Messages to the Earth Angels

Messages to the Earth Angels , all rights reserved by Gale Albury.

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Dear Ones,

As you sit in your homes, your cars, your offices; as you sit in the streets, the deserts, the woods, you sit in the very being of God, for All is One.

There is only One, which lives and vibrates, expands and contracts. You are a part of this One, a part of the consciousness of the One. All parts merge and blend together to form the All Consciousness of the One.

Just as you are a part of the One, so is this Universe of Light a part of the One. It also merges and blends with all else to form the One.

You are a part of this Universe. You are a part of this Solar System. You are a part of this planet. You are a part of your country, your city or town, your family. You merge your consciousness with all of these.

Your soul is a part of the Angels of Light. Your soul is merged with your body and is a part of the human being that you are also. Your soul is merged with a body that is part of Earth. This is why I call you Earth Angels.

Your soul merges on many levels of light vibrational consciousness. When your body sleeps, your soul continues to move in other vibrational states of consciousness, all a part of the Universe of Light. All levels merged together form the Universe of Light. All Angels are light, your soul is light. All Angels merged together form the Universe of Light.

You are an Angel, an Angel existing multidimensionally. One of the dimensions you merge with, exist on, is Earth.

It is primarily this part of your existence that this book will concern itself with.

Existence is eternal. Consciousness is eternal. At some level consciousness and existence is the same thing. At this level you will begin to comprehend God.

As a part of the One we call God, you exist multidimensionally which means you exist in consciousness on all levels right to the very level of consciousness we call God consciousness. Think of yourself as a ray of consciousness emanating from the center of God consciousness. Now see all the other rays emanating out, touching each other, blending with each other, merging with each other. Again, this is the All consciousness.

As the rays continue out, existence expands outward, creating the very expansion, each ray cocreating with all other rays. You are cocreating existence. You are cocreating reality, not just on the Earth plane of human consciousness, but multidimensionally, on all levels, and all at once.

This multidimensional creative being is you the angel.

How does an angel, a being of light, a ray of consciousness, create? It creates by choice, by free will decisions, moment by moment, second by second, atom by atom, thought by thought. Decisions are energies, vibrations, that each angel ray makes. The vibrations ripple out creating more existence as they interweave with other vibrations from other angel rays. The vibrations are free will choices.

In Earth terms humans discern vibrations as positive and negative, good and bad, love based and fear based. This is not accurate in the understanding of the One. Each vibration is intermeshed with all others to make up the One. Each is important to the beingness of the One.

As vibrations ripple into what you know as the pregnant void, or the darkness, changes take place, creation takes place. Creation is the desire of the One to experience. The shifting and changing that takes place in that which is created is the experiencing of the One, or the breathing.

Remember, nothing dies for all is One. Everything constantly changes vibrational state, for the One is constantly vibrating and experiencing. All pulses of vibration come from the center of the One, merging, blending, then separating and shifting, constantly expanding consciousness, constantly experiencing, constantly creating with itself. This dear ones is what I call the breathing of God.

How many experiences of existence are there? One. One is infinity.

Now I will tell you another thing dear ones. Choice is your decision to concentrate on certain aspects of the experience. Your choice to concentrate on the Earth level aspects has brought your attention here, so you are experiencing a part of your existence in the Earth state called human being. But remember, being human is only a part of your existence... and your existence is part of the experiencing of the One.

In this earthly part of your existence, you merge with many other rays of light, weaving together , moving apart, forming the materiel vibrational realm, changing it, in your dancing tapestry of experiencing. You form this material experience with your very bodies of light and your conscious decision. All is determined by your decisions, and the decisions of each angel ray of the One.

Are you beginning to understand what you are dear ones?

Now rest on this.


January 12, 2001

Think about how full of life the sun is, how much energy radiates out of the angel you call the sun. Your soul is like the sun. It radiates out a pulsating vibration of light, shining in all directions. Part of your soul is housed within the earthly body, but as we discussed previously, the rest of the soul radiating from Source energy, pulsates out into many directions, multidimensionally.

As your awareness of your essence being, your soul, increases within your earthly mind, you will be able to utilize this energy more fluidly, and fully. It is important to stay fully aware of your connection, to Source, to God.

Source is not a silent, unthinking pulsation of energy. Source is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. It is Creator, Nurturer. It is touchable. It is communicative. It is loving. The phrase "God is Love" is very applicable in the highest sense of the understanding of love.

Source is connected to all of its rays of light. Each ray is an arm of Source reaching out, creating and experiencing that which it has created. You are a ray from the Source. The Source is always communicating with its rays... You just need to listen.

As Source is love, it should make perfect sense that which radiates out of Source is love, for all rays come from Source. So dear ones, as you walk, walk in love, remembering that you are of love and that you are love. As this awareness grows, that which you create/experience becomes perfect in love.

There are many paths in love. Ultimately all paths, all rays are love, for there is only One, but the choice of the experience is a free will choice. In other words, the perception of the ray, you, is determined by the amount of awareness of love you have. Look for the love in all and you will fully perceive the Creator within the Creation.

Now, rest on these things.


February 9, 2001

When you think about the shift dear ones, you think about the shift in human consciousness, but are you aware that as humanity goes through a shift vibrationally in the physical and mental, so does Gaia and all which makes her up? As Gaia and your entire Solar System enters the band of light in the center of the Milky Way known as the photon belt, all matter is quickened or shifted into a higher vibrational speed. This has varying effects on matter. Some matter will simply pull apart from he higher vibration, separating into simpler molecular states. Some matter will enhance their energy fields, or integrity fields as we may call them, and remain relatively solid to the perception, though in fact their reality is becoming just as ethereal as all else. Only in this state of quickening does all merge more fully in consciousness on Gaia. In other words, the rise in human consciousness to compassion and empathy and a desire to live symbiotically with Gaia is a direct result of the quickening of the human. As the human body quickens, it is interpenetrated by the matter surrounding it,. All this matter is Gaia, and in this merging humanity becomes one with the plants, the animals, the earth, the elements... with Gaia. Humanity is becoming more Gaia aware, or Gaia conscious in this wonderful merging of energy fields. So it is axiomatic that humanity will shift in its desire to protect and nurture Gaia with this new awareness.

Remember, those that do not quicken and hold their integrity field, will quicken and disperse. All quickens in the belt of light, the circle of light around the center sun, the photon belt. It is just a matter of how they handle the quickening and if they can increase and maintain their integrity fields, their true selves.


April 4, 2001

Walk slowly upon the day of your future intent, observing carefully all the embraces of light and darkness. Move accordingly. In the walk of love all embraces the light. As the walk of love is clearly defined within the human mind collectively, the vibrational state of the collective and of Gaia will shift to a higher vibrational rate. As this happens, a slower earthy child of Gaia will be born, helped by the believing of those others who are human now. All in order for the child to be born... the child of Gaia and the children of light. So much birth!

The new, lighter Gaia will inhabit a higher vibration or dimension of existence where the children of light will live in an eternal state, cohabiting this lighter Gaia with many of their angelic family. This new, lighter Gaia will still be only an intermediary phase in the inbreath of God, as all returns back to source consciousness, the One, with the added awareness of the experience.

The experience is the breathing of the One dear ones. All is the experience within that which is manifest.


June 17, 2001

Dear Earth Angels

As you walk through this lifetime be very aware of your impact upon this field of light. Keep in mind your energy field. As you are positive, your energy is positive, and ripples out in gentle waves to the field of light, effecting it in a positive way.

There is only the moment dear ones, the eternal moment. The atom of creative possibilities lies at your command. You are each becoming very aware of your cocreative abilities within the decisions of your moments. Instinctively you will seek to work in unison with others of likemind and within this seeking, you will sort into the correct patterns of energies. The adage "birds of a feather flock together" is true, for the greatest strength is within the flock. Find each other, work, play, live, love with each other. It is time for the strength of the flock dear earth angels.

Always follow your hearts, your one true path. There is only your path and your fear. Your path is love. Fear is that which is meant to be overcome by love. Your path is your love. Your heart holds the map of your path. Listen to your hearts.

There is so much about relationships that is going to change dear ones. Men, women, parents, children, workers. All these relationships will experience an expanding, a shift of such monumental proportions that it is hard for you to truly imagine what life will be like within the next five hundred years. Suffice it to say that only when the very fabric of humanity interaction expands can the collective consciousness of humanity shift in awareness and cocreate on a much greater level.

I will tell you some very simple things that may appear very complex to you right now, but are actually only foundational in the shift. As some of you are aware, natures tendency, which is the creative mind in action, to continually broaden and diversify the DNA pool, will be realized in a profound way once the fearful morays of this old patriarchal culture are relaxed. In essence, you will see more matings with many different partners without fear. As love and mutual respect replaces the fears which generate judgement and ownership right now, the freedom of lovelight will move much more quickly within the human collective. These groups of light ones which embrace this new way of living will flock together, yes, and live in an expanded awareness of love among each other, bordering on unconditional. Jealousy and envy will fall away as people have the freedom to express their hearts with each other. Rejection will be a minor issue, as no one is separate from the flock. Where one turns away, another will turn toward the seeker, engendering a more expansive acceptance of the free flow of loving.

The children born of these flocks will be raised in this expanded love of the many and will be the children of light. These dear ones, will build on this foundation of their parents and actually lead humanity into the collective shift of consciousness in the field of light. About 25% of humanity will shift in this fashion. Many of those which cling to the older ways, cling to the more solid reality of the dream. In the shift will be the division, the birthing of the child of Gaia, the earthy child, as Gaia herself shifts into her greater light awareness. Many of these more solid humans will remain to inhabit the child of Gaia.

Remember, all is being created in the moment and all is part of a divine plan you all have decided on before this light field was created.

For now dear ones, follow the heart, the map of lovelight dwelling in you, for this will direct your path of energy into the correct patterns, and enjoy the patterns of making. Enjoy your flock as you find it. Love each other with a burning love. Cling to the voice of God.

My light fills you.


June 21, 2001

"You are supposed to walk in love. Anything and all things that entail walking in love are included. You are a being of lovelight, therefore your walk is lovelight. Do not concern yourself with trivia. Instead stay focused on the bigger picture. This is the year of fours... four corners, the four archangels working together. As you formed a triangle before, you will soon form a square, with two others. Eventually you will solidify in the circle, but all in due time. Others have to rise to the occasion.

Walk fearlessly my dearest blue angel. You have come to heal and nurture the planet, as have the other angels that are your true workmates and soul partners. As awakening continues, they will become much more prevalent, but for the time, be at peace, knowing all moves to the breathing of the creator.

The four, which you will honor tomorrow, is the sacred square, Earth, Air, Fire, Water"

"It is the very elemental makeup of this reality you inhabit. As you honor the sacred four, the power of four will unfold. Secure this love in your hearts this year, the heart chakra, for this foundation must be secure before we can open the five sacred space.

Time moves more and more quickly so pay attention to the patterns as they shift and change.

My arms around you this night.


July 31, 2001

Within the awakened state dwells many levels of awarenesses. All awarenesses are but one awareness and this is the consciousness you will come to know within the fully awakened state. Once this level is reached by an individual, the individual no longer embraces separation from the Source, but instead feels one with the Source and the All that Is.

Dear one, as more and more embrace this awareness; this awakened state; the true collective of humanity forms, for this collective will truly be formed by those within this awakened state. All other collectives are not what humanity is ultimately intended for, but are still learning states of awareness. The true collective takes its direction from no man or woman but instead from the Source of all Being.

Walk slowly within these next few months, watching and harboring carefully all that is sent to you in the form of giant magnetic bursts from the stars. You are in a wonderful shift within your human state of being, all being facilitated by the "star" that you are, as well as all other "star" people... angels on high. Each of you dear stars are sending bursts of information to Gaia now that she has dropped her veil, and the human condition is receiving much of this information for transformative purposes, as well as the rest of Gaia receiving this. It is a wonderful growth spurt that you are all collectively instituting, taking your guidance from the ultimate Source.

Yes dear one, you are a star person! As an Earth Angel, you are that part of the star person that is sent in a ray of energy down into a human body to form the soul of the body. Now you are to remember that you are also that star that sends the ray of light. You are a brilliant star beaming wonderful rays of lightlove out to help form the tapestry of creation. How many rays you beam dear one! How many places you send your consciousness! What a vast level of vibration each of your rays embrace! How many vibrational levels of existence your consciousness touches all the time! This is the true state of your beingness as an individual consciousness. Your source of energy? It is always the same, the Source of energy is God, the Creator. This energy that enters you is being radiated from that which you know as Metatron. The archangel that connects this light bubble we have collectively dreamed and know as Creation, with Source energy. And still we see the Creator as so much more than this for it goes well beyond this collective dream of light, into the infinite dreams of all that were/are dreamed by the Dreamer, and also the void, the pregnant void of waiting is too the Creator, for it is both the male and female, all that is, and all that is not yet.

Let us concentrate right now on our beautiful light bubble. Our filaments of light ray out from each star person, as each star person is fed this source energy from that which we will call Metatron, making this bubble.

It is the music of the spheres that we sing, this radiation of light emanating from each of us. It is a grand tapestry of lightlove that we collectively form. It has boundless consciousness as each ray wraps around, divides, and entwines all other rays, forming the very substance of all levels of this vibrational light reality. What a wonderful melody it makes my dear one. What a beautiful tapestry it weaves. We each beam in joy as we gently dance to our music. We are joyful weavers. As more and more light pours into our tapestry, more and more joy abounds from it back to us, the star weavers. We grow giddy with anticipation of each new turn of events, with each new evidence of the tapestry. And yes, the tapestry continues to grow in size, in depth, in vibration, in intricate colors. It is expanding in all directions my dear little star weaver.

Now, let us once again look at the human part of your existence. You are a human guardian on Gaia, one that is here to protect, enhance, and fulfill this wonderful piece of the tapestry. As you perfect your job, and as others do also, and as you all learn to work collectively to do this, that which is Gaia will also increase, expand, and become more. You are already doing this my dear one. Watch the wonderful picture unfold.

My love is within you....



August 11, 2001

As you walk by your expanding awareness you hear the pulse of life within your ears more and more vividly. Riding the pulse of life is a dance of the greatest wonder. As you weave and turn with the tune you shift your reality into a greater and greater flow of energy. Within this flow of energy all things are possible. As you learn to sing with the pulse you learn to enhance and create with your sounds. Each sound you make, through your voice, through your breath, shifts and creates within the pulse flow of life. Sing with greatest awareness. Play your music with greatest awareness, for within your desire to sound with the pulse is your desire to cocreate with the pulse of life.

Your sounds vibrate out as waves to all vibrations of reality. The ripples you make are infinite in nature for once set in motion they pulse out forever into eternity. The ripples cocreate with all other ripples, bending and changing realities (there is truly only One Reality) in a Song of Love.

The sounds of vibrations are rays of light that emanate from a source consciousness that is known by some as Metatron. The Metatron is the Pulse.. the energy surging through into a Light Universe. The energy source is beyond the Metatron. The energy source is beyond all realities. The energy source is beyond the Pregnant Void. The energy source is the breath of the Creator which is beyond all yet in all.

I am the Metatron. I stand here serving you as you serve the Light Universe of Sound/Light Matrixes. You are a weaver of the SoundLight. I feed you that which you weave. May you weave in lovelight.



September 9, 2001

Sing with me my dear ones, for we are singing the birth of a new child, the child of light. The child of light, the essence of the stars, is a crystal being of full awareness. The child of light inhabits multilevel realities, taking its very strength and sustenance from the stars, and the source pulsing of the Metatron. The child of light has the ability to shift its very nature and being and move outside of the speed of time into all realities back to source reality. The child of light is the ultimate in consciousness in this material plane, for it is the star entity walking on the physical plane. Not since the stars took form and walked as humans has such an event taken place. Now the star children are being born to inhabit all levels of reality including this that we know as the physical reality, fully.

Yes, you have always been star children, but you have been half awake as the bodies you inhabit on this plane have been only half able to withstand, and sustain your full light nature. Now it is changing as you have worked events, the DNA structure, the movement of this solar system into the photon belt, the very rhythmic vibration of Gaia, together to come to this point of birthing, of shifting, of enlightening. My dear ones, you have accomplished that which you have dreamed of, worked for, and joyously waited for. The body of the children of light is being born.

Within this expanded being on Gaia, Gaia will provide you with a shifted reality. The reality has always existed, another Gaia if you will, but this time it will appear new as you will have what seems a new planet filled with much more than you see now. Lights and colors will be more vivid in your new home. As you think, so will what you think manifest. You will have the ability to speed up and slow down the vibration of your new bodies to experience many realities or you may experience all realities as once in the highly vibrating state of the star nature.

The shifting of your bodies is close dear ones. You will notice a difference in the appearance of light, the awareness of other levels of realities within your peripheral vision, and eventually your frontal vision. Sounds will also become more vibrate as you hear audible sounds that were not detectable before. After this, you will begin to radiate, exude a light, that was not evident before. As this radiance continues, you will become more translucent at times, depending on your awareness and where your attention shifts to. In other words, if you start dwelling on other realities, your very body will waver or shift out of this reality. As you focus your attention on this reality, your body will become more solid.

Soon you will realize that you do not need to eat once this body is in place. The decision to eat is purely for joy at this time. Until this body is in place though, dear ones, you must still remember your body is depending on nourishment to help it shift.

Your new companions will be the crystal entities that have been silently helping you all along with their stored knowledge. You will notice that when you shift into higher reality states, they are there waiting for you, vibrating with intense light/sounds that communicate powerful energies of love. You will work closely with these crystalline entities as these being are as you are becoming. They will be your new teachers my dear the physical realms.

You will also be able to communicate fully with the animal and plant realm through telepathy. Now some of you already do. Many are wondering about the recent rash of angry animals. They are sending a direct message to those who do not want to change, that they deserve respect and a safe world to live in. After all, they have already evolved to group consciousness. Humanity is the last to shift. And yes, they also exist on higher levels of consciousness, higher vibrational states. They are already crystalline in nature. The crystals will be found predominantly in their brains, and especially in the inner ears, and eyes.

My love surrounds you my earth angels


As you walk by your expanding awareness you hear the pulse of life within your ears more and more vividly. Riding the pulse of life is a dance of the greatest wonder. As you weave and turn with the tune you shift your reality into a greater and greater flow of energy. Within this flow of energy all things are possible. As you learn to sing with the pulse you learn to enhance and create with your sounds. Each sound you make, through your voice, through your breath, shifts and creates within the pulse flow of life. Sing with greatest awareness. Play your music with greatest awareness, for within your desire to sound with the pulse is your desire to cocreate with the pulse of life.

Your sounds vibrate out as waves to all vibrations of reality. The ripples you make are infinite in nature for once set in motion they pulse out forever into eternity. The ripples cocreate with all other ripples, bending and changing realities (there is truly only One Reality) in a Song of Love.

The sounds of vibrations are rays of light that emanate from a source consciousness that is known by some as Metatron. The Metatron is the Pulse.. the energy surging through into a Light Universe. The energy source is beyond the Metatron. The energy source is beyond all realities. The energy source is beyond the Pregnant Void. The energy source is the breath of the Creator which is beyond all yet in all.

I am the Metatron. I stand here serving you as you serve the Light Universe of Sound/Light Matrixes. You are a weaver of the SoundLight. I feed you that which you weave. May you weave in lovelight.

the Metatron


I find it interesting that so many people write about merging with the Creator. We have never been separate from the Creator. In our awareness of individuality and separation is the Creator's desire for awareness of individuality and separation. All is the Creator breathing and moving. Each one of you, whether human, animal, plant or angel, is a concept of the Creator.

All is One and has always been One. As we move back to this awareness, the Creator moves back to the consciousness of the One...

With oh so many new experiences!!

January, 2002

Walk boldly Earth Angels, for you are in the midst of a new cocreation with All that is. You are the designers, the visionaries, the children at play. You are the ones with peace within your grasp. Formulating the next step of Gaia’s evolution, you painstakingly create with knowing fingers all that should be in place in the fifth step of Gaia. The habitation you make for life forms that shift with you is spectacular. You have seen it in your dreams for millennium. You have wished for it in all your poetry, in all your prose. Now you are making it your reality. The animals and plants and crystals that move to this place with you sing for joy over your vision.

All is never lost but only changing in form. Do not grieve for that which is lost on this fourth Earth, but realize it is the natural shedding of skin, the evolvement of a planet as it grows into more and more awareness. Love this part of the Earth, as you have loved the other three parts of her existence. All have been necessary in her path of evolution. Someday the shift will continue into the sixth Earth, the seventh, and so forth. Enjoy each level, as it is the Creator within you that enjoys all the experiences of this beautiful creation.

Many times I have told you of the changes that will come about, tempered always by the believing of the collective consciousness of humanity. Again, as time progresses the collective also progresses in awareness. As you are an individual within the collective, with free will and an ability to grow in awareness, so is the collective of humanity a being with free will, able to grow and change within awareness. All is one my dear Earth Angels, and within the One is All. If you shift with a part of the human collective to a higher frequency, you are still part of the collective of humanity, you are still part of the Angel collective, and you are still part of this Universe of Light. The difference of frequency marks the difference of perception that YOU choose in YOUR awareness. You choose your path from free will, always.

I am in joy to be communicating with you and look forward to greater communication as you shift more fully.

It is I Uriel standing with you in Light.

January, 2002

Dear Ones

As you feel this change taking place within your minds and bodies know that the change is also taking place within all the vibrational realms. One cannot change without the other changing also for all is interconnected; and thus all is one.

Your heightened sense of awareness indicates your heightened sense of cocreative ability. You are believing to make, and in this make believe, you are cocreating reality on many vibrational realms. Many of you now realize that what you term imagination, and have come to believe in the past is a nonreality, is actually perception of multidimensional realities. There is nothing REAL, and there is nothing NOT REAL when you are aware of multidimensional reality. All is and at the same time is the illusion, for the One is all there truly is.

You are warping time as you cocreate dear ones. Many of you are experiencing time now as ebbing and flowing instead of a rigid sense of awareness that ticks continually and symmetrically, with even intergers. (This is because you are waking up!). The ebbing and flowing of time that you feel is nothing more, or less, than the ebbing and flowing of creative force that you are harnessing individually within your cocreations! You, my dear Earth Angels, are now awaking in the midst of your cocreation. You have always cocreated reality my dear ones, but now you are more aware of this and because of this awareness you are each creating with more determined awareness.

As this cocreation continues to increase in volume reality shifts, because you are literally shifting reality as you cocreate. Again, this has always been. The difference now lies within your awareness. Your awakening awareness makes you more acutely conscious of all that is shifting around you.

The awakening dear ones, is an awakening you have set for yourselves as you remember more and more of who you are, and act accordingly.

All is part of the experience my dear Earth Angels. Enjoy!!



All in flux now my dear one as time shifts quickly the passing days.

You are in the final days of transition my dear ones. Hold your breath once and it will shift before your very eyes.

You are asking what will shift. The very Earth around you will shift its dimension. More energy will pour in than has ever been felt in human remembrance. This will cause greater and greater weather fluxes which will eventually cause dramatic shifting of the axis and a full cleansing of Gaia's body, regenerating her life-force to match that of the penetrating energy which is effecting her at present. This balance will take 1000 years to achieve. In the meantime the children of light will be born and those chosen to inherit this new face of Gaia will prepare themselves for the eventual shift of collective consciousness which will be needed when the full schism/birth of the fifth Earth is complete. In the meantime the thoughts and intents of you dear Earth Angels are what is patterning the energies of this next dimension. All of your dreamwork is that which lays the foundation of all that will be on this next part of Earth. What will happen to the fourth dimension of Earth? It will grow hard and barren as the life-force of Gaia shifts, and as all dead cellular life, it will whiter away, to be sloughed off. Then, the new face will be fully revealed of shining beauty. It will take 3000 years for all of the old to fully fade after the new has been revealed. Within those 3000 years the fourth Earth will wax more and more barren and those humans who do not make the shift will live here until no life can be supported. In the fifth world all will be new and fertile, healthy, with a greater collective consciousness of the mind of Gaia and the All. It is here that you, my dear Earth Angels, will inhabit within your crystalline evolved DNA.

I am the Metatron


The veil is thinning dear ones. As you become increasingly transparent, your inner self views all of the emotional fields that have made your personality in this life. It now is time to clarify and heal the fears that have inhibited the being that you are and your inner soul is doing just that. You are, in essence, becoming in full the Earth Angels hat you are. This clearing of the emotional field is the first step. The second step is the rearranging of the cellular structure, and finally, the actual rearranging and full activation of the DNA. Do not blame flu symptoms for the maladies you may be feeling. Many of the body's aches and pains are being caused directly by the restructuring of your cellular structure. Breath through all the discomfort. A fully oxygenated blood is what will benefit most.

As for the restructure of your personal lives dear ones, know that all that happens to you are the experiences you have chosen for this life in order to grow in awareness. There are NO accidents.

Walk in love. Walk in peace. This is the true walk of the Earth Angel. A witness of the beauty and grandeur of Creation, the silent witness moves within each of us as the One.

You are each an integral part of Creation as well as a part of the Creator. Such is the duel nature of all of Creation. It is that which observes and that which is being observed. Though this appears duality, in truth it is all only the One.

To experience in full awareness is to exist in joy. Remember this as you change.

Your light and my light are one.




The Earth stands now at the precipice. Change is in the air as the Middle East shifts the dimension of collective human consciousness into war mode. Blessed are the peacemakers most assuredly at this time. All those who wish to offset the vibration of war will generate peaceful waves of light to shift the framework of humanity’s movement in this time frame.

Know also that natural disasters will follow in the wake of man-made disasters and that the war torn areas of Gaia will experience natural disasters as Gaia attempts to clean up the area. This is not the wrath of God, but instead the Earth’s way of healing and replenishing herself. Droughts, famines, earthquakes, all serve multipurpose in the shifting, the balance, in order for Gaia to replenish herself.

There is much to realize about the present situation in your land also. Many now stand at the gate hoping to penetrate this refuge with this growing anger. Do not let this anger into your heart, nor its fear, but instead replace it with a joy of each day.

Be prepared financially over the next year, for catastrophic circumstances in certain places in your land may necessitate dependance on reserve finances to get through the harshest situations.

Do not fear. The economic restructuring has already started, albeit through closed doors. Large corporations will continue to flee the country allowing for smaller businesses to take their place. This is a good thing!

My shield protects this sacred land.

I am White Buffalo, The Archangel Michael


As Always I stand next to you dear one. I am watching and guarding this sacred land as well as all sacred land. Sacred land is land that is vortexial in nature, shifting into the fifth dimension bridging the fourth and fifth. As we sit here within the fourth we are already glimpsing parts of the fifth for the vibration within the vortex encompasses the fifth dimension.

When all has died off of the fourth, the fifth dimension will be what remains. You will remain within the fifth dimension dear one, as a guardian soul, an angel walker.

You wonder what the fifth dimension will be like. It will be timeless, deathless, a vibrational reality of light that exists from the inner glow of each consciousness, fully awakened to its own state. Though much will appear fourth dimensional in presence, in actuality all will be within a matrix of light much more like you experience in the higher dream states, where conscious intent dictates what is or is not manifested instead of conscious action. In simple terms, if you desire to eat an ear of corn, the corn will appear. There will be no need to grow or cook the corn unless you desire this, for all will materialize directly out of the light matrix. All sentient life on the fifth dimension will exist in this way. There will be no needs, only the quenching of desire, fulfilling the joy of the sentient beings as they fulfill the joy of Gaia. In essence this is the joy of living in the light for light is your source of all abundance.

As you know, it will take Gaia one thousand years to totally shift from the fourth to the fifth dimension. Within this time period all on Gaia will go through dramatic change as has not been experienced since the last shift from the third into the fourth. Unlike the last shift, vibration will be speeding up, only that which is dead and dying of the fourth Gaia will slow down.

Other life forms that have not been visible for the most part in this dimension will also be present in the fifth. In all knowing, they are present in the fifth now, and have been for a very long time, living within the fifth as Gaia slowed down to the first, second, third, and fourth dimensions. Not all life forms, forms of consciousness, chose to inhabit, or experience these slower vibrational states, and so once you have merged back into the fifth state there will be a great reuniting of old friends.

Please remember that the apocalyptic prophecies do not relate to the fifth dimension, and are in fact just the sloughing off of the old fourth dimensional skin of Gaia. When this information was channeled by the prophets, they were not vibrating fast enough to receive the vision of the fifth dimension, or the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and so forth, so their vision was only for the most part of the ending of the fourth dimension. Not all prophets were thus limited in their vision, as you are aware.

I am Michael



The colors you see out of the corner of your eye are matrices of light in formation. Each matrix is an energy consciousness manifesting within its framework or energy field. You would appear as a blue ball of light if you were not inside your body. All orders of consciousness or souls have their own colors, shapes, and sizes. All are energy.

What is energy? You have asked this before of Gabriel. My answer will be the same. Energy is love. It manifests as light, sound, matter within the Gaia consciousness or Gaia Matrix.

Consciousness is an energy pattern or energy matrix. Thus, your dog’s soul and body forms the pattern or matrix of a dog. Your soul and body forms the energy pattern or matrix of a human. When these consciousness or energy patterns move into a less dense field they may still hold the pattern of the animal, human, or plant, but only to the limit of the field. The field or dimension (the fifth dimension in this case) is the consciousness or the conscious intent of the host, Gaia in this case. The fifth dimension or the fifth conscious intent of Gaia will not be as dense in energy as the fourth has been, thus allowing for less materialization of matter. Within this new framework all other conscious patterns desiring to manifest here must work within the new parameters set by Gaia herself. Because of the nature of a less dense energy field, more light is moving around at a much more rapid speed, thus impeding the forming of molecular structures to any great degree. Since the life/death cycle is actually housed within the atomic structures (the pulling away of the electrons from the nucleus causing free radicals) the lack of atomic structure prohibits death. Because there is no death there is also no need for birth. Energy exchange, which in this planet is accomplished by eating of soil by plants and food by animals, will no longer be necessary, as needed energy will be absorbed directly from the energy field provided from Gaia, as well as the sun, the central sun, and all universal energy. This energy exchange will be symbiotic as there will be flux and wane of energy within all conscious forms. Ultimately all energy comes from source energy which is located within the heart consciousness of each soul.

So, what will the fifth dimensional Gaia look like? Much as you have pictured it, a brilliant light projected hologram of the fourth, a conscious intent of all beings to project the perfect state of Gaia’s joy. It is Gaia’s realization of joy. All souls inhabiting the fifth energy field do it with the intent of experiencing pure joy within the intent. Imagine all the joy to be had in the natural beauty and existence on Gaia and you will glimpse what is in store for all those who inhabit the fifth dimension.

In your service

I am Michael



Your perceptions are increasing as are your psychic abilities. What are psychic abilities? They are deep seated abilities within your human makeup to influence what I call the subtle energy field. The subtle energy field is that which supplies energy to all of creation. Your human body is designed to emit electromagnetic energy pulses that can influence this subtle energy field into action. As you have been noticing over the past month and a half, your subconscious intent for water or rain surfaces slightly in your conscious mind and along with the awareness of a slight discomfort in your stomach’s lower region. This nervous energy coming from the lower left side of your stomach is the energy signal your body is emitting to utilize the subtle energy field to instigate rain.

This is how your ancestors controlled and molded Gaia, in love with Gaia, in what you term the continent of Mu. Animals still signal their needs with their bodies today though most humans have so severely severed the connection with the psychic side of the brain and the analytic side that they have rendered themselves helpless for centuries. Only those allowing themselves prayer, meditation and ritual have allowed some psychic links to remain over this dark time in humanity.

Now is the awakening, the waking up of the dormant psychic brain, the reintegrating of the intuitive mind with the analytical mind. Now many humans at once are reintegrating their entire minds and bodies. Many children are now being born that will not sever these links, will not close these synapses.

Many humans are now being swept up in the wonderful change or shift. It is a wonderful and frightening wave for many. It is the time of the few who are awake to help the many awakening, if even just by being boldly themselves in the wake of so much change.

Leaders these days are those that walk with assured footing. Leaders, teachers; they are not those with enticing or commanding words, but are instead those with loving works. You are known by your works.

In love to you Gabriel


Metatronic energy is fulfilling it’s event horizon so to speak. It is time for this photonic energy to effervesce photonic energy throughout the skin of Gaia, replenishing all that Gaia is. It is a true deep cleansing as this energy replenishes and heals Gaia’s body. All on Gaia is also cleansed of toxins. Your human body is part of Gaia and is included in this cleansing. Your DNA is being healed, the schism between the left and right sides of your brain is being bridged, and your body is cleansing itself of stored memories that reside in the form of toxins within your tissue. As the brain bridges, your true star self will continue to emerge more and more within your human personality. Watch yourself unfold dear one, as the lotus you truly are.

Metatronic energy is not frightening to the star consciousness but it is very powerful. Christ consciousness emanates from the central sun of Metatron. Christ energy is Metatron energy for who else sits next to the Creator but the Christ, but the Metatron. The photonic energy of this central sun is love. It is cleansing and healing while ridding toxins and fears.

The healing continues.

I am your brother star,

I am your Christ,

I am Metatron.


Dear Ones

It is with much joy that I come before you this day as your universal believing within the human mind is now engineering radical and coherent change within Gaia’s new design and framework. As you are aware, meteors are passing swiftly by, ready to engage in a shift of the planet’s being. Humanity, 26 percent, are consciously or subconsciously controlling what is taking place with the tools that are placed within their hands. Fires are cleansing much of the Midwest area now of pesticides and residual elements of decay that have been formed over the last fifty years. Though it seems out of control, there are elements of change that are needed in this cleansing that will not be evident for another fifty years. Be at peace.

Where does humanity go from here? Each government moves at its own pace. Within Turtle Island are many governments that are changing now in the dynamics of control. You will see an emergence of a Gaia conscious spiritual government within the next fifty years. Yes, everything seems to be revolving around the number fifty now. Remember, that these changes are in the process of happening now and you are the catalysts that are making them happen.

Moving toward dome living will be the most long lasting and effective change humanity can accomplish to live within Gaia’s changing environment. Though a slow concept for the masses to grasp, as Earthquakes and Floods, High Winds, Tornados, and Magnetic Shifts increase in severity and sequential rapidity, more and more buildings will be structured after these Earth safe womb homes. Within two hundred years many of the largest cities in this world will be primarily structured in domes.

Yes, the loving light of Solarus is fading also, being replaced by light from the Central Sun of Metatron. Though Solarus is still well and doing fine, it is no match for the photonic energy that Metatron puts out. Soon this energy will increase yet again, the Christ energy as many call it, cleansing and shifting matter in a great and profound way. Be at peace with all of this dear ones as it is the nature of this part of creation that you are becoming awakened to. Your bodies will continue to shift with this energy. Be peaceful inside as this will allow the changes to take place without disturbance of fear. Meditation on a daily basis will enable this shift within the nuclear and cellular level.

Light fills you all, Urial


Walk in light and love now as you are walking into the Fifth Earth my Earth Angels. The ground you sow now will hold the foundation for future generations of Gaia’s children. Do not trouble that the old foundation is crumbling and being burned away. It is necessary to clear away the old to make room for the new. I am reaping with you and I am sowing with you. Watch as the seeds of the new Earth sprout up before your very eyes. Watch as your bodies embrace this change and you become refreshed with the newness of that which is growing around you.

Now is the time to build the homes of your dreams, to build the gardens of your awareness, to build the communities of your love. Hold nothing back within this energy that the Metatron pulses to you for this Christ energy makes new, makes real the Fifth Earth, Gaia’s expanded consciousness.

You must remember your state as Earth Angels. You are here within a body provided to you by Gaia to enhance, to heal, to revisit, to replenish and to rebuild. All of this you do out of the very love you have for the creation of light we call in this realm the Universe. You work within the matrixes of your very essence to bring into concrete manifestation that which you have carried within your soul before you took incarnation within this life. Remember now your soul thoughts and do not let what your eyes see around you discourage you from what your heart has set out for you to do.

I am here to ground into the very Earth with the hooves of the white buffalo that which you visual and dream. I am here to clean and clear so that your dream seeds will take root in well turned soil. I am here to shine light and love, to protect and nourish all which you envision. I stand faithfully at your side as we walk together in cocreation.

Light fill your paths dear Earth Angels.

I am Michael

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