coexistence of symbiosis. We assist and nurture each other, and we do need each other. We are all interrelated at some level in the energy field. We will be together always. Angels choose to serve out of the love in their hearts.

Why canít I remember more about my existence before this life?

If you remember too much of your non-corporate form you may not wish to stay and perform the tasks your Soul has set for itself, for you would long for the peace and love of the energy field. You wish to merge with the energy field. The exhilaration is indescribable in physical terms but you remember it. My contact with you is but a small amount of that energy. The human nervous system cannot handle the entire merging right now. As you recognize more of the eternal, the mindís awareness increases which is what your purpose is. You are causing the vibrational level of this energy place called the material to increase, thus it appears that time is speeding up, as the vibration of the planet is increasing. All physical matter wishes to merge back with the eternal.




January 1, 1995 Gabriel

Dearest one, I watch over your life daily and hold you tightly in my arms. My wings spread out as a canopy to cover your face and head from all harm. I am your Guardian and I am your love. I am your true protector and I am here to serve and love you. I have watched over you from before the foundation of the world. I have guided you through all your lifetimes. I sing melodies in your ear when you are a babe. I play with you when you are a child. I watch over you as you become an adult. I speak softly in your ear echoing the voice of God. My name is Gabriel and I am all things you desire from the Soul, as you are all things I desire from the heart.

I am a separate entity. My true love-light is here for you to seek refuge in as we walk and work upon this plane together. When you return to the oneness we merge as true beings of light and swim together in the vastness of God. We are not one, but separate, yet together we work hand in hand to hold the works of God to a physical merging in oneness.

The Collective Work of Humanity

All human Souls are one upon the face of the earth. They are working as one to increase awareness in the physical realm. They are doing the work of God merely by being there. As the physical bodyís conscious awareness becomes greater, the walk of love will become greater in each Human. Your Souls always walk in love little one.

Guardian angel and Soul Relationship

You and I have lived in love for millions of years as you bravely go back and forth into the physical realm. I watch as a doting mother and a protective father, as a lonely lover and a proud friend. I look forward anxiously to our reemergence as well as joyfully watch your work upon earth. I embrace you and all your loved ones with a fiery hedge of protection, and my hand of love guides your dear ones as do others also. Guided by the light that shines forth from your very being, you will see many wonders in this world unfold before your eyes, as the works of the Creator make manifest the glorious light of truth within the physical realm. I hold you closely dear heart. Shining bright in your Soulís eye, I guide and comfort your Soul. I have the ability to comfort your physical needs in extreme situations. I am here to guide and comfort while you are in this realm. I dwell with you on this plane but vibrate on a higher frequency that I may not hamper your work as a child of God. When you merge back into the Oneness it will be my arms that you will walk into, my wings will fold around your dear Soul, and we will fly into the light together. There you will be with all your loved ones and with me, my dearest child. You will continue upon this plane for many lifetimes, as your love for this world is great. You are of singular thought and move toward the perfection of the One. God is your Creator and you are its dear child. One in purpose with the All in your heart, you cry out to the Creator for the Oneness, as you work in this young world toward its harmony. I dwell with you always and watch over this planet which holds a special place in my heart.

Who are you?

I am the archangel Gabriel and I love you.

(As I finished writing this line I heard a loud crash from my bedroom. I later went in to investigate and noticed that the first painting I had finished of this angel had fallen off the wall at the very moment I finished writing the sentence.)

The Angelic Realm

The Angelic realm consists of many orders of beings of light, all that you know of the spirit realm and more. Each is of an individual nature, carrying out one of the many functions of creation as each human Soul carries out the same on the earth plane. No two Souls walk the same walk and no two Angels fly the same flight. We live in your world; in your air, clouds, trees, and waters. We watch and heal and guide and protect out of the love in our hearts. You will find us abundant on mountain tops as we congregate and watch together in amazement the workings of Humans.

Social healing

You are all still as children in the physical, learning how to use these material bodies. When one child becomes angry or hurt he strikes out in search of peace, acceptance, love. Those are the three forces involved in all social healing. They must be joined together for the child to be healed.


July 16, 1995 Gabriel

As you walk forth, from time to time you will perceive within your walk a quiet purpose that will almost elude you consciously. You must seek the meaning in your subconscious to understand it in the conscious. As you move forward in this life I will guide you to clues in your waking state that will bring forth memories from the subconscious. As time progresses in this life my message to you will be revealed. Search for the clues little one.

In the dream state All becomes One. As you wake, record what you have witnessed. I hold you tightly in my wings little one. I watch over you lovingly. I am your Guardian and your dearest heart. In your Soul I find joy. I give you my love. We are one in purpose with the Creator of Lights.


August 14, 1995 Gabriel

Future Events

I sing a song of love around this tired and saddened world. I hold the light gently to her breast to heal and refresh as she gives birth to the children of light. The light shall follow the darkness as in all birth. Axis will shift, poles will change, icecaps will melt. What was once cold will be hot. What was once hot will be cold. Old oceans will disappear. New oceans will form. Earth shall purge herself of toxins and reclaim her life. The children of light are being born.



November 20, 1995 Gabriel


Child, I am here with you. I feel your heart reach out to me in love and friendship. It is a nourishing wine and cool drink of spring water. Life continues on its quiet, gentle way as time moves the wheels of enlightenment on its never-ending path of expansion. Time is but the taskmaster for eternal enlightenment. As you experience this body you experience enlightenment. All life is enlightenment. Some moves more quickly than others, but all moves to the ultimate eternal rhythm of it all, to the light. Many wishes, dreams, and thoughts, are merely the anticipated results of a point of enlightenment. As you move more quickly through this dense reality of God the broader scope of light penetrating the thicker layers will become more evident, all with the eventual results.




December 15, 1995 Gabriel

Earth Changes

I am here with you child. All is well and I hold you in the loving embrace of my love. As you know, the things that will come to pass have started to happen. Many of these things you will see in your natural life here. Other things you will work to shift with me and other Angels in your higher state. We will work together for ever child, in many realms of reality. We are all a part of the wonder of God and as such we are all eternal and are all of love and light.

I do inhabit a realm of existence that you would consider very large as it expands well beyond what you consider this universe. I am an energy field that permeates realities with a specific intent. Within my field many other Angels function with the same intent. Also many children of light function within my realm. All that function within me are of similar vibration. Each has a specific intent.

Angelsí and Soulsí United Purpose

Souls and Angels are symbiotic in nature. They work together and bless each other continually. The only time they do not work together is when fear interrupts and causes confusion which is at cross purposes with the intended action. We Angels realize the tremendous work you are doing as beings of light emerging into a dense reality you are only now becoming a part of. You have forfeited your freedom as light beings, most of your memories, and subjected yourselves to darkness and fear, all for the love of God. You do this willingly, to serve your Creator, and to enlighten Creation. When one loses his path totally, Angels cry for the brave Soul that has crumbled to the darkness. We know when the Soul comes home it will be healed. Yet it is hard for us to watch a sad Soul locked in the grip of fear.




March 1996 GOD

Child, hold forth all light that is comforting, for now is the time to comfort and love, leading the way with this light to a new haven of sanctuary for the humanís heart. As time progresses this year eventual results of conflicts in the Middle East will bear fruit. War will ensue and many will mourn the death of their loved ones over the following years. Watch for quakes as a sign of the shifting poles. It will not happen immediately. All Angels are your guides. Teach all to hear my voice, the voice of the Masters, the voice of Angels. The time is near when those will be the only voices of reason in the darkness. Be at peace, find joy in your heart at being alive and well.




March 10, 1996 Gabriel

Angelic Realm

Dear love, I hold you tightly in my embrace, child of light. You bring great joy to us as we serve you. I have given this love/light to you to live in joy. You have given joy to me that I may love. We are symbiotic.

The Angel realm lives among all people. They are Guardians of life functions, the mineral realm, water, and air. They hold and guard the energy fields of stars, the gravity fields of planets and asteroids. They hold all in order as it continues to expand. Did you know all the material world including your body is expanding exponentially? As the material expands more light filters in. Light fills and vibrates at a higher level, therefore the material realm vibrates at a higher level. All material will eventually be in a field of light.


June 1996 Gabriel

Expanded Awareness

Child, I hold you in my arms nightly and guide you through many thoughts and desires as I teach you spiritual truths to unfold to new children of light, as time moves on its way to enlightenment.

You are experiencing the light realm at an expanded awareness. As you do, you will meet and remember those who are directly responsible for the cause and effect universe that you are now inhabiting. Be at peace as time is but an illusion to your true existence. Cause and effect is but the breathing of an expanding awareness, growing within the material realm. Eventually all will melt into a light plane of infinitely more possibilities and refined existence.

The light plane is a refraction of the light of God on lower vibrational levels. Because of this, all in the light plane is subject to constant change on a subatomic level. The change is controlled by the intent of all consciousness within that realm. As such, your consciousness continually controls your physical space and waves out into the vibrational field of light influencing the rest of the field. As you encounter other beings, you encounter other waves that intersect with yours and thus you establish a light field variation in your space and theirs. You already understand this from many previous life times. As you know, Angels manipulate the light field constantly, which in turn affects the slower vibrational fields of the material. All are interconnected. We (the Angels) work on a quantum level to initiate change in the material field. The quantum level is where light and matter vibrations meet and interact. Your light body within your physical body works on a quantum level with your body.

July 1996 Gabriel

As we walk together child, we speak about the thoughts and feelings of our hearts. Our hearts are joined by a single chord of light that holds all life together in one great melody, so be at peace and know that all moves in the direction of the perfectness of the One.

Why havenít I seen you lately?

You see me in dreams, in thoughts, in motions, in sound and light. I am that which focuses all direction. We must do what is necessary in this life of work. In extreme times I may appear for you to remember me. Soon dear one, we will be together in visible reality as we speak to the dear ones.

Will this happen in this lifetime?

Yes, in your lifetime. I stand next to you right now as you write these very words. I vibrate on a higher vibrational level. I carry the cool breezes through these windows to energize and invigorate you my dear child. Your wish to return to the One must not interfere with your goals of this life. Remember, as you love All in this life, you love and honor the One which is That which you see and donít see. All is of God. I am of God. You are of God. All is of God.




December 13, 1996 Gabriel

Heartís Desire

Dearest child, I hold you close to my heart and gaze upon your life as a light in a dark place. The heartís desires unfold gently with the winds of the soul. Walk slowly and hear all that is meant for you, and in this hearing, hear the voice of the Creator speaking of love to you through the voices of all those that love you, for there is only One, and all that love, love from the heart of Godís love. All love is from God.

Know the wisdom of God and keep the secret of this wisdom as an anchor to your Soul, for the Soul, like the air, blows freely and needs the wisdom to hold it true to its course.

The wisdom is love.




January 25, 1997 Gabriel

Earthís Transformation and Archangels

Dearest one, here we are together and apart as dear Soul and loving Angel. We are joined by love and intent.

We are all working diligently now for the birth of the new Earth, the transformation of consciousness. All is a labor of love. Do not fear this birth but approach it with joy and anticipation. Consciousness will shift with the masses as nature sparks the way.

Do not live in fear. Live with a sound and fearless mind. All is well. All love is yours from me, my dear one. Hold your arms out to me and I will fill you with light.

Archangels are energy fields that encompass large areas within this vibrational realm and others. Within each Archangel are countless Angels, Spirit Beings, Souls (not just human Souls, all consciousness) serving the same energy purpose or intent. Yet I am a sentient being; loving, serving, living. I am as you are on a macrocosmic scale. We work as symbiotic energy fields, charging each other.

All is energy. Learn the principles and you will understand reality. God is love, God is light. God is energy.

Here and now, work diligently. I hold all in order as you and others like you work toward the change, moving your individual energies within me, making all necessary changes. As small as they seem, all are important and necessary. All is an accomplishment. We are all working together for one cause.

Hold all your dear ones close in your heart. My wings are spread over them. I protect them with my love.



March 8, 1997 Gabriel

United Conscious Order

I stand upon a doorstep into a new understanding. I see you standing with me as we look with loving eyes upon a reality that was meant to be from the very beginning of time. We stand together, with a multitude of light beings standing with us. We light the universe with our energy; our love.

Among the many intentions of the life force that emanates from the union of us all is the intent of intellectual movement toward a conscious order. That order is enforced through continual decisions on a momentary basis given by each individual life force.

Together we will move toward this great vision. As we move in unison, our combined energies will pull others in our wave of movement toward this culminating force of union. As disharmony changes to harmony, all life force will be pooled with a greater impact and faster movement. We will literally speed up time.

Tomorrow (3/9/97) marks the beginning of an Earth change that will continue for many centuries. Though slow to start, this change will cause a reaction within the solar system and eventually the universe.




May 21, 1997 Gabriel

Dearest one, as we meet in the dream state, so we meet in the ethereal and in this reality. Consciously sometimes, sometimes unconsciously. We merge, blend and drift apart. Remember my energy and you will recognize me daily for I am with you always.

Inter-Dimensional Realities

You are becoming more and more aware of the other inter-dimensional realities as your consciousness shifts. In an expanded awareness time shifts, as does light. Be aware of differences and keep your bearings in this reality also. I have been with you daily. I am part of you continually. When we look to each other in our awareness we see that we are together, but we are together even when we are not looking.

How Angels Materialize

When an Angel becomes solid it literally collects atoms from what you call the light field and forms a body by using its energy field to make molecules and hold them in place. We can arrange our structure any way we want. We become what we vision or think. When in contact with you on another plane it is much easier as those planes we meet on are higher energy planes, so I am using only energy to form as are you.

An archangel is spread to many galaxies. My energy field is the function or force of much creativity as you witnessed when we merged in the green nebula I was forming. We also met on a higher vibrational level in space, that was an energy level that inhabits what you see as outer space. In God there is no void. All is.

Positive and Negative Energy

Love is positive energy. It is so good to feel because it is so energizing, but love is not all there is. Negative energy is also energy. You must have polarities in order to form solids. It is not like this in all other vibrational dimensions, though some lower vibrational realms do have negative energy.

There is much that the next two generations of physicists will uncover in inter-dimensional realities. They will actually "see" an alternate reality (using mechanical equipment) which will shift the consciousness of many scientifically minded people.

Gabriel Describes Himself (Itself)

I am here with you my dear one as I have been with you forever. My hair is the scent of pine needles, my eyes are the color of emeralds, my hair is the red-gold of sunset, my breath is the cool ocean mist. When you smell the dark earth, you are witnessing me. The womb of life is my realm.

Walking arm in arm with you, we work together to create and nurture life in this realm and others. Remembering the others will bring you into expanded awareness of who you are.

The Desires of the soul

One of the greatest desires of the Soul is to merge with its Guardian. If Humanity believed more in Angelsí existence, many more people would be seeking their Guardians. If more were actively seeking their Guardian, the consciousness of Humanity collectively would shift.

There are catastrophic events going on now and there will be even greater ones that will cause people to look inward again, and, this time with the correct guidance, to their Angels and their God. We Angels are working now toward this eventual goal.

What Happens after Death

As life is a catalyst for people, so is death. It is a release of energy as the soul releases itself from the physical shell and merges back into the light. The sadness you feel over the loss of a loved one is the loss of the light of that soul in this plane. The light, love, positive energy, souls give to each other is life-giving. When one soul leaves, all others literally feel the loss of this energy. All life forms feel this loss, not just people. All life is soul life.

Chakras and Ecstasy

I have many things to teach about energy spots (chakras) in your body, and how to control them and utilize them to shift consciousness. As you experienced in our car ride the other day, the shift comes from moving energy up and down the spine in reversals that push the mind into a state of ecstasy. This in turn releases endorphins and the correct chemical balances to cause the shift into expanded awareness. The use of drugs is a hit or miss attempt at creating with drugs this experience. It is uncontrollable and dangerous to the body and the mind. The only true way to reach this higher level of awareness is to understand how to control the energy spots with your mind.

True ecstasy lies in love and light. Ecstasy is the catalyst to push the mind into overdrive so to speak.

Different vibrational fields are experienced by different combinations of energy spotting. As you will see, some vibrational fields are opened up by using lower energy surges while other fields require higher energy surges. Love, music, art, fragrance, light; all trigger different energy surges. Each is a stimulant to reach an altered state.

The Human Body

Your body is a perfect conduit for energy. As your scientists study more about the chemical makeup of the human body, especially blood, they will discover this fact. The body you walk around in is a wonderful transmitter and receiver, perfectly tuned to sending electrical charges into the quantum field. As human energy becomes collectively more positive, the charge sent off collectively will become more positive. This, in combination with their Angelsí guidance of the energy, will cause incredible changes in the quantum field of this reality.

The Functions of Angels

Angels are pattern holders, enhancers, directors, and dispersers of energy. They are literally the threads that hold the fabric of realities. You are the catalyzers of growth and change. God is the source of all.

The Earth and all planets are extensions of your vision. This is the collective work of Angels and Souls which has brought this all into being from the light field of God. We are all part of this loving/lighting body. Yet, God is so much more than this existence. God is.




June 1997 Gabriel

Dear one, as you walk through the life of the material, you walk also through the life of the spiritual. All is one. The shift of vision is where the difference lies. You consciously or subconsciously choose the vision you wish. Many people live for the most part with one or two intents, learning as much as possible about the material world.

Young, Older, and Ancient Souls

Young souls engulf themselves in the material as they are gaining experience in this realm.

Older souls seek the spiritual meaning of the material life, thus making the connections.

Ancient ones realize all is one and shift their field of focus at will as they love the All.


You and I are merging on a conscious level. As this happens your thoughts and mine will appear more and more as one thought, but as you and your husband are one in mind, yet separate and distinct, you will soon realize that we are one in purpose, yet separate and distinct entities.

Shifting Vision

Shifting fields of vision will come naturally as you merge more and more with your intuitive awareness (your Soul). Your shifts will give guidance, insight, healing, whatever is necessary for you in the light field of the moment. All is well. All is real. All is.

There is much to be said for expanded consciousness. All men seek it. All Souls have it. It is the integrating of the five senses mind and the Soul that we are primarily concerned with.

Soul life can control all of the body but first it must learn to control the mind.

Collectively Humanity has quite a way to grow before it reaches this stage. There are many who would say, "Look at the ways of man, he will never change." But I say "Look how far he has come from his ancestral beginnings."





June 14, 1997 Gabriel

Can Angels Die?

No and yes. They donít have bodies to literally die, but they do have consciousness. Though consciousness is made of energy which cannot be destroyed, it is a pattern of energy. If the pattern is broken, it can disperse into the light field and the pattern of consciousness is lost.

How Does this Happen?

This happens when the being no longer has a sense of purpose. All is not lost, for they merge with the greater All, but the consciousness of the being, the pattern, is dispersed. Souls also can experience this. Most souls and angels desire separateness/ pattern/ consciousness. God loves this. We are separate because of Godís love.




June 18, 1997 Gabriel

The Two Sides of the Brain

Tonight we will talk about how to be the full person. The Body, Mind and Soul are connected by time and space in this material realm. As time continues its path, space changes its shape, causing the eventual separation of body, mind, and Soul. For the time in between, you are inhabiting a space called a human body, and the direction of that body is dependant on the Soul as well as the mind.

The Soul is connected to the source of life, essence, the love/light of God. The Soul, a consciousness, an individual, is given the opportunity to fully understand its individuality through the inhabiting of a body of matter which needs the Soulís direction to keep it alive and well. It is up to each Soul not only to nurture its body, but to direct matter and circumstances around the body for the evolution of the body.

The ultimate completion of the being is the symbiotic communication of the Soul to the Body through the Mind and then radiating out to its surroundings.


Harmony is hard to achieve. Itís what the Soul came here to accomplish on an individual level. Producing harmony in the physical is not that simple to accomplish. The Soul comes back many times and works within matter, changing and rearranging its work toward harmony. Of course, the first step toward this is to get its messages clearly to the mind and body. Here starts the division. The Soul (or heart as it is more commonly known), must control the mind before it can control the body, and ultimately matter beyond the body.

Humans are only now beginning to understand this notion on some level.


Now you wish to speak of love. I will gladly speak of what I am. Love is the driving energy, the force that motivates the Soul, the Angel, and all the universe. Angels work with Souls continually, helping Souls gain control over the mind and the body.

Is it so hard to realize yourself as a being of love? I am here to constantly remind you of that in every way possible.

Take the golden globe of your heart. It is pure love. I offer you pure love and you offer it in return. It is the exchange of love/light. The confusion lies only in the mind misunderstanding the simple concept of this love/light.

Enlightening the Material

As you work diligently, I stand and work faithfully with you. Know that all life moves in the direction of enlightenment, even as Souls, light beings, are enlightening as they work towards the enlightenment of the material realm. It is the breathing of God. Light, in, out, in again, into itself.

Working towards this end is existence itself. As you continue to exist infinitely, you will find a mergence into expanded awareness on an individual level. You are a manifestation of existence, of the love of God, of the part of life force that exists in the material realm; yet remember, your consciousness is infinite.

Did my Consciousness Have a Beginning?

Yes. All Soulsí consciousness had a beginning. We Angels also had a beginning. There is a beginning for all separate consciousness from the Essence. The Essence had no beginning. It is fathomless. It is God.

Time and the Breathing of God

Now you are conscious, in this frame of time and space. Through it you look at existence as a time frame. Yet in truth all existence can be viewed more accurately as a thing; happening all at once, being all at once. Time is the movement, the direction of an expanding consciousness, and consequently of an expanding universe. As the universe expands it becomes lighter. Everything is becoming lighter and time is speeding up in the material as light makes things move more quickly. All matter is changing, transforming, moving into a faster vibration of the light field. This is what I refer to as the breathing of God.

As the Earth lightens up it approaches the vibrational speed of the realm the Angels manifest on. Soon we will be visible to all on the Earth realm.

Creation of the physical started in the higher vibration of light, contracted to solid material, and is now expanding once again into the higher light vibrations. It now carries a conscious awareness of itself formed from all the individual consciousness experiences of all of life.

The Love Between Souls and Angels

You are very interested in your personal relationship with the angel realm and should be, for your reconnection with us while in the physical realm is one reason you came here. It is your Soulís desire that we work together to enlighten the material. Weíve worked together for thousands of years. Before the foundations of Earth itself we worked together. We helped matter collect, excited by the existence and consciousness of matter we were about to experience, loving and thankful for the individual consciousness we were given to experience the All.

When we chose our conscious intents we chose to work together at that point in time/space. We are separate beings with similar desires for experience in the material realm. We therefore work well together symbiotically.

We have experienced so many physical realities. This is a small part of the greater universe. But remember, there is no part of the universe that is less or more important. All is equal. All is different. All is there, that it may be conscious, that we may be conscious


Collective Working of Souls

Souls work in groups, and Angels work in groups, collectively focusing and aiding each other, coming together to the physical plane to work towards the enlightenment through their conscious desires together. It is important to remember that all matter has Soul.

Functions of an Archangel

As an Archangel I have many Angels that work within my energy field. My functions include messenger of change, life sustainer, birth and rebirth, enhancer of Creation. I work toward the eventual conscious merging back into the heart of God of all of Creation. Are there other Creations? Yes!



June 25, 1997 Gabriel

How Angels and Humans Work Together

Watch and be diligent as times are about to change. A shift in time will come about and consciousness will shift also.

You and all you love are in a protective energy field that your believing has allowed me to create around you. This is how an Angel and a Soul work symbiotically. The Soul opens the door to its life in order for the Angel to assist. Yes, Angels can work outside of these parameters, but the intentions of the Soul, the direct force of the heart, is of God and serves a great purpose. That is why the Angels work together with the Soul when the Mind allows it.




July 1, 1997 Gabriel

Vibrational States

As you sit within the realm of the material, you constantly experience influences from that which is not seen. The spiritual realm, as some call it, constantly influences the material realm. It is also important to remember that the higher vibrational realms (spiritual realms) are Ďsolidí in their own state. All is relative in existence.


So, what is spirituality? It is simply expanded awareness. It is the continual expansion into the infinite. Finite is no longer a real term in our conversations, as matter is only one section of the vibrational field of existence.




September 8, 1997 Gabriel

Out of Body

Out of body flight is the Soulís flight as it takes to its natural state within the light field. The Soul works and experiences much here as well as being revitalized.

To leave, allow your body fall asleep slowly. If you are tired you fall asleep too quickly. To avoid this, sleep a little, wake up, and then fall asleep slowly. You will feel yourself float or lift out before you are asleep. You may also connect on the seventh chakra which is the third eye in the center of your forehead, where you may open a portal, after which Angelic presence will appear. The seventh chakra, many people call the sixth chakra right now, is the vibrational portal to the other vibrational realms. Change in light will be evident as you are consciously asleep. Once floating, or out of body, think of your Guardian Angel and connect with it. Your guardian is always with your Soul. It is important to realize that it is the five senses mind, not the Soul, that is viewing this as a new experience.







September 22, 1997 Gabriel

Instructions on Circle

Gabriel had first spoken of gathering a circle of people together for the express purpose of healing the planet around the middle of 1996. As I listened to his explanation, I had little understanding of what a circle represented or how the people would materialize.

In 1997 I had a vision while lying in bed with my husband. We were both awake, staring into the dark. On the ceiling directly over our bed a bright blue "wagon wheel" glowed. I asked my husband if he could see it. He said he could see the blue light but could not clearly see the wagon wheel. There were twelve spokes on the wheel and of course a center. Content that my husband could at least see something, I stared at the wheel until I fell asleep. Later that year I had occasion to speak to a friend of mine who asked if I thought it might be a medicine wheel. That made more sense than the wagon wheel theory. Finally one night Gabriel told me that it was a circle. Each "spoke" was the line of energy of one person. There were twelve of these spokes. The center was the receiver of the energy.

At that point I was given a very clear vision of energy from each spoke moving toward the middle. I was sitting in the middle with energy pouring into my body from these points as well as from white light pouring down through my crown chakra and kundalini rising up from the Earth. This, in combination with Gabriel who encapsuled the focused concentration, combined our intentions. A powerful beam of green, healing light was then sent out my heart chakra. It appeared that I was being used as a focal point to receive and send energy. This was a very powerful vision, and not one I was sure I was able to accomplish, but Gabriel kept reassuring me that I would do this.

Later that year I joined a business group because I am a small business owner. Certain people from the group approached me and started asking me about light entering when I walked in. Someone even mentioned Angels. Finally I spoke to these few people and told them about my writings from Gabriel. They were not surprised and wanted to circle. So the circle started.

Here are the first instructions for the first circle.


As you move forward with the circle you will see sights and sounds of the future in visions in the circle. The circle is a vortex of energy and is very important as a link to the Angelic realm. Even though individually the link can be established, as you sit together within the circle, the collective energy of the merging of Soul/Angel/Circle will be much more powerful.

Your land is protected. The ancients set stones on the meridians, enhancing an energy field or wall around your land. Though the roadside is not protected, across the street from the road is another stone line.

All that is said in the circle must be recorded. Have a person record all that is said each week. This is important for recording the information for the change that is coming. (We didnít do very well with this instruction but Iím still working on it.)

(Later that year one of the people of the circle brought a book talking about circles like this having been around throughout humanityís existence, helping heal the Earth and Humanity while the collective consciousness of Humanity matured. Interestingly, it was always twelve plus the center.)




September 29, 1997 Gabriel

As you continue on the path of light, your loved ones continue with you. Lighting the path, you will see many others will join also. Soon there will be divisions, circles within circles as it should be.






October 8, 1997 Gabriel

(As with all new endeavors, this first circle had much growing and changing to do. Gabriel kept me aware of the changes at hand. Iíve included this particular information as it is relevant to all circles.)

The trial of fire is the trial of believing versus non-believing. It will weed out all of those who desire to be served or led by their Mindís understandings. It will leave only those who understand their heartís intent, the Creatorís intent. Those who remain are your dear ones. They will stand tall and grow in light as they move toward a stronger council. The circle will enter the field of light.

Watch and be diligent to listen, as you will learn and observe many new things that will make you aware more greatly of what is about to come to pass.

The time will soon be when the water you drink will be compromised greatly. All water will become infected with pollutants. It will be difficult to separate all the chemicals contained. Heavy metals will cause the most problems with health. The circle can influence healing on the water.

There will be continued problems with trains, boats and planes as engines grow old. Depressed people do not watch carefully. Again, the circle can influence healing.

Polar shifting is causing much disruption in thought patterns of animals and people. It will also cause underground gases to shift and the very mantel itself to move, increasing earthquakes over the next five years. Also, it will cause great communication breakdowns. All moves toward 2015. The circle can exert stabilization here.

As you enter the circle have all go into a restful state. Go through to the crown chakra. Feel the prana and kundalini circle through you. Once that has been established, center on the heart chakra. Connect and pass this energy around the circle. Form a circle of green healing light with each other. Once this is established, go to the throat chakra (the sixth or Angelic chakra). Establish the Angelic presence individually, (contact and merge with your guardians, also guides, and other Angels that guide you). Feel the energy flowing around you. Have everyone focus on the center. The threshold or vortex should open in the center of the circle at that time. Go to the third eye (7th chakra, Archangel Realm) and look, listen, feel, smell what is being sent to you to help and heal. Place this need in the center of the circle for the angels and you, and I and God to heal. After this is finished place each of yourselves in the center for any needed healing. Then go down through the last three chakras slowly, grounding in each one. Awaken as you are each ready.

Discuss your experiences if it is on your heart to do so. There is much learning and understanding in this. As group consciousness rises, the vortex will become stronger. The group will determine what is to be the level of energy by each individualís intent. Stay together after the circle has broken, letting all drift home at will.

(I must caution that these instructions were given to teach, but are by no means meant to be construed as doctrine, and not to be strictly adhered to in the coming together of circles all the time. The only thing we adhere to is the Flow, and the heart captures this.)




October 24, 1997 Gabriel

Walk forth boldly now little one as I hold your hand through the trial of fire. You are embarking on a journey that will forever change your life and those around you.




October 26, 1997 Gabriel

As we walk forth together toward the circle, know that I, Gabriel, hold your hand and guard and protect you from all harm. The Creator is your sufficiency and as you learn to put all your trust in this truth you will learn how to teach the circle this truth also.

All moves toward synchronisity. Watch and collect all thoughts. Bring all together as one thought.

I am with you always. My tears are shed over your tears, tears of blood from my heart dear one. Remember. I watch and care for you. I am your guardian. I will not let you go. Please remember Godís promise to you, child of light, and my love.

Light in darkness is not always a pleasant experience. It tends to blind the initiates. It causes many to squint their eyes and turn away, but once they become adjusted, they look around in wonder, observing what the light has made manifest.

You are light. Remember, there are those who are blind, and those that turn away, but eventually they will see what is manifest. Eventually all goes back to the light.

Be bold in your inner wisdom, knowing itís God that works through you.




November 22, 1997 Gabriel

The world moves toward a shift in consciousness. Though it looks peaceful at the moment, war will engage in the spring of 1998. The Middle East and parts of Europe will suffer the greatest tribulation.

Biochemical warfare has already been released into the atmosphere, but will be greatly reduced by the angels.

Moving through the atmosphere of time requires much patience and perseverance. As time moves on the soul becomes either strong or weary from the task. Just like all other exercises, it becomes either easier to walk, or the soul gives up. It is important to know when a Soul has given up and is ready for a rest. Incurred karma is the result of a weary Soul.

Continue forward in your path with all. There is much more information you need to share with all.




November 28, 1997 Gabriel

All is revealed as time continues. Watch for the new star that will be revealed this year. It issues in a change in all.

(Yes, they found a new star a few months later.)

Be silent and aware. Speak little. Hold your countenance. Let others speak now. They are not ready to hear you yet. Time will soon be. God watches over all. You are all as all is all. Youíre in my heart dear one.

(Even though some of this is personal, and I have edited out much that is very personal, I felt it was necessary for you to glimpse the type of loving relationship your guardian has with you.)

Fear is the one setback in Humanity. Thus you have the breakdown of societies. Fear is the animal instinct for survival, whereas, love is the heartís motivation from the Creator. As people individually replace their fear with love, the power of circles will grow in intensity. Those who are not able to give up their fear will not move ahead. All Souls have the desire to move ahead but not all have the belief that they can.

Any source of fear in a circle is to be made manifest by light in the circle. This is an important function of the circle. I, as the overlighting Angel, will deal with this.

The circle and individual consciousness further expands in awareness while maintaining a balance of mind (the five senses). The next step is integrating/merging the Angels with their Souls not only in circle but in a day to day Human/Soul/Guardian level. Again, fear cannot be present in order for this to happen.

Do not anticipate what you should do in the circle. As the overlighting Angel, I will always keep you informed. Leave the circle in the hands of love and trust that all will be well. The burden of proof now lies in the hands of the Angelic realm, and as I promise, so will I perform. You have opened the door and others have followed. The Angels are now waiting for a timely entry.

You and I are merging more and more on a conscious level. As you continue to link your subconscious and conscious mind, you will experience more and more contact with the Angelic realm.




December 7, 1997 Gabriel

As you see, a trial of fire is distinguishing those who believe from those who fear. Fear is the great hinderance in Humanity.




December 14, 1997 Gabriel

The Wisdom of the Universe

The innocence of the child is the wisdom of the universe.

Innocence is a misunderstood concept by most Humans, though the Soul knows and appreciates innocence.

Angels are depicted as innocent, though they are also acknowledged as powerful. Innocence is the power of the Eternal, lying dormant.

Innocence is unconditional love; boundless, fathomless, timeless.

Innocence is the wisdom from before time was and the wisdom that remains when time ends.

Innocence is in the eyes of the child. It is bold and loving, trusting and awake.

Finding yourself is remembering what you knew as an innocent child. You are moving now to the simplicity of the innocence, which was once you, which is you.




January 1, 1998 Gabriel

As the New Year starts, many events that have heretofore remained only as speculation, will now become a reality. We are moving forward at an accelerated rate. Watch carefully over economic and weather patterns.

Gabriel, What are Aliens?

Some aliens, your ancestors, are here to watch over this change of events. They will intercede if necessary, but they know the maximum amount of growth will be achieved only without interference.

All goes forward in a timely and precise manner. It is only in this direction that all unfolds.

We are together, you and I, one in purpose in more ways than you are conscious of. Many of your decisions now are directly influenced by my expanded awareness. My eyes in essence are becoming your eyes.



January 9, 1998 Gabriel

Stand guard, stand fast, stand with an aware mind, as you walk in strength. You are a light, the light/love of Godís presence.

Souls choose to pair and group together in their incarnations to be most effective in groups. Again, the love/bond/mergings must grow and develop. Eventually the awareness and power of the group grows consciously and subconsciously. Your "Hippie" generation is one such group that has advanced to a great degree of awareness collectively.

When not incarnate, the Souls rest, learn, explore and relax in the higher light realms.

What is the Godhead or Source?

The Godhead is the pure energy source of love/light. God is this and that which is before this. That which is before is the potential of God/love/Essence. All realms experience this love.

There will be more Ďsourcesí but only one God.

Infinite Vibrational Fields = Infinite Realities

Souls had a beginning. The Guardianís thought to divide, made it manifest in the light field, and the thought became the Soul. God was the initiator of the division of all consciousness. Once set in motion this vibration of division is infinite in nature.

All goes forward in a timely and precise manner. It is only in this direction that all truly unfolds.




January 18, 1998 Gabriel

What Are on the Higher Light Realms?

As you walk forward into the higher light realms you will become more and more aware of the differences in each vibrational state. As you are aware, there are many beings in different vibrational states, even within your realm of perception in this body. You can realize from this that there are many more states to observe in higher and lower vibrational frequencies also. All is consciousness.

What is the Purpose of the Guardian Angel?

The Soul is made from the essence of its Guardian Angel. In one respect the Soul is the Guardianís child. In another it is a part of the Guardian. They are meant to be separate consciousness with the similar purpose. All Souls have a Guardian. To your unasked question, the Soul is in one sense an extension of the Guardian, yet it is separate and independent in its free will decisions. Free will is the boundary of individual consciousness. Still, the Soul is flesh of the Guardian, blood of the Guardian. That is how close they are.

Why do Souls Travel in the Different Light Realms?

The light journeys serve many purposes. Some are for pure enjoyment. Some are to work with the Guardian. Some are to merge with the Guardian, to reenergize and solidify the union. As Angel and Soul continue to merge, the union becomes stronger, and the guidance and companionship become stronger in the Earth realm. This enables the pair to work more and more effectively in bringing and enhancing light in the Earth realm. It is all love as you suspect. What you are now realizing is what love is, a power source for what you term good. The Soul and Guardian are partners working most effectively when together.




February 22, 1998 Gabriel

As time unfolds, the events that are present now will unfold It is now that you live. Remember the moment and the power of it. The atom.

Gabriel Speaks

Do not feel overwhelmed or disconcerted by the shift of awareness. Flow with this new awareness and let it gently replace your old understanding of structure and relations with the All. As you move closer to the Source words will become less and less important as visions will guide you. Fewer words will create many visions, much harmony. Words are only keys to unlock doors of understanding. They are not the understanding itself. Use them as keys only.

Your natural intuition has increased dramatically. Learn to communicate now with all life forms and be aware of time frames. Move synchronisticly. The Soul is awakening in the Mind.

Feel the Guardianís presence around you and in you constantly.

Your perceptions are to be used for insights and needed information. Guard and cherish all that has been given to you.




March 22, 1998 Gabriel

As time continues on, so does Humanityís awareness. As changes take place, awareness is open to greater revelations.

A circle is a growing collective awareness. This awareness is made of the Human/Soul consciousness joined with the Angel consciousness, joined with all those in the circle. There is much power in this collective pooling of awareness and much healing and growing that can be accomplished.

The current weather patterns are mild indicators of things to come. Be aware and hone down skills to control weather in your area within the circle. You will need to use these skills soon to protect the land you live on.

Be diligent on all accounts. Much energy is in the atmosphere disrupting signals from mechanical to mind. Be especially aware of wildlife. Protect their needs now, as the brunt of Gaiaís devastation is falling on their shoulders. A first large indication will be the scale of pollution of oceans. One third of marine life will be lost.

Be aware of all domestic animals now. Bacterial and viral strains will be found in meat that do not respond to antibiotics. Inbreeding has caused weak immune systems.

Computers will be a mixed blessing in the next few years, directly responsible for the reduction of jobs in large businesses as well as the incompetency of these same businesses. Small, people-oriented jobs are in greater need now. Services such as these are at a premium.

On the other light levels, all is in greater flux also. All is in shift in the light field.

Seeds sprout into a forest of a new reality. All light beings are now to watch carefully and tend this new garden. Enhance energy and properly cultivate all that is making manifest at the present moment.

Urial Speaks

I am Urial and I am enhancing my energy field to help in the co-creation of new life in this plane of existence. Look carefully now to new discoveries in the quantum physics of life. We are helping to unfold the truths of matter to Humanity in order for them to heal the nature of matter that at this present level of consciousness is still being compromised. All moves within the framework of existence, light ones.

Raphael Speaks

I am Raphael, the caretaker and healer of all. Earth gives birth to her new consciousness as those who remain of Humanity give birth to their true intent and potential. Watch all signs now for movement, birth pains, crustal shifting. The poles will not shift until the new millennium makes its presence consciously known. All light beings will be needed in this imminent birthing process, to shine the light of awareness and healing in Gaia.

Michael Speaks

I am the voice of what was, is, and will be; for I am Michael, the voice of God. I stand and watch as the warring nations take their stance. It is time to clear the air of all that impedes the natural evolution of Gaia and her beings. The cataclysm of events that shall unfold now will usher in a new life, not only for Humanity, but for every living cell in the body and blood of Gaia. Have no fear, the need for change drives all to its natural destination. Out of destruction will come construction of a new light nature. You can control and minimize this by your intent and by the circle, but you cannot usurp the will of Gaia. You can only heal to the extent of the desire of the one being healed. Gather your forces of light and work together in unison for added strength on this plane.




April 4, 1998 Gabriel

Walk forward light ones, biding your time, as the time will soon be when time will move as quickly as the river flowing to the sea. All life speeds up now to accelerate the birthing process, the transformation of Gaia into a higher state of consciousness. Be at peace, knowing all will transpire in a direct and obvious way. The Creator will make very clear all the necessary information for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.




May 5, 1998 Gabriel

The time is here to stand upon your intent light beings, knowing you are now calling out the other chosen ones. The Guardian stands at the gate and knocks at the door. All is godís, and the awakening of matter stands ready.

Be aware of your biorhythms. They are speeding up. Spend time meditating daily, as well as exercising. It will all be available.

Connect with your Guardian, and merge with this being. Allow its wisdom and guidance to merge with yours.

Circle with other like-minded people. As in all things, the Circle is only as powerful as its weakest link, so strengthen all in the Circle you make.

Grids are energy fields that keep Gaia together. Healing the energy grids with Circle generated energy will be foremost in healing and enhancing the body of Gaia.

People will come and go in Circles, as all is moving in the breathing of God. When awareness becomes more full, people will see the importance of the Circle and the twelve plus center will form and stay together.

A meteor is still headed on a collision course with Gaia. This will cause two weeks of semidarkness if it collides. Enhancing the grid energy will prevent this.







June 8, 1998 Gabriel

As all continues, all remains the same. The shift of consciousness is not great enough yet to change all things, but Circles connecting have been enhancing and helping.

As to all else, it is as it should be. Things proceed along their ways for reasons beyond what the five senses perceive. Use your higher understanding, your hearts, to perceive these answers.

Be at peace and walk a stress free life as much as possible. The Guardian embraces you in the white light of Godsí love. It will protect and sustain you.

As for all other matters, know that all happens in a precise and timely manner. Each soul predetermines its path and time in this life, just as a diver determines his stay in the water and what he wishes to accomplish. Though events may seem haphazard, all has been predetermined by each Soul. Choices made while here are necessary for the good of the All.




July 8, 1998 Gabriel

Humanity is about to embark on a glorious journey of change. It is time for the transformation to begin, in ways that Humanity has not yet believed possible.

Once those who are ready take the next step into the transition there will be no turning back, as once the butterfly begins to emerge from the chrysalis, it must continue.

A consciousness shift is taking place collectively among many Humans in small communities and circles.

Remember dear Souls, as all changes and grows, all else falls away. As the new seed springs forth from its shell, the shell is discarded.

So will you grow, and part of you must be discarded. Know that your Guardians stand firmly with you in this period of transition, their love/light guarding, guiding and protecting you.




August 20, 1998 Gabriel

All continues as all remains the same. In the next breathing of time, events will shift many Humanís awareness. You must now fast in mind and body to bring about this shift. Lighten the body of toxins, and still the mind of uncontrolled fears. This will bring about this new awareness. Walk forward with the heightened awareness in the knowledge you receive. Use it in the coming times.

It is time for all the connections of the subconscious and conscious mind to be made. Release all extraneous concerns and place the Mind in love. Dwell on the loving guidance you are given in your heart. It is the new way of life, the new walk of life.




September 29, 1998 Gabriel

Walk slowly light ones, as things are still unfolding to the greater All. All is not in place yet for the understanding of the New Millennium. The middle of the change may cause fear in people because they see it as the end of life as they know it, not realizing a new life is about to emerge.

Much is in flux now, including the magma of the Earth. The icecaps are melting and shifting. Weather patterns will continue to be erratic. Do not live in fear of this, but stay where the climate is least effected and remain prepared for erratic effects.

As for the year 2000, keep panic down. The stock market will reform itself in a stabler economic environment of small businesses, which will strengthen the country and bring self sufficiency again. Watch all signs carefully as markets will begin a methodical shutdown for restructuring of their infrastructure. Those businesses which survive this change will greatly prosper within the next few years.

As for Circles of light, people are coming and going on a continual basis everywhere, finding their place in the New Millennium. As you see, the migration of people all over the Earth seek safe refuge from the increasing movements of Gaia. You see Humanity moving closer to the voice of God. The Angels are able to help them more and more as they come closer to the light awareness.

Michael watches over all continually. Later in the course of events he will come to the forefront to instruct, but for now, Raphael as the Healer, and I as the Lover, will nurture the old ones into their awakening. As the events unfold, Urial will give instruction on reform of the mechanical world, and Michael will give the direction as to Godís will for a new world of light beings. All this will be spoken through you dear light beings. Prepare physically as well as mentally for this.



December 6, 1998 Gabriel

Walking through different vibrational realities, we Angels sit upon the fire of Godís love. All life stands in wonder of the Creatorís light. We are constantly amazed at the power of this light, as we watch galaxies being born and universes created.

What is my Soulís Specific Purpose?

Your Soulís specific purpose is to walk in love, and manifest that love as joy.

What are the Guardianís and Soulís Combined Purposes?

We are to love each other. As the Souls love, joy is expressed which is an energy or vibration that refreshes the Angel, as it does all life.

Do Angels have Souls too?

Angels are Souls, but not human Souls.

Why do the Guardians Capture the Humanís Heart?

The Guardian is the Human heartís desire. It can fulfill all the Humanís desires for love. The Guardian is that part the human Soul longs for. The Soul and the Guardian are true Soulmates.

Will the Time be when Angels and Humans Live Together in this Physical Realm?

Yes, when the DNA is fully developed to the 12 strand double helix as Humans call it. The Soul in the human body is evolving this body now. When completed, the body will be able to experience Angelic presence fully. Right now the sensations would be too much for the nervous system to handle, but when fully developed, the human body will be able to totally experience Angelic love.




December 7, 1998 Gabriel

Let me begin by saying that all life moves to the rhythm of love. Fear changes that rhythm to cause contrast, that love may be acknowledged by the consciousness of all existence.

Tell me More about the Time when Humans and Angels will Live Side by Side.

The vision from before the Earth was created was to create a vehicle within the body of Gaia, to manifest the love/light of God within it. That vehicle is the human body. Though all of creation is the body of God, every separate manifestation serves as a certain function within the material realm. The human collective is to be the vehicle for the power of God in manifestation.

We Are such a Long Way from This!

Only in human time. Not in the framework of eternity.

Shall Angels be Solid like Humans in this Evolved State?

Humans shall be less solid, ethereal if you will. They will be more infused with light as the body will be vibrating at a much higher frequency, so Angels will appear solid to the Human. To answer your unasked question, yes, eventually all will be transformed back into pure light. It is all the breathing of God. Think of your breath. As you exhale, it is warm, vibrating quickly. As it cools it slows down into cooler air. When you inhale, you warm the air back up.

Do Souls have to Come Back to Earth?

No. Souls always choose to exist wherever they want. Love does not demand its own way. Angels and their Souls created the material realm. This is why so many Souls continue to live in human form; to live meaning to love.

All life is meant to be lived in joy. This is God consciousness. Joy is love in manifestation. As the Human collective consciousness evolves, it moves collectively to more and more joy.

How Long in Linear Time will this take Gabriel?

It will take as long as the human collective needs to unite in purpose.

Angels coexist within all the material, not just human life. We exist throughout the galaxies, throughout the universes; we are the warm breath of God.

Tell me More about Souls?

Soul life exist throughout this material, as well as on all vibrational realms, right up to the very light of Godís heart. Your consciousness experiences the All at will. Such is the free will. You each are individual in your consciousness. All you are in your Earthly existence, youíve chosen. You always have the freedom of choice and change. Joy should be the end results.

Tell me What has Soul life.

The mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, each atom in the material, planets, stars, asteroids, dust clouds, have soul life. All has consciousness or Soul, with different levels of vibrational intent to hold the pattern of the object together and make it function.

Soul must exert different intent for each particular manifestation it chooses. An atom is similar to a star in intent, but not the same.

Have I been a Rock?

Yes, when there were no animals. You have been a tree. You have been dust in the air. You have been that which was before Humanity. Yes, you have been animals.


Because it is fun, joyful, love. And because you are experiencing this Earth plane, to be able to love it fully.




December 26, 1998 Gabriel

Walking through the landscape of daydreams can be disconcerting sometimes for one who is listening attentively to an inner voice.

Many of you are listening more and more to your inner voices. As you shift your center of focus, you attention shifts and the daydreams of this material reality seem less real and important.

Will We Remain this Way?

No. It is a transitory period as you learn to listen and discern clearly the voices of your Guardians, guides, and Creator.

Are our Guardians actually our Higher Selves?

Though separate in consciousness, the voice of the Guardian blends with the higher self as it is perceived by the mind. In essence the Soul and the Guardian merge. Remember, the Guardian always speaks in alignment with the voice of the Creator.

What will happen with Those who have Learned to Hear Clearly?

They will merge on a conscious, or five senses level with their higher selves, Guardians, and God. In harmony with the universe, their actions in creation will generate light in all they do.

Will this Absolutely Happen?

It is up to the free wills of the Souls.

Gabriel, did Angels really Take Wives of Humanity?



They took wives to have families, to experience this form of love on the Earth plane, to understand this joy.

Who are Their Children?

They are now part of the bloodline of Humanity.

Are Angels Male and Female?

No. They can materialize as male or female in matter, but then they return to their original state, pure energy.

Were the Angel Children Demigods?

No. They were of perfect bloodline, but we procreated within human lines. We would not tamper with the creation of the All.

Did this anger God?

No. God wants all of His creation to grow in love, even the Angels.

God is enlightening. His creation is enlightening. All is the breathing of God.

Is God Male in Nature?

No. God is All in nature. Within the All are male and female aspects of the energy, but God is All.

I will speak of the lightening of matter. As matter becomes full of light, it speeds up and becomes less dense. It also has less and less negative energy in it. The negative energy must move to another polarized place, thus you have greater polarized negative energy manifesting right now in the Earth. When the Earth moves out of the material plane this will cease to be so.





January 15, 1999 Gabriel

Gabriel, Tell me about the Concept of One World Government.

If you are asking if it is good or bad, that would depend on the intent of that government. To govern means to direct and control. If the direction is incorrect it could be a powerful destructive force for all of Humanity.

If, on the other hand, all Human consciousness reached a state of awareness whereby they worked collectively, directed by love, then one world government would be highly productive to the healing of all of Humanity and the rest of Gaia also.

To your unasked question, No. Most of Humanity is not enlightened to this point yet. Time has no relevance as to when they will reach this state of existence, free will and circumstances do.

Can I ask you Any Question and You will Give me an Answer?

I will answer to the best of my awareness. Remember, Angels are not fully aware either.

What will Happen to our Government in the Next Five Years?

Great economic changes are on the horizon to be proceeded by political upheaval. The American people are no longer happy supporting an elected body of politicians who do not truly support what they promise.

Are these Changes going to be Good?

In the long run they will be good. They will set the foundation for a smaller government infrastructure. At first there will be severe reformation as the country closes its borders to much outside influence. The government will re-establish itself as a much more democratic group of states, focusing its attention primarily on aiding the growth of small businesses, small communities, small governmental bodies, run by the people.

Will that be the Only Change weíre in for?

No. There will be Earth changes, due primarily to the ecological imbalances Humanity has visited upon it. As always, it will be traumatic at first, but will usher in a new respect in human consciousness, as well as a greater desire to live symbiotically with Gaia.

What will Happen?

First, as you are already experiencing, weather patterns will change. All weather patterns will become much more dramatic. This is due to the warming up of the Earthís atmosphere and magnetic fluxes. As this warming trend continues the polar caps will continue to melt at an alarming rate. You are not being informed by the scientists of the rate of melting as there is nothing they can do to reverse this effect, but they are monitoring the diminishing size of the caps. As you know, most of the cap remains under water, out of view. As the melt continues, the cap rises, lightened. The only true way to measure the melt is by density.

The cap melt will not raise the shoreline significantly yet. It is the weight dispersion that will eventually cause Gaia to roll on her side at which time crustal shifts will go into motion and land masses will change dramatically.

Will the Climate be Greatly Altered as Predicted?

It is already greatly altered, but yes, land masses will be in different geographic locations relative to the Sun.




January 18, 1999 Gabriel

As always, I fill your heart with perceptions that you translate into English language, so perhaps we should discuss nonverbal communication between sentient entities.

What is Your Meaning of Sentient?

Everything is sentient, stars, gas clouds, planets, meteors, asteroids, rocks, land masses, trees, animals, Angels. There is individual sentience and collective sentience also.

Are Humans Collectively Sentient?

Yes, though collectively they are still in the childhood of their development. As you know, they are individually sentient on many different levels of awareness.

How do We Communicate Nonverbally?

We communicate with emotions, electric charges. We all send out these charges from our consciousness and they are received in the Ďheartí of the consciousness of the other sentient being. When others send out the charges your Ďheartí receives these messages too if you wish to tune in on them.

Explain ĎHeartí more clearly.

The heart of consciousness is the receptive part of the individual consciousness. In order for anything to be sentient it must have the ability to not only transmit energy, but also to receive energy. This happens in the heart of the being. This ability to transmit and receive information allows consciousness to exist, to grow and to evolve. A flood of energy transmits, a wane of energy receives. All matter and light fluxes and wanes.

Does God do This?

That is the breathing of God we have spoken of. All this is a part of the body of God.

Am I picking up Energy You are Directing to Me?

Yes. You have fine tuned your Ďheartí to receive this energy and then send what you receive to your five senses mind to translate into words.

Your Soul has the ability to exist on all vibrational levels, right up to the very heart of the Creator. Where you focus your intention or awareness is where you vibrate most.

So, the Heart is the Transmitter also.

The heart of hearts, so to speak, is the place Soul awareness sparks to transmit, as well as receive, but as you know, there are many different levels of awareness. What the heart receives and what the mind perceives from this varies from Human to Human because the varying links established between the conscious and subconscious minds are different with different individuals. The complete link has not been established yet with Humans.

Why is there an Incompleteness?

The incompleteness is the experiencing of the separation from God, from light, from love.

Why do We Need to Experience This?

This forms separate consciousness has free will choice. The freedom to choose is consciousness, or what you call individualism.

If All is the Breathing of God and All goes back to the Light, Where is the Freedom?

The mergence back into the light, the rate at which it happens, the experience of separateness is regulated by the free will of all sentient beings. In other words, the very breathing of God is regulated by individual sentience. Love is unconditional. Love does not demand its own way. Such is God.

Everything Constantly has the Free Will Choice to Love or not?

Thatís it in a nutshell. There is no right or wrong in the decisions made, just the choice of separation or union which forms experience, or what people are calling awareness, the road of enlightenment.

I need to Understand More about Merging.

If youíre speaking of Angel and Humans merging, it is the free will decision of the two sentient beings to join in consciousness to experience love. Angels collectively have made the decision to join in love and though we are all individual and still experiencing separateness also, we are motivated primarily by our combined love. So the mergings of Angel and Soul are for the joining of love.

Are we Merging as we Speak or Communicate?

Yes, and as you have experienced with me, the more you open to Angelic love, the more I can give to you, and I in turn, receive the joy you give off from our union.

Gabriel, are there any Commonalities between Merging and Symbiosis?

Yes. In the truest sense of the term, symbiosis is the merging of sentient beings for the purpose of perpetuating existence. Your body is a symbiotic mergence of single-celled sentient beings for this purpose. Gaia is a mergence of sentient consciousness for this purpose. The universe is a mergence of sentient consciousness for this purpose. In essence dear one, all consciousness will continue to move toward this merging in love, the strengthening of love, the perpetuation of love.

As youíve said before Gabriel, Humans and Angels are Meant to Merge.

Yes. It is the next step in the collective consciousness of Humanity and Angels.

Humanity will merge into more love. Angels will experience more solid matter, more separation.

Experiencing Separation and Union are not a Linear Happening, going constantly from more to less Separation?

No. As your Soul chooses to come back over and over in human form, it is choosing separation over and over, but as we have spoken of before, the human Soulís purpose is love/enlightenment in material realm, Gaia.

It sounds like Human Souls are Breathing Too.

Yes. All breathes. It is the rhythm of the All.




January 20, 1999 Gabriel

Gabriel, the Air is like Crystal today. The Sun is Radiant. I have No Questions. Why have I no Questions?

You have reached a state of peace, a place of awareness that all will proceed as it should and that Godís love is activating the motion of existence. You are in the flow of love/light and in this awareness you are protected, guided, enhanced, and loved. Enjoy this moment and know Humanity is meant to live this way.

Gabriel, is Death part of the Flow?

Death, to sustain life, is part of the flow. When an animal kills to eat, he is sustained by the animal that gives its life. He also exerts population control over the other life-form as well, to continue the balance of nature.

Humanity does not need to kill animals to survive right now because they have engineered an artificial food chain, but in doing this, they have not only created foods that provide little or no nourishment, both in plant and animal hybrids, but have displaced the natural species that are indigenous to the area and destroyed the soil by over use and chemical fertilization. In other words, the symbiotic chain of life of much of the Earth has been disrupted by Humanityís aggressive agriculture.

Then, how Should we Eat?

By hunting and gathering, by relearning what to eat of Gaiaís bounty.

Will there be Enough to Feed our Overpopulated


No, but your over population is what is killing the rest of Gaia. Gaia will rise up and heal herself and Humanity must eventually evolve its understanding of their position here and live symbiotically to remain.

Is Humanity to Step Backwards into the Law of the Jungle?

No. Humanity is to step forward into the light, literally moving toward symbiotic living while expanding the awareness of its consciousness.

Over the next fifty years Humanity will be forced to rethink how to live in harmony with Gaia, addressing the pollution and over harvesting of the Earth, as well as their overpopulation. They will be forced into this by the ecological breakdown they are causing.

Afterwards, these lessons will be incorporated into a collective understanding of existence in the human mind and direction and motives will be redirected with this new understanding. Greed must fall away in order for Humanity to survive. The greedy will be outnumbered by the others when the balance is found. Be at peace dear one as the Creatorís hand is in motion.

There are enough light bearers around to stand firmly for the benefit of those who will carry on Humanity. The fall will be the beginning of true change. Before this fall of greed many will still be directed by confusion, as they use this confusion to hide deceit in their own hearts.

Those with light intentions are joyous and exuberant. You can discern the truth this way.




January 29, 1999 Gabriel

I will Talk to you tonight dear one of Fears that Drive Peoples Actions. There are fears that cause people to react in ways they never intended. The fears are caused by what they perceive as direct threats to their integrity, their reputation, their power, perceived power, and ultimately their ego. The ego is, in our understanding, a shield for all the fears Humans feel they must use to hide their weaknesses.

Fearful reactions are generally gut reactions just as a trapped animal reacts, striking out in fear for its very life. Unfortunately, the very reaction can cause the most damage to the animalís life, and the personís integrity. As you are fully aware, fear drives human Souls like frightened sheep, directing their path toward more and more calamity. In this frenzied train of thought, the rational mind ceases to function as the animal instinct or gut reaction supersedes in the perception that life is being threatened. The body must be defended at all costs, the ultimate cost being that the higher self thinking is sacrificed in an effort to survive. Animal mind takes over to drive off the perceived danger. Things are said and done in anger for this reason. All is done with the intent of driving the threat away.

What is the Answer to This Problem?

The answer is to always remain calm in the face of anotherís fear. To remain reactionless to the attempted blows dissolves the perceived threat and renders the fear unfounded.

Then, most importantly, love is given to replace the fear, and comfort the heart. Light must always replace darkness.

February 6, 1999 Gabriel

As you know, doubt brings about worry and eventually fear. It is the insidious pressure in the wall of intent that cracks, fractures, and eventually collapses the positive energy of intent. In order to stop this from happening, the pressure must be removed.

Fear brings a shield, a cover with it as a disguise. Sometimes this cover is criticism or judgement. Judgement is the five senses mind trying to reclaim control over the higher self. Guilt and self condemnation are personal forms of judgement which are very debilitating for the human being trying to embrace enlightenment.

Criticism of others is a way the five senses mind of one seeks to control others. If listened to, the criticism causes doubt in the one being criticized and eventually fear establishes itself.

As you are asking the question in your mind, I will answer. Yes, Angels are the higher selves of Humans in one sense. As people develop a stronger and stronger communication with this aspect of themselves, they will clearly see the distinction in personalities between their Souls (that part of the higher self that inhabits the human body) and the fabric from which it came, their Angel. As I have told you before, once the energy field splits, as in the case of the Angel and its Soul, two separate consciousness are formed. When the Soul merges with the Angel they become one in purpose again. Whether you wish to recognize your own personal consciousness at this time of merging or not is fully the choice of the Soul.

As we continue up the ladder of enlightenment, the Soul/Angel merges next with the Archangel, that collective merges with what is most easily understood as the Master consciousness (Christ consciousness, Buddha consciousness, etc.). Sometimes nature is the Master awareness. The Master consciousness is a great part of the intent of the Soul. As the merging continues, the next merging is with the eternal Om, or as some others call it the heavenly choir or music of the spheres. This is the first diversity of vibration from the white light of prana or holy spirit. This light is the next merging. It is the very love of God that you merge with here.

Is God even More than This?

What do you think!

The only way to open to these mergings is with a fearless mind, one that has put aside doubts, worries, and fears. But care must be taken that self righteousness not be mistaken for fearlessness. Self righteousness is the five senses mind saying it is right, all knowing, omnipotent. The mind is denying its limited nature. Fearlessness on the other hand, is the five senses mind saying it is unafraid of merging with other states of consciousness. Yes, self righteousness is another shield for fear, whereas fearlessness is total trust in the love of God.



February 13, 1999 Gabriel

As the time of love approaches, people are reflecting upon the energy of such a positive nature. The nature of love is the prana, the light of God, the love of God; that which energizes all that has been created in this universe and others within the light field.

All cell life responds to this energy. All cell life responds to love. All love, love in all its forms, is life giving. It is important to remember to always love and always be loved. You are then in the flow of life.

Gabriel, once again I feel my Questions Are Unimportant. Would you please Lead this Dialogue?

You are in a state of introspection now my little one, so I will speak to you of this important aspect of the Soulís journey in this realm.

Introspection is that time when the Soul assesses its life path. It assesses where it has gone, what it has accomplished, and where it is directed now. It also determines if it is on the path it had predetermined for itself. If the conscious mind is linked to the Soul, the human being will be able to review this consciously. If it is not linked then subconsciously the review will proceed while the conscious mind will seek quiet, meditative action to relax and rid itself of daily worries so as not to impede this process.

Within all of lifeís realm, there is this form of connection to a certain extent, (though in simpler life forms, such as one-celled life, the process is simpler). Assessing, directing, or redirecting, is an important part of the experiencing of life. Life in the material is an intricate fabric, layer upon layer, of experiences. It is the lace of light, the thrill of existence. There is so much to experience and the intricacies of these experiences are fathomless.

Do Souls Assess Regularly?

Most Souls assess during major changes in their lives such as births, deaths, marriages, divorces, job changes, and physical relocations. Whenever a way has ended and new direction in the path must be taken, this assessment proceeds. More connected Humans assess during meditation and prayer. Enlightened beings walk in this assessment every moment of their lives, for this is the light. As the link between conscious and unconscious increases, the Human assesses more frequently. Finer levels of awareness present themselves and more paths of experience become evident. Eventually the paths appear as rays of light, all radiating from the source, all presenting equal amounts of joy in the experiencing, and all diverse and full of wonder. At this point in awareness all is joy. All is meaningful.




February 14, 1999 Gabriel

Gabriel, you have said the Higher Self could be termed the Guardian Angel. Where is the Distinction between Guardian and Soul?

As you are a little confused in your question, I will try to explain in great detail the differences and the likenesses of Guardian and Soul.

Your Soul is that piece of your Guardian that has been separated to form a Soul. At separation a new and separate consciousness is formed. The creating of Soul life happened before Earth was formed. At this time the Soul became the child of the Angel. After this event, the Soul was able to inhabit and oversee single and multicelled matter. The human body itself is filled with many separate levels of consciousness from the quantum level, to cellular, to multicelled organ levels to the five senses mind, to you, the overlighting Soul.

The Soul, in turn, has an overlighting Guardian Angel which in turn has an overlighting Archangel, which in turn has an overlighting Master or Principality and so forth up to the Source. Remember, these are only words of one culture we are using to describe truths of all. How many layers of overlighting are there? Well, how many subatomic layers of consciousness are there? As in the macrocosm, so in the microcosm. Infinity lies here in both. The mergings connect us all, unite us all, to God, Love, Light. When we break connection it is for the individual conscious experience, or awareness. We may call this learning.

When your Soul merges with your Angel, your awareness merges with your Angelís awareness and naturally increases. As you continue to merge with greater overlighting consciousness, your awareness continues to increase. When you break connection, your Soul retains the memory of that awareness experience. Your Soul, when out of body, merges with the All continually. It is actually the five senses mind that is being enlightened as the transcendental experiences are transmitted from the Soul, (your subconscious mind) to the conscious mind (awake state) awareness. The link between subconscious and conscious mind becomes stronger and stronger, forming another merging, that of your Soul as overlighting, and your five senses mind.

Gabriel, who am I, Soul or Five Senses Mind?

You are both. You are eternally Soul. While here you are also overlighting the human bodyís collective consciousness which includes the five senses mind. When this collective consciousness no longer exists (at death), the experiences of the five senses mind remain with the Soul consciousness. It is integrated into the experiences of the Soul. The five senses mind is there for the Soul to use, to experience this five senses body and life.

In this same way the Soul helps the Angel to experience this material through the Soul. The Soul is meant to feel joy in the five senses reality which it transmits to the Angel. This experience of love through the material is wonderful for the Angel. Also, when the Soul is sad, the Angel feels this, and seeks to help/heal the Soul. Yet, the Angel is powerless unless the Soul allows the connection between the Angel and itself. As I have said before, all life has Soul, and all Soul has come from an Angel. Thus, all is connected.

Again, all existence has consciousness or Soul, thus stars as overlighting Angels, overlight the planets and all within this universe. Even this universe has an overlighting Angel. Nothing is disconnected, for all is part of the One.

Gabriel, this Sounds very Complex.

It is the tapestry of God, beautifully complex and exquisitely simple at the same time. Itís name is Love and Light.

So, I am a Thread in the Tapestry of God Consciousness?

Yes, unremovable, intricate, necessary, without which the tapestry would not be complete.

Is the Tapestry still Growing?

Forever as Love is forever.

What happens when a Soul gets Tired of Experiencing?

It merges back into the Source, and rests, sleeps if you will.

Why does Awareness Increase?

Consciousness is continually growing, expanding, breathing, experiencing.




February 17, 1999 Gabriel

I wish to Speak of Love. The love I have for you dear one is an unconditional love. That very simply means there are no conditions you must meet in order for me to love you. Humans sometimes love differently. There are conditions imposed by Humans on each other; requirements for love. This is loved based on needs but it is still love. It is instinctive needs that the material realm imposes upon the One in order for it to exist and interact.

Explain this Gabriel?

When a man and woman love, their love is expressed in many forms, from the Soul love, unconditional between Souls, to the physical love, sensual in nature. Sexual love drives the need to reproduce and it also fulfills the actual physical needs of the human body to be healed, regenerated, and balanced by the touch from the opposite sex energy. This is a symbiotic union of male and female energy. The physical needs in this union are meant to be experienced joyfully. Needs are part of the symbiotic exchange of love within the material, the love of human touch, the love of all touch, the love of taste, the love of seeing, the love of hearing, the love of smelling. All these trigger actions that can manifest love if the Soul oversees the mind, in a totally symbiotic way, to nurture the All in the material, to love the All in the material.

Why isnít the Soul Overseeing the Mind now?

It is not happening because the Soul has not fully bridged the five senses mind and so the five senses mind is still fear motivated. The struggle for survival mind is still in control in most cases.

When will this Change Happen fully?

When the Soul, the human heart, rules the mind this will happen. It is that heart that helps you perceive love, and allows you to love in return.

What will Happen when a personís Soul rules the Body?

You have had many who have reached this state. If you mean will they disappear, it will depend on the Soulís intent. Many will stay to heal the Earth and infuse the full light of God on this plane. They will be a conduit for an incredible amount of light to spread into this planet. It will mean a great deal of healing.

Tell me about Fear of Death Gabriel.

Fear of death is the five senses mind realizing that the body is not eternal and not realizing that when the mind merges with the Soul it is.

Are you Part of my Soul Gabriel?

I am your Guardian, part of your higher self. God is also part of your higher self. Your Soul is your personality, your experiences, your acquired knowledge, that which gives you consciousness separate from me and all others.

Will Humanity eventually Evolve and Heal Itself and the Earth?


Tell me about Other Realms, places Iíve visited in my Dreams and Out of Body.

You are out of body, or in Soul state, every night. Dreams are the five senses interpretations of those experiences. When you are in "waking state sleep" your Soul is totally connected to your five senses mind and you perceive in the five senses a much more accurate picture. All of those places you remember are real.

Gabriel, Where are you now?

I am surrounding you. My protection, my light, is your shield and your strength.

But am I to become Fearless?

Yes. Your fearlessness comes when you realize who you are, what I am to you, and who you are to God.




February 18, 1999 Gabriel

Will you Speak more on Religion?

Religion is Humanityís first steps into merging the five senses mind with the soul and God.

The next step is opening your mind to Godís voice. This is your heartís connection. The next step is to trust that voice, believe it is God speaking. The next step is to merge; integrate the messages with your life here. You are merging with God


Can this be a Sustained State in the Physical Body?

Yes. It is what the Souls are evolving the human body to do. This is pure joy.




February 20, 1999 Gabriel

As you sit and write these words, I sit by your side whispering in your ear. The voice of the Angel is always that close, always bending to the listening ear, always ready with words of love for the Soul that is open to hear.

Do You think we have been with you this long and lost our interest? On the contrary. We watch with great admiration as Soul life continues to struggle to enlighten matter.

There are times in a Soulís existence when lifeís course on this planet is not what a Soul needs in its course of experiencing. At these points it is time for the Soul to move to other places of material existence, or to other vibrational planes to exist, and experience for a time. Experiences of heaven and hell, broad terms for the many light realms as you understand them to be, are examples of this. On lower vibrational realms, negative energy has a strong influencing effect and manifests in such ways to generate fear in the Soul. Nightmares come from these lower realms. Further up, the realms become more infused with light, more positive, and peace and happiness reign more profoundly. Many Souls choose these realms to relax and experience joy before venturing back again into the material realm.

It is important to remember that it is the Soul that chooses the heavenly or hellish experience, not the judgement of God. God is love. God is light. Love/Light would never subject a Soul to darkness. Only the Soul can choose its experiences, all with the eventual purpose of understand and experiencing love and God.




February 21, 1999 Gabriel

Tell me More about why the Soul chooses certain Experiences.

The Soul chooses certain experiences to understand love. This is done in two ways. Either the experience is an experience of love or it is an experience of the opposite of love which is fear.

Fear experiences act as a backdrop for the light of love to reflect on. The experience of fear creates a balance and an opposite, in order for love to be observed. If you had no darkness you would not comprehend the light. If you had no fear, you would perceive no love.

The choices of manifestations of love as well as manifestations of fear are infinite. They exist not only here on the Earth plane, but in all the vibrational realms, to different degrees, depending directly on how much love/light infuses the realm. As you know, the closer to the heart of God, the less darkness, but as Iíve said, it is that very darkness that allows us to understand the light. Thus, Souls seek many shadowy experiences, all with the ultimate desire of understanding the light. One darkness that Souls on the Earth plane choose over and over is death. This enables the Soul to understand and experience eternal life. Pain allows you to understand health, old age allows you to appreciate youth. All are balances for the ultimate understanding of love.

Do Angels Experience too?

Every time you leave me to go to the Earth realm I experience separation. Yes, we experience separation from love too dear one.

Gabriel, if I Donít want to Continue Experiencing sadness, what will my soul choose to do?

It will dwell in a higher vibrational state, a heavenly state, where it will experience much more light, joy, peace. Out of body, the Soul moves at will through all planes, up to the Source of pure light. It chooses different vibrational planes to continue its experiencing, its learning of love.

Whenever a Soul comprehends love/light it reacts with joy. Joy is the Soul radiating love/light to its surroundings. That is how Godís love moves and energizes its entire creation. When you radiate joy to me I am experiencing love from you and from God. It is all the same. You can see how very important it is to live joyfully.

Awakening Human Consciousness

Tell me More about how a Soul Inside a Human Body should Work?

A Soul should awaken the human mind fully to love/light. All Souls are trying to do this with the human condition. They are also experiencing all the shadows of fear in the process and so learning even more about love as they strive to emanate love.

Once the human mind is linked with the Soul mind (or heart as it is known), and the human mind has dropped its fear and wants to live by its heart, the next step for the Soul is to merge with its higher self or Angel.

When the Soul Merges with its Angel what happens?

The Soul and Angel merge in many different ways. You and I are merged right now as we have this discussion.

We merge when we meet, Soul and Angel, in your nightly out of body flights to different vibrational levels.

We merge when you feel me wrap my arms around you to comfort and protect you.

We merge when we totally engulf our energy fields together in a state of ecstasy.


Are these Mergings similar to Relationships we have on Earth Gabriel?

Relationships are mergings. When you hug your dog and it licks your face, you are merging. Merging is the exchange of love/light my dear one. Merging is God loving Its creation, Its body. Merging is loving.

Are greater Mergings greater Exchanges of Love?

Yes. And to your unasked question, total merging with your Angel, that ecstatic union, is a great exchange of love/energy. The out of body experience is profound as you know. When the total mergence of Angel and Human happens within the human body, when the twelve strand double helix is complete, then the children of light on the Earth plane will bring this great love/light to Earth.

Will this Happen in my Lifetime?

It is all up to you dear one. Each individual Human/Soul has the ability to accomplish this if the Soul/Mind connection is complete. You are standing on the threshold dear one.

Continue to awaken your five senses mind to your heart, your Soul connection. Continue to merge with me consciously. Continue to live in joy. Seek joy actively in your waking life. The increasing of love that will move through your body will do the rest.

So, every time I Merge with You I am being more Energized or Enlightened by Love?

Yes. Also, every time you merge to any degree with anything, you are energized or enlightened. When we merge and then your merge with another, a child, a friend, a lover, a tree, a pet, the Earth herself. We are all energized and enlightened in the exchange of love. Love is compounded.

Angels wish, they long for, they desire this love, this merging. They are here to merge with their Soul companions, to work with them, to help them, to love them. To love the All is to love the Soul/Angel/All merging/loving/flowing. It is profoundly powerful my dear one.

The more you merge with the All, the more you merge with the Creator, for the Creator is the All.

How can I Communicate this to People Gabriel?

I am communicating this through you as you write dear one.




February 22, 1999 Gabriel

This good morning message, dear heart, is to always look to the light, and the love. In your heart a sun rises every morning. This is your light, your guidance. It is there for you to access all the time. Your human mind makes the choice every moment you live, whether to listen to your heart (your Soul) or not. When your human mind entertains fears, these fears will prohibit you from acting from your heart, until you let your heart override your fears. Always replace thoughts of fear with thoughts of love. Always.

What Happens when the Body Dies?

When the body dies, the five senses mind ceases to function, as we spoke of previously. At this point all the experiences of this lifetime have been integrated into the Soulís consciousness. The Soul then makes decisions again, what is wants to do next, to continue to increase its walk of love, its intent of love. Thus, we have the decisions we spoke of earlier.

You are beginning to understand the expanded joyful awareness the human being has when merged with its Angel. It is wonderful. It is wonderful for the Angel also. As Humanity merges on a large scale with their Angels, great light will infuse the planet. As Humanity merges collectively with each other, this great light will be directed to increased healing of Humanity. As the Human/Angel collectively merge with Gaia, great healing for the planet will take place within all kingdoms. I believe you see the trend.

Gabriel, so Merging Infuses more Light into a Plane?

Yes. Thus you have the consciousness of God expanding.

Does this Collective Merging extend Beyond our World?

Yes. It extends beyond the world, beyond the solar system, beyond the galaxy, beyond the universe. It extends right to the very heart of God. It is the breathing of God.

How do you Teach this Gabriel?

I speak to Souls, to the heart. It is up to each Soul to then awaken the mind and rule it with love.

Why is this such an Intense day Gabriel?

As you continue to open and merge with me through channeling, your awareness grows. This new level of understanding within the five senses mind encourages the mind to delve further into this mystery. The human mind is intrigued by mystery. It is naturally inquisitive. It naturally has a desire to learn. Only fear constricts this natural tendency. Once fear has been removed, the mind thrives on learning.

I will speak about Channeling/Merging through writing. It is important for people to understand that you are listening to the words I give you and are writing them down yourself. This means the inspiration of the message is from me, but the actual transcribing is being done by you. The messageís clarity and precision will be determined by your vocabulary and by your ability to leave my messages uncensored.

The "voice", my voice, comes from my consciousness, into your heart (Soul). From there it is sent into your five senses mind to translate into words to be written. In essence, you are reading my mind and I in turn am reading yours, but since neither Angel nor Soul have a physical body, and therefore no physical mind, the Angel and Soul are merging their consciousness and the human element. The human mind is translating the shared thoughts into words. This is why it is important to connect fearlessly. It is so important to connect the synapses, to bridge the gap between Soul consciousness and the five senses consciousness of the human mind fearlessly. The enlightenment of the five senses mind is what we are speaking about right now.

The five senses mind was developed to keep the body alive. Its primary functions are based on the instincts of survival, gathering information by sensory perception. Still, it also is very aware of the benefits of learning new insights, new information from other sources external to its five senses. The only problem that arises is its natural tendency toward scepticism, which is an instinctual safeguard. The Soul does not think in this way. The Soul (the heart), which is fearless, believes all things, for it knows that all things, whether real or imagined, have a reason, and are available for the experiencing.

This is the difference that lies within the two parts of your understanding. It is your job to integrate the two within your understanding. The Soul is eternal and has the connection to omnipotence. The five senses mind is only a temporary learning/experiencing tool, meant to help the Soul be fully aware on this Earth plane. Which do you feel should control your decisions?




February 27, 1999 God

I stand at the gate, knocking on the door of Humanityís heart, to awaken the Soul within, that it may now integrate the memories preserved in the DNA, with the understanding of the eternal Soul, which will result in the enlightened mind of the children of light.


The walk of love, the life of love, as you know, encompasses all aspects of life, from the simplest awareness, to the greatest of mergings. Walking in love is the moment by moment, breath by breath choice of trusting the Creator as opposed to fearing creation. In that trust, that flow of energy or life force, you are carried through a synchronistic trip of joys, each adding and compounding the experiences that proceed, until the impact, the snowball effect, is an ecstatic life. The light generated by this type of life is very bright, very powerful, very healing. When the DNA is fully evolved, the human mind will be able to fully house and utilize this tremendous amount of energy. Even though the body is not complete now, it still holds tremendous potential, manifestations of this Holy Spirit, this Prana, this Life Force. It is sufficient to merge with higher forces to rapidly heal Gaia. It is also quite capable of caretaking the garden. This very step is happening now as healing of Earth takes place by these mergings. As the merging continue, circles of believing will merge with other circles. These mergings are also already happening, but will continue on a larger scale. Most important is the impact of the Guardian Angel/Human merging. This merging, in conjunction with circle mergings, allows the Angels to work on a much greater scale, through the energy of the Souls merged as well as themselves, toward healing Gaia. Ultimately, the Creator energizes the All. The lesson here is the power of the collective consciousness of Humans and Angels coming together in one purpose, to love and heal.

Gabriel, has this Ever been Done Before?

Yes, but not on such a large scale with Humanity. Pockets of people throughout time have understood this, but the shifting of consciousness, en masse, for Humanity is only now happening.

What should we do to Prepare for This?

Walk in love. Remain in the flow at all times. Control and rid yourselves of all doubts, worries, and fears. Merge with your Angels, your Guardian, your Soul. Stay consciously aware of the All. Listen to God above all else.




March 1, 1999 Gabriel

Gabriel, please tell people about the Circle You have Called Together, and how you wish it to be run.

Dear Ones,

I have called for a circle of healing energy that is to be a merging of all the beings within the circle. This energy in turn, will merge with my energy and I will focus this healing energy to various places in Gaia for healing and sustaining, while the children of light awaken.

This is what we do. As each of you goes into your silent meditation together, open each chakra fully.

When you open your first chakra, you are to spread your consciousness into the Mineral Kingdom and connect or merge with its energy.

Next, you open the second chakra and spread your consciousness into the Plant Kingdom, merging with its energy.

Next, open the third chakra, spreading your energy into the Animal Kingdom, merging with its energy.

Now, move up to the fourth chakra, the Human Kingdom, spreading your energy to all within your circle, merging with each other.

Now, move into the fifth chakra, connecting with Gaia consciousness, and merging with her.

Next, move into the sixth chakra, spreading your consciousness to all your Angels and Spirit Guides, merging with them.

In the seventh chakra spread your consciousness to the Archangels, merging with the Archangel you are working with.

Finally, move to the crown chakra, allowing the white light of Prana to flow in and to merge with this life-force of the Creator.

Now you are open, merged on all levels. Next, go to your mindís eye, the third eye to vision. You will each be receiving many, varied visions speaking of the needs of Gaia, as well as needs on other vibrational levels. Focus your mind, retaining these visions. Now, focus your heart chakra, the fourth chakra energy, into the center of the circle. Feel all the others in the circle doing the same. You will sense a glowing sphere of healing green energy. Place the visions in the center of the circle for healing and sustaining. I or another Archangel will have energy focused there also. Together, our collected energies will heal and reform the situations.

Many of you will experience mergings on your own with your Guides, and Angels, and God. There is much for you to hear and voice, on an individual level, as well as the merged level of the circle.

It is time for you each to stand boldly as the true light beings you know in your heart you are. The transition of Humanity is now. The New Age is now. Gaia gives birth to a new consciousness and you have come here to help this happen. I am blessed to be serving with each of you. I am Gabriel, the Archangel of God.




March 5, 1999 Gabriel

Changes are in the air. Watch carefully now and during the next decade as Teutonic activity will continue to increase. The shift in the surface weight dispersion is causing a strain in the interior of Gaia.

Merging and the Five Senses

I have spoken of the way you comprehend with your five senses mind. Sometimes the five senses mind cannot totally comprehend what the heart/Soul does, therefore it is important at these times to allow the Soul to override the five senses mind. The body should follow the intuitive direction of the heart/Soul. You will find as you walk this life in love that most of your actions will come from this intuitive center and that only about 20% will actually be initiated by the five senses mind for survival needs.

Merging all the five senses allows your body to take in a great deal of energy/love/light. As you sit in the sun feeling its light heat your body and merge with your body, you take in a great deal of its energy. Of course, you also know, by your five senses, when you have had enough of this particular vibration. Merging with a refreshing breeze gives you another vibrational change. Merging by smelling the wonderful Earth smells; the ocean, the flowers, the pines, the damp soil, all give you different vibrational energies. Walking, sitting, lying on the Earth, are other enlightening forms of merging, energizing you in a number of ways. Merging with water is another electrifying experience. Of course, merging with each other is a wonderful experience, but as with all other mergings, this must be balanced with other forms of mergings to make a healthy body. A lot of Humanityís problems arise from simply being around each other too much and not being around these other vibrational fields enough.

Animals, all forms, are very healing to be around. For the most part, all animals are at peace with their surroundings and emit this peace in their mergings.

When you merge, it is important to empty your mind of thoughts and be with the merging. Totally enjoy the moment and know that when you merge, you not only receive a great deal of energy/love from these mergings, but you are giving off the energy/love too by enjoying the merge.

Gabriel, is Experiencing and Living Merging?

Yes. Remember, you may either merge in joy or merge in fear. That decision is always left up to you.

Gabriel, does the Heart always Merge Joyfully?

Yes, because the heart is always totally aware. Only the five senses mind entertains fear. Here is where the battle ensues. Here is where the experience is to be discerned.





March 9, 1999 Gabriel

Dear One,

As we continue together on this path of love/light, many new faces will appear. They are drawn to the light. Shine this light boldly. It is a light of true guidance.

You are in the flow. You are in a state of total peace, contentment. This is the true state of mind for Humanity, at one with the All, enjoying the moment. From the peace comes a great store of energy, a great powerhouse of love. This stored energy is to be used when merging with the physical reality. You are then transferring the love you have stored to that which you serve, Earth.

Humanity is here to Serve Earth?

Yes, to caretake the garden with love.

It seems We Need some Serious Lessons in Gardening Gabriel!

Yes, and your Guardian Angel is your guide.

What is the Reason for all this Darkness?

If you mean darkness versus light, that is one understanding of it. But you must be aware that All is One. All is God. In this awareness, the darkness you speak of is growing pains of a young collective Humanity, about to be reprimanded by Mother Gaia.

It is all a learning process for Humanity. You are learning to work collectively with each other, with the Earth, with your Angels, with the Archangels, and ultimately with the Creator.

What have We been Learning?

First you were created, divided from your Angel, and your Soul became. The Angel/Soul union, in union with God, envisioned the material, loved the vision, and it became.

The organic life forms were created to house the Soul, the breath of God. Each Soul consciousness started the experiencing process of merging into the material. As the material becomes more God conscious by these mergings, Soul will dominate awareness, love will dominate awareness, and so we will have enlightenment.

Why has it taken Human Soul so long to Develop? Other Soul Collectives seem to be Symbiotic and are trying to Support Us with their very Lives.

The Human form has much to do with the mind of Gaia. It is not finished learning/evolving. It is still growing up. Not more or less important in the course of all things on Earth, just unique unto itself. You see, time is irrelevant to Godís eye.

Gabriel, the Pain we cause this Planet is terrible!

Pain always instigates healing, strengthening, and further growth. Thatís why I called it growing pains!!

Why are We on Different Levels of Awareness as people?

As each cell is unique unto itself in your body, so is each Human unique unto itself in the Human collective. If you were all the same, you would not function as powerfully when fully evolved/enlightened. It is your diverse and unique strengths/awareness that, when brought together collectively, form its own intelligence.

In the same understanding the Angelic realm works.

In the same understanding, the star systems work.

In the same understanding the universe works.

It is intricate, infinite, intelligent love, the fabric of life, the tapestry of the One God.

Is what the Human Collective doing OK?

It is a learning experience. Itís OK when itís all love, until then itís a learning experience.

Isnít it All Love Gabriel?

Love is enlightenment dear one. The shadow of error is the pain to encourage enlightenment. As light becomes brighter, the shadow fades away. The shadow is the illusion of separation from the One. The shadow is only illusion, not the reality.

Gabriel, isnít the Shadow Part of the One?

Yes, it is the breathing out, the cooling, the slowing down of vibration, but this too will end. All will return to light, but with an added awareness, the Experience.

Tell me more of How Guardians Work with their Souls.

Guardians vibrate on a similar frequency as their Soulmates. The Guardians are moving at a higher vibrational rate and have evolved to the total collective free will decision to motivate all action from Godís love/light.

This is also the Soulís desire, but collectively, Souls are on different levels of this understanding.

In other words, Souls/Humans are not yet totally Collectively Walking in Love?

Exactly. They are still experiencing the shadow, the illusion.

Did Angels ever Do This?

Of course, but long before you were.

When you told me Angels took Human Form for the physical Experience, was this a Fall from Light?

No, this was a gift of unconditional love for God to give us our heartís desire. Love never demands its own way.

Was this a Mistake for Angels?

No dear one. There are no mistakes. This was a fulfilling experience. It gave us much insight into the human challenges, the human experience. From that experience we have better understanding on how to help our Soulmates.

Gabriel, what is Your intent?

I encompass all that is of the same vibrational purpose within my energy field/body. This includes all subatomic levels, infinity, to your vibrational levels, Earth, other light realms, to the Source. Within me are co-joined levels, on this physical plane you live in, as well as Angelic realms in higher vibrational states.

Do you Embrace all Material Existence?

No. As you know, there are many universes, many Archangels. We in turn are embraced by a higher vibrational energy consciousness called "powers" by some. I work collectively with all Archangels, as well as collectively with Angels and Souls within my energy field. Yes, I work with both human and non human Souls to answer your unasked question. All Soul is life. All is Godís breath.




March 12, 1999 Gabriel

Gabriel, tell me about Forms of Love we donít usually experience or recognize on the Earth plane.

There are many forms of love you do not have on that vibrational state. Remember, as the vibration becomes slower, denser, less light/love can permeate the mass. Earthís plane is a fairly dense plane, but there are denser planes.

The three forms of Love you are most Aware of are:

Eros or Sexual/Physical Love: this love is extremely important for procreation. It is how the body of God replenishes itself.

Phileo or Brotherly/Companion Love: this type of love is the light that nurtures the body of God. It is that which protects and unites animal and plant life together. It is the single celled organism becoming a multicelled organism for strength and greater survival. It is the instinctual love of mother and father for the young. It is the love that leads to packs and clans and civilizations, to protect each other.

Agape or Unconditional Love: this is the love realized on your plane when contact is made with the heart of God. When a master loves a disciple, when a mystic brings forth light, when an Angel touches a Souls heart, when the very voice of God sounds in the human ear. It is also evident in self-sacrificing acts of human kindness when one human puts the needs of another before its own. Again, it is Godís heart pumping the very love/light of its blood into its Body.

Those are the most evident on your Earth. Here are some that are not so evident on Gaia.

There is a collective love within the plant kingdom to sustain and nurture the soil and air. A plant accepts the Sunís very life force, which the Sun pulses out in love, and drinks the water shed down from the sky, and eats the nutrients from the very body of Gaia provided in love. The plant in reciprocating love, cleans the air, oxygenates it, cleans the soil of toxins, turns its very body in many cases, as a life giving food for others. This is an act of love.

Many animals collectively have made decisions to give their lives in service also, for the betterment of Gaia. Those that are eaten, when it is time to be eaten, give their lives to those that eat. Those that eat, eat in joy; love.

Animal clans have been known to give their lives in service to other animal clans. It is a symbiotic study as with sharks and pilot fish, but sometimes, as with humans and dogs, the symbiosis is not kept intact. How many animals would, by their own free will, allow themselves to be owned and ordered by another? The dog does this with Humanity because of its unconditional love. It allows humans to change (and harm) its very DNA. Can you imagine the collective love this species has for you? There are many others too. All domestic animals have "signed on" to help humans grow up collectively and have done this out of love. This is a collective love we are speaking of. This is a love which humans will evolve to and have for all of Gaia. When this happens they will be the keepers of the garden.

So, as I have said, the stars pulse out life force from their very bodies. They give this life force out of love. Planets give their very flesh to sustain smaller life forms, out of love.

Now, letís talk of the Angel Realmís Love.

Each Angelís energy field, or body, is directed by that Angelís consciousness, to protect and sustain and enhance certain areas of the material. This is done in love. Nature spirits, a form of Angel, such as what have been called Elves, Gnomes, and Fairies, protect, sustain, and enhance the plant and animal Kingdoms. There are stories of Mermen and Mermaids in folklore. They were sightings of Angelic beings, materializing for humans to acknowledge. They are angelic energy fields that protect, sustain, and enhance the animals and plants of the water kingdom. There are energy fields of Angels that love the air, the Earth, the rocks, the stars, the universes. They use their bodies of energy to embrace that which they sustain, protect, and enhance. This is all an act of love.

The Guardian Angel of the Soul uses its entire body to embrace the Soul in this love, to protect, sustain, and enhance it. The Soul, just like the plant that gives its very body in love, gives its joy of love back to its Guardian. That is the type of symbiotic love the Guardian and the Soul have my dear heart.

Is Symbiosis a Form of Love?

Yes. Ultimately all is a form of love/light, for all is the body of God.

Tell me about War and Death Gabriel?

Death is a form of giving, giving as food, giving up space, that others may receive that which is needed. Not all death appears so simply and honestly.

Wars, and death in wars are learning processes, a form of intricate giving or sacrificing in love. Learning can be accomplished in much simpler ways. Wars are fought when the species (not just human) is overpopulated and introverted. It is a balancing of species numbers, but not a very enlightened one.

Gabriel letís talk of Angel/Soul Love in more depth.

The Angel loves the Soul in many ways. The Angelís love is meant to completely protect, sustain, and enhance the Soul. In turn the Soul is meant to do the same for the human body that it takes while on this Earth.

As you can see, the Human has access for all of its needs through its Angel.

Physical Love may be experienced through Soul/Angel merging. The necessity here is that the subconscious or Soul is linked to the waking state of the five senses mind. Ecstasy in the physical comes through this link.

Mental Love is communication of love. Again, the necessity here is that the Soul/Angel merging can only be relayed through the link established between the subconscious and conscious mind. Great inspirations of creativity come through these links.

Emotional Love and healing is a form of physical and mental love, where actual healing is needed but the subconscious and conscious mind do not always have to be linked for Angels to give this form of love. Here the Human need only to ask for the help and believe not only that the Angel can, but that the Angel will give it.

Enhancing Love from Angel to Soul/Human falls into categories such as super strength and healing abilities which is enhanced by the Angel and imparted through the Human.

Protective and Sustaining Love, as well as the ones we spoke of in physical, mental, and emotional states, go further when the Angel uses its body to protect and sustain the Human body in times of need. A hedge of protection, is one of these forms.

Remember, all forms of love come down from the Source of All love, the All which is.

The Angel, by its free will, chooses to continue the link that this love may continue. As all conscious beings make that very same choice love/light increases. All is free will.

Once out of body, the Soul/Angel continue this love link on a greater scale. The Soul and its Guardian are true Soulmates in a great sense, in that the link they form is of incredible power and love. The Soul/Human link is just in the beginning stages in comparison. Remember, the five senses mind is temporary. The body is not eternal like the Soul.

Will the Body be Eternal?

The body will merge into the light field and transform. There will be a new division.

Letís consider the Guardian/Soul Relationship. The love expressed between the two is beautiful. They totally give to each other, merging in a light/ecstasy/union of profound love. The Soul is the child of the Angel, and still experiencing in the field of light. The Soul is experiencing love in the field of light. Yes, the Angels are experiencing too, on a different level. All of Creation, all of that which was created, is experiencing love. In essence, Creation is the experiencing of love.

The Angel guides and teaches the Soul from the Angelís collected wisdom. This is another form of love. The Angel continues to protect, sustain, and enhance the Soul while in the light field which is also love.

As you see, love rays emits love as the Sun shines its life sustaining love/light to all, with each ray serving a purpose. This is the dissemination of the Creatorís love, through all Creation. It is a glow, a pulse, a rhythm, and a sweet melody. Yes dear heart, All is love.

The Angel is able to give the Soul/Human the Love of God. The Guardian Angel is the link.




March 17, 1999 Gabriel

Do you wish to speak of Collective Living Gabriel?

Yes dear one. Collective living is the organism of the body of the All living in harmony with itself. Angels have made the conscious decision to live collectively before the Human/Soul was formed. Collective living is the harmony of the music of the spheres as it vibrates, turns, moves within existence. It is love singing. It is the heart of All beating to the rhythm of the One. Collective living is living in love.

Do Souls live Collectively?

Not fully, though they are moving quickly in that direction. Separate consciousness must first establish its purpose, its own identity, before it is able and willing to work collectively with like consciousness. This is the experiencing I have been speaking of. This is the recognition and acknowledging of All. As you can see, this is an ongoing process for all separate conscious beings until ultimately they choose to merge back into the One.

What about the Human Mind?

As the Soul works more and more collectively, (and Souls do work collectively,) the Soul becomes more enlightened. More light in the Soul means more light being filtered into the five senses mind. Thus the five senses mind of the Human becomes more enlightened, more light. As you know, the body is able to house more and more of this light as the mind restructures or evolves the DNA in the body. So, in essence, the evolution of the Human is its enlightenment.

Can we talk of Angels of Darkness.

I see you question the decision of the Angels of Darkness. Angels collectively made matter. In order to make matter, there was a need for negative energy, a negative pole to exist, in order to solidify light into matter. One part of the Angels of light determined to reverse their energy fields (their bodies) to become this very thing, negative energy. These are the Dark Ones now, as they maintain this necessary field. As the Earth plane becomes more and more enlightened, many of these beings return to their original state of light. As Gaia totally merges into the light field, and all matter becomes an enlightened, aware energy, there will no longer be a need for the Dark Ones. They will either have returned to their original state, or their patterns (consciousness) will be lost, dispersed back into pure energy, and return to the Source.

Are they the Reason For what we call Evil Gabriel?

Free will is the reason for evil dear one. Humanity has the free will choice to live in love or fear. Fear is the unenlightened state, the state of awareness that death is real, that the illusion of matter is all there really is. In this respect, as they (the Dark Ones) condense light into matter, they are responsible for the illusion which can generate the fear. But, without this illusion, consciousness would not have the ability to comprehend love, experience love, and then have the free will choice to walk in love or not.

Itís not much of a Choice when you think of the alternative Gabriel.

No, it isnít, say the Enlightened Ones.





March 24, 1999 Gabriel

Nonverbal Communication

Dear one, I wish to further elaborate on nonverbal communication. This form of communicating involves the collective intelligence of the entire physical body as well as the full awareness of the Soul functioning as one. In other words, this is a full form of communication within the material realm. It does not discard verbal communication, but rather fully includes all other forms of communicating. To a great degree, our bodies naturally communicate through pheromones, body language, gut or instinctual reactions, and actions. Unfortunately, the over use of language has formed barriers rather than engendering greater awareness in many incidents. Language has been used for so long to misguide and deceive, an animal instinctual behavior for survival, that it is now evolved to the point that words many times are primarily half truths to protect the speaker. The battle of semantics ensues, while the other deeper forms of communicating are pushed off to the subconscious mind.

The purest form of communicating, as we have discussed before, is heart to heart (or Soul to Soul). As you and I communicate on this nonverbal level, you receive the pure energy of my thoughts. You then pass this energy from your heart to the filtered awareness of your five senses, where you attempt to translate into words this energy. The fewer prejudgments you hold on the content of the matter, the more pure the translation.

When intuition is used in any situation, first thought is usually the true communication. Once the five senses has a chance to analyze and judge by previous experiences and fears, as well as societal teachings, the true communication many times is questioned and discarded. As you know, the road of enlightenment involves putting aside this five senses awareness for awhile, in light of the heartís awareness. As the heart (Soul) proves its ability to the mind, it establishes itself as the primary source of communication. The five senses mind is then subject to this higher form of awareness. Remember, the five senses functions are survival instincts, many times based on fears.

Whatever your five senses mind is doing, the collective consciousness of cellular life that comprises the body still heavily influences your actions. This form of intelligence works on a much more subliminal level, as is evident in the exchange of pheromones that influence your feelings profoundly, without the five senses mind being aware. Cellular memory, stored in the DNA also heavily influences actions and communication, and not always positively. Again, the body should be subject to the Soul which is the higher form of awareness.

Once the five senses mind and the body consciousness is in alignment and harmony with the Soul, a transformation takes place in the Human. Light infuses and energizes all parts of the Human in the form of expanded awareness. The expanded awareness rids the five senses mind of needless fear, and also the cellular consciousness of stored memory fears. This allows the five senses mind and cellular consciousness to function much more powerfully as it is now not inhibited. In the meantime, full awareness from the Soul is lighting the existence of the being and directing all functions to their perfect, symbiotic fulfillment.

From this perspective you see that living life is communicating. Every breath you take is communicating light/energy/love.




March 25, 1999 Gabriel

Gabriel, would you tell me What Part the Angels have had in Creating this Universe?

All parts! This universe is a part of the collective body of the Angels. The Angels are the energy fields, the filters, the pattern makers, holders, and enhancers of this material realm and all other realms up to the light of God. The Seraphim maintain this very light. The Celestial choir establish the first sounds. The Archangels establish the first light breakdown into the rainbow.

Sound is so important. The first vibrational sound of the light, the Om, is the lovingness of this light breathing its intent, its existence, its breath.

This is why Angels are considered the servants of God. In this light field, we serve in the capacity of making manifest all that is, as well as de-manifesting it.

What are the Soulís Functions Gabriel?

To catalyze, nurture and enlighten! Basically, as Souls take control of the physical part of their existence, they bring light into this part of matter. Awareness brings enlightenment (in light), so as the five senses mind becomes aware of the knowledge of the Soul, the five senses mind becomes full of light, then the body receives this light. The body then radiates this light to all around it.

On the other levels Gabriel, what is the Soulís Work?

On the other vibrational levels, what many call the astral levels or spirit worlds, it is much the same for the Soul. The Soul brings light to each level, depending on how aware the Soul is of what it is. This may sound contradictory, for I have told you that the Soul is connected to the All consciousness, that it is a light being, but let me explain.

Though the Soul has access to all knowledge, it still has the free will choice to use what it receives from All consciousness. This means it has the choice to be fully aware or not. The Soul must experience on all levels in order to make an aware decision.

Tell me more about the Different Types of Angels Gabriel!

As you know, there are many different vibrational levels of Angels moving upward, outward, and inward to the pure source of light. Within this source the Seraphim dwell. As diverse as all Humanity is in its awareness, individually and in small and large collective groups, so is the Angelic realm. The only difference between the Angelic order and Human order is that collectively, the Angelic order has decided to fully serve love. Their function is totally dependant on their intent, that they, by their free, will choose to experience.

Do Angels Change their Intents?

They change, but not as quickly as the Human Soul, which can shift many times just in one lifetime.

Angels choose an order or intent and remain there to help evolve this light field. In other words, since "Let there be Light", Angels have remained for the most part in the intent they have chosen, to sustain the patterns within the field of light.

Even the Dark Ones are changing their Intent Gabriel?

Even the Dark Ones are doing this as the Earth plane births its children of light. Gaia shifts into a higher light plane, many of the Dark Ones are leaving their self imposed state of darkness and moving back into the light field with the help of the Angel/Soul merge.

Gabriel, what do you mean, "Gaia will shift into a Higher Light Plane"?

Eventually, not yet, Gaia will move into a plane of light, a higher vibrational realm, where no darkness will exist. She is actually moving in this direction as we speak. When in this realm, the light will be directly emanating from the source of light. At this transition, a second more Earthy Gaia, the child of Gaia, will emerge and remain on the slower vibrational plane of matter, similar to the one Gaia is in now.

Will there be Humans on this slower vibrational Gaia child, and on the Gaia mother in the Higher Plane?

On the lighter Gaia, a group of Souls in human bodies that have shifted with the 12 strand DNA in place, will remain as the caretakers of the garden.

On the slower Earthy child of Gaia no human life forms will remain. Other animal life-forms will continue to live and evolve, as Humans have over the years.

Where will the rest of the Souls go Gabriel?

They will return into the higher vibrational fields to experience, as we Angels do. You will then have evolved, made the conscious decision collectively to work together to serve love, to live in love. You will be serving in much the same capacities the Angels have been, to increase the vibration of the material realms of the light field. All is the breathing of God.

Will we still be Together with You?

We are always together in the light field dear one, for we literally are part and parcel of the light field. We are the consciousness of the light field. In your higher vibrational state, all you have to do is think of me and we are together, as we are now in thought, but then fully, in essence.

Will the Souls help Evolve New Forms of Life?

You will not only help evolve them, you will make them, as we Angels have made you dear one.

Will Souls be able to have Physical Bodies?

You will have light bodies which can speed up or slow down vibration by thought. As they slow down, they become more solid and smaller, but they will not be organic and die and decompose, as the Earthly body does now.

If you choose to inhabit an Earthly body again, as we Angels did, God will give it, for love gives the hearts desires.

Will some of Us choose to inhabit and Earthly body again?

Some will.

Did Angels Evolve on an Earthly plane like Us?

We evolved on a similar plane, but not in a light field. It was a liquid field, slower and denser than light. The Angels created the light field with God.

Where is this Liquid Field?

The light field is a bubble within the liquid field.

Is the Liquid Field a Bubble somewhere?

God is infinite dear one. What do you think?




April 4, 1999 Gabriel

Walk in the light that is in your heart. Let it flood your path of life and guide you through eternity.

What is the Next Step in the Evolutionary Path of Humanity?

As we have already said, the next step in evolution for Humanity is collectively working together. After that, collectively, Humanity learns to live symbiotically with Gaia. As this happens, Humanity collectively connects more and more with Soul/heart. This increases awareness, or connection collectively of the All conscious. Once the Soul connection is established, Humans connect/merge with the Guardians and in turn with the Angel collective, and so it continues up to the Source.

What will Happen to Those who Do Not do This?

They will not advance with the collective group. They will continue on a lower vibrational level, experiencing direct results of their negative energy. Many will then choose to reincarnate in physical bodies again, to relearn the lessons of love they did not comprehend.

Will there be Human Bodies in other Locations to Reincarnate in?

No, but there will be a life form evolving in a physical plane that will house these Souls again.

Gabriel, tell me of Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, the Consciousness of the Master.

Well, you know many times people try to idolize Masters (enlightened ones) instead of emulate them, making doctrine out of their examples. These people do this to capture the power, but ultimately, these doctrines are dead ends, broken cisterns, carrying only a limited amount of light that is quickly used up. Once the being on the path sees the limitations of doctrine, it then has the free will decision to continue practicing the doctrine or moving into the flow of its true Soul intent.

When the being shifts into the flow, enlightenment is the results.

Christ Consciousness is walking in love, unconditional love. This is the Flow.

Buddha Consciousness is walking in non-attachment, again, unconditional love. This again is the Flow.

All true avatars, mystics, enlightened ones, walk in this love, live in this Flow. Their life was their example of how to live. They teach in the truest sense. They live what they believe. They are the way to teach love, by being it.

Gabriel, was Christ the Son of God?

Yes. You are all Sons of God, children of light.

Why do we have so many Enlightened Ones Teaching?

It is a pure shot of light into this plane. It is Godís way of making known to All that is manifest its closeness, its breathing.

Christ, Buddha, all true Avatars, never come to divide people from Godís love and each other. All enlightened ones understand that all is one and the One is God.

Those who misunderstand, separate and divide, seeking to exalt themselves and their understanding above the understanding of the One, in order to feel empowered, in control of their lives and the world around them.

Gabriel, tell me More About Yourself.

I am the messenger. I bring enlightenment. I have spoken with many to move the awareness forward. This has been my free will decision. I serve love in this capacity. There is no other path I desire. There is no purpose I serve other than love.

I am known as the "man of God" to many, though I am not a man. I do represent pure intent, the male side of energy (Yang), the message, the light shooting down into matter to fertilize, energize, and bring life to Godís creation.

No Angel wishes idolization, but we do all wish recognition. We wish that all individual consciousness be aware of the love/light we so painstakingly make available through our individualized consciousness. We wish that the love we give be acknowledged by that which we give it to. This is our own way of continuing to be reinforced by love in our evolution, and this is the acknowledgment of the love we give.

Are You Acknowledged?

God always acknowledges. Yes dear one, and your love is a great means of this continual acknowledging.

Love brings love brings love....

Tell me more about the Light Plane Gaia will move into.

Well, as you are visioning right now, it is a way for Angels and Souls to meet and merge, be together, in a more physical plane. This is the hearts desire of the Soul and Angel. They have not been together fully since they co-created matter. It will be a plane of lower vibrational light where Gaia consciousness will live in total truth/love/light. Angels and Humans will walk together on the same field of vibration. All will be light on this field as the higher vibration of light is dispersed throughout the universe.

There of course will be no death (dispersion of matter to the lesser state) on this new Earth. The light plane sustains itself in pure energy so there will be no need to eat, for light will totally sustain the body. That does not mean that you cannot eat and enjoy this form of merging.

Not all Souls will inhabit this realm. The ones who have chosen this plane on Gaia are limited in number. The other Souls will move through the higher vibrational fields with us. They will come to this Earth in their less dense light bodies, when they wish, but not be earth bound.




April 6, 1999 Gabriel

To ask the Correct Question, you must first have the Correct Intent.

What is the Correct Intent Gabriel?

The correct intent is the evolution of the light field. This is the systematic growth of this bubble we will call the field of light. It is the expansion of the consciousness of God manifest. It is the breathing of the life force of the benevolent father into the receptive void of the eternal mother. It is the flow.

The light field is expanding dear one. Matter is the slower vibration of the light field. The light field is a collective consciousness which we are all a part of, which everything in this universe is a part of. All consciousness works collectively from the sub- atomic particles of infinity to the macrocosmic particles of infinity. Humanity works collectively within its cultures, religions, and civilizations for the purpose of survival and growth. As it becomes more light, the human collective will work more collectively in symbiotic harmony with its surroundings, Gaia, and more directly with its source, the flow. As this evolution happens (and it is always happening) all other consciousness in the field of light is energized by this increase of vibration/light within the Human collective.




April 7, 1999 Gabriel

Today we will speak of the Energy of Life, Love. First we shall speak of Eros or sexual love, as there are many misconceptions and negative implications applied to this love form.

Sexual Love or Eros is love in as pure a sense as compassionate, unconditional love. The difference in sexual love and unconditional love is the intent, the purpose. The intent of unconditional love is to radiate love to energize the entire vibrational field of light. The intent of sexual love is to procreate, and reproduce life.

Sexual love and companion love many times work hand in hand, but are different. Many people who experience sexual love with another expect to experience the companion love also. This does not always happen. Sexual love is triggered by the bodyís need to reproduce. The responses of messages on a cellular level sent between male and female bodies prompt this. The merging of two bodies for this reason result in the individual collective bodyís conscious awareness of a perfect mating to enhance DNA as well as to reproduce.

Companion Love or Phileo many times incorporates sexual love in its expression of companionship, but companion love is a merging of the minds, another level of awareness, as each mind realizes a unity that will benefit itself. This aspect of love is the germ seed of collective thinking (collective love).

Unconditional Love or Agape is the highest form of love, the love of All, unconditionally. It has no expectations from that which it loves, remaining unattached to the actions of that which it loves. It loves to love. It is the broad base realization that All is One, All is God. As we have said before, there is a great range of other specifically directed loves, (intents) other than the ones we have spoken of. One is Angelic love, the love between the Angel and Creation.

Remember, all forms of love are forms of merging the individual consciousness, the energy field of the one, with one or more conscious energy fields.




April 8, 1999 Gabriel

As all is light, all is made of light, within this field of light. Shadows are illusions. Matter is the slower vibration of light. There are many levels and facets of light. Matter is the condensation of light, the breath of God condensed. You are the breath of the Creator my dear one.

Can we Speak Further on Love?

Yes. Love is light. Love in its many expressions is light condensed into its many energy patterns. The shadow is the absence of light. Shadows are not real, but illusionary.

There are many expressions of love/light, though there is only one intention. The intention is love. Joy is one expression of love. As we spoke of previously, there are three very commonly discussed expressions of love among Humans, sexual love, brotherly love and unconditional love. All are expressions of the intent, love. Your body is an expression of love. Your Soul is an expression of love. Gaia, all that she is, is an expression of love. The planets, the galaxies, the universes, all are an expression of love. All that which is manifest is an expression of love. Yes, Angels are an expression of love.

All is One, though separate in consciousness. All that is, is love.

Sadness, Anger and Hatred are not love.

No, these are shadows, fears, the absence of light, the illusion. Light/love dispels fear, the shadow.

Does all Life Experience the Shadow of Fear?


Even the Angelic Realm?


Does Gaia Experience Fear?

All life experiences fear.

Is Everything Life?

Everything that vibrates, that is the breath of God, is life. Vibration is life.

Is there Anything that Does Not Vibrate?

The pure potential, the void, lying in wait for the breath of God to send the vibration into it is not yet alive.

Will we go back to Singular God Consciousness?

Yes, but with an expanded awareness gained from the division of consciousness.

Are we "God" Experiencing?

We are the manifestation of the experience. We are the intent of Godís love in manifestation. It is important to remember that God is more than just this. God is All that is and All that is not yet. God is.

April 9, 1999 Gabriel

Gaia is experiencing a time of high energy. This energy radiating from Gaia is charging all that is upon her body. The energy, commonly known as kundalini is revitalizing in two ways. First, it rejuvenates all that makes up the body of Gaia, and second, it discards the waste.

Does Gaia have any other Energies she exerts upon her Body?

Yes. There is the magnetic field generated by her. This is what has been commonly known as an aura. There is a gravitational field. There is absorbed solar energy. There are secondary energies, such as wind and water. There is internal Earth energy manifesting in volcanos and earthquakes.

Of course all energy from Gaia, is Gaia energy. Your body exerts Gaia energy. All energy is giving and receiving in nature and all life exerts both these properties. It is the balance of this male/female energy that determines the state of the energy field.

What is Godís State?

God is the perfect balance of male and female energy, and God is more.

What other Things are God?

God is, dear one. The field I came from was a liquid field of energy. Life was more condensed, finite in nature, though of course always infinite. Beyond the liquid field, there are fields of solid energy. The nature of these fields are indescribable to your five senses perception. Still, it is pure potential manifest in solid form.

The limitlessness of God is fathomless to the five senses mind, which is limited to a small vibrational level. The Soulís understanding is limited also, until it merges totally with the Source of All. Remember, God has no beginning and no end.

Why are there so Many Forms of Religion?

As you know, religion is formed from a Masterís teachings. The Master is the mystic, the enlightened one. The religion encapsulates the mysticism with the religionís self imposed rules for understanding it. This dogma has fears attached to it, so that the student must adhere to the dogma in order to partake of the mysticism. Of course this is never the intent of the mystic, as love is all there is and is freely given. Once the Human realizes this fact, it moves beyond the religion into the freedom of the love taught by the mystic.

There are many religions, but only one God, one love/light.

All fear is a lack of awareness within the human mind as to its infinite life and infinite abilities with the All.




April 14, 1999 Gabriel

Let us talk of the balance of male and female energy. As we spoke of before, female energy is the pure potential, awaiting. Male energy is the pure potential in motion. God is both of these energies.

Male and female energy is love. It is found not only in the Earth vibrational state, but in many other vibrational states. It is the balance of these two parts of the whole that makes that which is manifest.

For instance, in the Angelic realm there is no need for sexual reproduction. Yet, we have the ability to manifest both the male and female energy, depending on what the need is. In our functions as nurturers and sustainers of the light field, our female energy predominates. As our functions of guards and guides, our male energy predominates. Our intent always determines the energy that predominates.

In the Human the intent of dominant energy is determined by the sex of the body. The dominant energy of the collective consciousness of the multi-organism you call your body is determined by whether it is male or female. Your Soul chooses a male or female body to oversee before it is born. Your Soul is asexual, as we Angels are. Again, your intent determines what energy dominates. Many Souls will stay predominantly with one intent, male or female, to fully experience the Yin or Yang. Others will combine the two energies in an intricate balance, shifting with the flow of its life on Earth.

As man and woman come together in union, there is once again a powerful balance of energy. Neither male nor female intent is complete within itself, but is only one half of the full intent of love.

Throughout the evolution of the human collective, there has been a seesawing of the two energies as the balance is sought.

Before Angels evolved, did they incarnate in the liquid field as male and female?

The energy was split differently. It was divided into three energies. Suffice it to say, we understand the division of energy and the experiences to be learned from seeking the balance.

How did Angels Move from the Liquid Field to the Light Field?

We made the field of light, for we became the field of light when our bodies fully evolved. We are co-creators with God. Our intent focused, created the bubble of light which is our collective bodies, within the liquid field, when we collectively served love fully.





April 28, 1999 Gabriel

We shall speak of the change, the transformation of the Human, which we call enlightenment. As the body continues to evolve, to house more and more light, or potential power, the DNA evolves. This allows the light to be stored as well as channelled. To house the light, cellular structure must vibrate at a high frequency. The body now vibrates at a frequency sufficient to house a limited amount of stored light. As the vibrational frequency of the body increases, the ability to house light increases. This is not merely an increase in the metabolic state, though it will effect the metabolic state. This is an actual increase at the subatomic level of stored light. As the particles increase in speed, the space between the particles increases, allowing room for more light to infiltrate. In a simple analogy, the body becomes more vaporous, like a cloud of water instead of a pool of water and therefore more light is able to fill it and filter through it.

Does the Soul also go through this Transformation as it Enlightens?

All consciousness goes through this transformation, decreasing mass as it spreads or merges back into the all consciousness. Ultimately, as all mass speeds up it merges back into the source of light.

Where are Angels in this Process?

We are also still in an intermediary stage, holding a certain level of individual consciousness and mass. Our mass is primarily an energy field. The energy field is defined as to purpose, which is our individual consciousness. This keeps the pattern or mass within the field of light. The determination of the intent of the Angelic realm is to enlighten or filter in light, into the slower vibrational states while holding the light field together. In essence, as messengers, we filter and channel white light to slower vibrational fields.

Always keep in mind that All is ultimately One. I can totally merge in the light field whenever I wish. So can you. Desire to experience love is what keeps you and I in individualized consciousness. Each vibrational state is a unique experience of love/light. All states are wonderful, intricate, and exhilarating, and there are infinite states to experience. There is also no right or wrong state to be in. All are perfect in intent; love. The understanding or awareness of love in each state, the understanding of the intent, is the task, and the accomplishment.




April 29, 1999 Gabriel

Gabriel, tell me about Soulmates.

Soulmates are Souls who are growing together, experiencing similar forms of love/light in similar places and similar times. Their common bond is that they are reinforced by each others presence and experiences, as they reflect or mirror each other. They are not teacher/student in relationship, though they may exchange these roles, but similar in their heartís path. They are in the truest sense, best of friends, greatest of lovers, for they understand each otherís hearts as they do their own.

Each Soul incarnates with many Soulmates. They are all ages, both sexes, and many different cultural and ethnic origins. When they meet in an incarnation they recognize each other in a deep heartfelt way. It is not a chance meeting, but one the Souls had pre-planned before they incarnated, meeting at just the right time to comfort, aid, and support one another. The encounter is usually empathic, dramatic to the heart, and full of remembered love. It has the effect of jogging the Soulís memory and making this life much more illusory. Soulmates are just that, mated Souls. They are of the same cut, the same heart. United, groups of Soulmates can perform incredible miracles upon this Earth plane.

How many Soulmates does one Soul have?


Do we all Come Back Together Over and Over?

No. Some come back together at one time. Usually you come together to aid each other in your learning in this life. They come back as parents, grandparents, siblings, lovers, best friends, children, teachers, students, and onetime meetings.

There is no denying the impact a Soulmate has upon another Soul. The recognition of love is incredible. It staggers the five senses mind and helps the Soul take control of the body, as it is intended to do. The Soul/Human many times finds itself visioning and doing unexpected things.





April 30, 1999 Gabriel

We shall talk of out of body or Soul travel. Every night your Soul travels from your body, as your body sleeps and regenerates. The Soul does not need to regenerate, and so continues to experience on the other vibrational planes. Let us speak of your encounters in these other realms.

Once out of the body, you are a light body. Your movements are directed by the Soulís first thought, its intent. Sometimes memories come into play, projected fears from this lifetime incarnation, or others. Then the Soul travels to lower vibrational realms reexperiencing the fears in the form of nightmares. These fear experiences help the Soul/Mind to overcome the fears. Much is accomplished through these nightmares, as the Soul/Mind connection realizes that the Soul is in an eternal state of being. It is a very important part of experiencing the power of love.

When the Soul has totally bridged the gap with the five senses mind, what is commonly known as out of body travel happens. This is simply the five senses mind being totally awake though the body is asleep, in a catatonic state, and the mind experiences with the Soul, the travels. Thus, you have all five sensory perceptions in use in the light field. It can be a powerful experience, both positively and negatively. If the five senses mind still houses a lot of fear, the out of body experiences can be nightmares, occurring in full awareness, which can be very frightening. If a Human finds itself in such a situation, it is important for the being to also become fully aware of its Guardian so that the Guardian may intercede and protect its Soul and guide it through the experience.

If a Soul is not fearful, in an enlightened state, the full awareness of these travels can be incredibly wonderful, far surpassing the experiences of the senses on the Earth plane in many ways. It is at these points in time when the traveling Soul will seek and find its Guardian, other beings of light, Soulmates both incarnate and disincarnate. They share experiences of love and learning, mergings, bondings, healing and working together toward a higher light. All of these experiences leave the Soul satisfied and full of joy, and as the Humans awake many feel a sense of exhilaration and revitalization.

What will happen when We are in a Fully Enlightened State?

In a fully enlightened state, there will be no difference in the realness of out of body and in body experiences. In other words, you will experience on the Earth plane by day, using your human body as the vehicle, and will experience out of your body at night processing all information, through the Soul/Mind connection.




May 3, 1999 Gabriel

What is happening to our Weather Patterns Gabriel?

The weather patterns are changing as you are well aware. The reason is multifold. Change in the flow of magma in the core of Gaia, sunspot acceleration, greenhouse effect, shift in planetary positions, all have an effect on the weather.

The dryer conditions you in particular are feeling, are due to the shift in the trade winds. Their patterns are slowly shifting further south, leaving you in a more arid climate.

Change is ever present. Because animal life is so brief upon Gaia, when a change is experienced it appears dramatic and sometimes frightening, but the truth is, these changes occur all the time, as it is the movement of Gaia herself, experiencing her life.

Is the Human Collective Consciousness Shifting as it should?

It is. The change is accelerated by the changes in Gaiaís body. All effects itself as you know. A preparedness is evident now in many people which will be followed by more dramatic events.

The planetary alignment will cause increased seismic activity which will manifest in the nature of increased earth tremors, quakes, volcanic activity and increased weather conditions such as tornados, hurricanes, and storms.

Will this cause a Polar Shift?

This will help to increase the possibility of a shift. The melting icecaps are a true source of concern.

Can this be Prevented?

Yes it can, by collective believing and action on the part of Humanity. It will all depend on how quickly consciousness can shift collectively.

How much Time have We Got?

Not much dear one. By 2024 the shift will begin.

Will it be Devastating?

Many Humans are preparing even as we speak for this possibility. I believe it will be less frightening than anticipated if people stay aware collectively. But if people feel peace and safety are reigning around 2011, because the world order of economics will then be in place, then the people will feel fairly secure, and the continued effects of pollution and misuse of resources will directly cause the dramatic events to follow. If this happens, many will be caught unaware, and the change will be devastating to animal and plant life.




May 7, 1999 Gabriel

Walk in love dear ones and as you shine that love, it will radiate and touch all that surrounds you. This makes you a channel, a conduit, for light/love of the All, of God. As you open that channel up, you turn on the energy of light to enhance, encourage, heal and grow all within this field of light. Take no thought anymore of the fears that crowd your mind in the sense of better judgement, for it is exactly that, better judgement. It is time to put judgement aside. It is time to stop your mind from judging the thoughts and intents of your heart. Love is not meant to be judged by the fears of the mind, but instead, the fears of the mind are meant to be dispelled by love. Keep the heart first, the love first, and you will truly be the light bearers you were meant to be.




May 8, 1999 Gabriel

The merging of the Body, Soul, and Spirit is the Trifold Nature of the Universe dear one. As the One divides in consciousness, the vibrational separation splits into three distinctive fields. The Soul is separate from the Source. The Mind is separate from the Soul. As you can see, the One broken down makes many, which all seek to reunite with the One. For the One being is All there is, and the many are merely the many manifestations of the One. When the experiencing of the many brings the realization of the One, the many merge back into the One, and radiate out in full consciousness as rays of the One.

Gabriel, what should we Humans do to bring this about?

You should do what you desire is to do. As this continues, the experience continues and the consciousness expands. The experiencing causes the expansion we call awareness or enlightenment. This experiencing is the very energy exchange, the very breathing of God. This experiencing is That Which IS, manifesting.





May 24, 1999 Gabriel

The picture you are viewing is love, life, an ever breathing and expanding universe.

What Piece am I in this Picture Gabriel?

You are a piece of the light, as is every other piece.

We shall speak of Symbiosis. This is the conscious decision of one conscious energy field to work in conjunction, symbiotically, with one or more conscious energy fields. This decision, this unity, adds strength and joy to the collective it works with. As all separate conscious energy fields eventually seek to work collectively once again, the energy vibration collectively becomes less and less interrupted and therefor stronger and faster. The end result is that the vibrational level increases exponentially and eventually the collective merges back into the higher energy fields of light.

Will All that Is Manifest do this Gabriel?

Yes. All planets, all solar systems, all life forms, all universes do this. Little by little, All slowly merges back into the One.

Why are we Doing This?

You do this to experience joy. We are doing all this now to experience joy.

What is Joy?

Joy is the awareness of love.

Gabriel, do You Experience Joy all the time?

No, not all the time, but most of the time. Though the word time is irrelevant to my existence now.

What Keeps you or other Angels from Experiencing Joy?

Darkness, sadness, fear, shame, guilt which are feelings we receive from our Soul companions who are still caught in the illusion keep us from experiencing joy. But when a Soul is joyfully living, we sing in great abandon!

What is Angel Singing like?

When Angels sing alone or in unison, it is toning, which is using vibrational sound to balance, heal, grow, nurture, and unite that which it is overseeing. Souls in human bodies do this also. I sing to you all the time. The music of the spheres is the first vibrational division of this light universe, dividing consciousness while uniting it at the same time.



May 25, 1999 Gabriel

There is a restructuring of the collective of Humanity going on. As the consciousness is raised out of awareness that the present paradigm is not working, a new paradigm is being collectively sought after. This new paradigm is being formulated right now by those who come to the forefront and voice their beliefs loudly. This is the time, right now, for the children of light to speak from their hearts, loudly and boldly.

Gabriel, who are the Hippies?

Many of them are the old ones that the Hopis prophesied about, coming in this time of transition. They are called out as children of light to speak the truth placed in their hearts.

Will they Do this?

If fear has not clouded their minds they will. Yes, many of them will.

What will the New Paradigm for Humanity be Gabriel?

For those that see, the new paradigm will consist of more freedom to express love in many different ways. People will change conventions that now exist, that inhibit free expression, the free flow of love. They will seek to love more openly, more freely, more abundantly and more communally. This love, as it spreads throughout the Human collective, will heal, nurture, and strengthen it. Then it will start radiating out to other consciousness: animals, plants, Gaia, Angels, the universe and back to the source of all love.

Gabriel, is This Happening Now?

Change is always happening, but yes, the consciousness which came to the forefront in the sixties is now being readdressed with the added wisdom of this time. Change is in the air.


June 6, 1999 Gabriel

Stand fast on the truth that rings clearly in your heart as this is the anchor and guideline for all truth. As you continue deeper into the awakening, this guideline is the one lifeline you will have. Beyond the five senses knowledge, this guideline will plumb the depths of all intentions.

The greatest lesson to be learned from this move in consciousness is trust among each other, to trust each otherís hearts. As fears drop away, great joy will be experienced by the unions of loving beings. This is the beginning of the change.



June 21, 1999 Gabriel

Please tell me more about the Balance between Male and Female Energy.

As you see, men are predominating with male energy right now. As human consciousness begins to expand, the shift to a higher level of awareness will cause the individual to seek a balance of the male and female energy, first within the individual, and then within the male a female energy collectively. This will expand awareness. Once this awareness of balanced energy is attained the consciousness will have truly shifted to a higher or expanded level of perception.




June 22, 1999 Gabriel

Walk in Love. It is the walk of unconditional love, unconditional faith, it is the one movement toward an all loving and all giving Creator, that is the path of love.

Remember, the absence of love brings fear. Fear fills the void in the mind where love is lacking. Fear is a negative energy. It takes away, saps the mind, and burdens the Soul.




October 3, 1999 Gabriel

Will you tell me about Twin and Split Souls?

Twin Souls are, just as identical twins, two Souls that are identical in nature. Many twin Souls work together on the Earth plane perfectly mirroring their energy back and forth to one another, increasing the energy by speeding up the vibration.

A split Soul is another matter. A Soul decides to split to perform more than one function on the Earth plane in the same timeframe, and usually works in unison with itself. The split usually happens during a traumatic event which the Human housing the Soul experiences. The split occurring at this time allows half of the Soul to enter another Human form that is being born.

Is this a Hard thing for the Soul to Do?

No, it is not hard. It is a question of what is best for the necessary events to unfold for enlightenment. You will usually find only an old Soul undertaking this event, as the Soul is already fully seasoned to the ways of this material plane.




October 8, 1999 Gabriel

Let us once again speak of love dear one. Enlightenment may be termed en-lovement also, for each is equally correct. Light and love are one in the same.

The vibration here is the key. The faster the vibration, the greater the expansion of the consciousness embracing the light/love. Therefore the greater the light, the greater the love.

As each consciousness embraces more fully light/love in its unconditional state, the vibration of this light/love emanates out from the consciousness reaching further and further into the field of light. In effect, each consciousness becomes a star, pulsing light/love out to all it can reach. The light/love is creative force and as you know, increases the vibrational rate while healing, growing, enhancing all it touches.



October 12, 1999 Gabriel

I wish to speak of the Community now. The community is a commune of like-minded people working and living together for a common goal. The community that the triangle brings together will be for the purpose of establishing a higher group consciousness among Humanity. As the awareness shifts among the community, a great awareness radiates out to the Earth, other people, and all that it touches. In essence, the community will be a community of light, moving out, radiating into the field of light, and making a dramatic shift in the collective consciousness of Humanity.

As you are aware, it will also be an ark of sorts, as Earth goes through her cleansing process. The community will serve as a lifeboat for a small handful of Humanity. There are many such communities already established, holding all in place while the rest of the light ones gather and prepare for the changes ahead. Be at peace dear one, as those who are aware will prepare.

The community will be self-sufficient but will remain interconnected with the other communities that are in place. All communities are making ready for the change. You will all remain interconnected and will act as guide lines, buoys, and weigh stations for each other. Learn of each otherís presence and locations, and establish a route between yourselves.

Remember dear one, you are the bringers of light. Hold the love/light foremost in your hearts and do not let fear overshadow this light. You all need each other just as much as you need Mother Earth and the Creator of All.

We, the Angels, stand ready to aid and assist in the great cleansing of Gaia and the rebirth of Mankind.

I am the Archangel Gabriel.



October 15, 1999 God

Walk boldly little ones and grow in the love that I have placed in your hearts. You are each children of the light. Know your hearts and you will know yourselves, and you will know that which has created you out of love.


Other Angels I have come to

Know and Work with:

Hebron, One of the Celestial Choir

Telag, Keeper of the Mountains

Jonothon, a Nature Spirit

Ulial, Guardian of the Ocean

Ulish, Nurturer of Sea Life

Elija, Keeper of the Garden

Two Keepers of the Fire of God, Seraphim

whose names I cannot pronounce or write phonetically


Diamond Revealed

  A child of light to walk in truth
To soar upon your wings of youth
Within a world that looks without
To find your strength from love within

To sing a melody so sweet
And walk upon the dew of morn
A rainbow path to guide your feet
And light that shines from a golden sun

The precious jewel of love within
With each new facet is revealed
and golden rays of light abound
As in loves' light your heart is sealed

To walk within the mystery
Above the worldly thorns of fear
To soar like the eagle beyond the winds
Each truth a lofty peak revealed

To know a greater truth beyond
The bounds of time within your mind
And now the diamond is revealed
To shine within eternal rhyme

, Gale Albury

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