Messages from the Archangel Gabriel

Author: Gale Albury
Publisher: TEA Printers & Publishers
174 West Meadow Rd,
Rockland ME 04841

This book is now available online, here, for your reading and enlightenment; or you may download to your own computer. It is offered, to read and/or download, in either PDF or HTML format.

We asked Gale if she wanted to add a note to this Download page. She replied "Ok... I will channel something from Gabriel. It was "his" idea in the first place. I know this was important to do now. I don't know why.. yet... but he does.
love, gale"

Message from Gabriel
Monday - February 24, 2003

Dear Ones

As you address the great changes that are now facing your human world community, it is now time to prepare your minds eyes for the awareness you will need to move into the new millennium, the new Earth, and the new human consciousness.

All those who will grow to this understanding of what it is to be children of light will help create the new foundations for humanity, and humanity will once again, after so many millennium, realize they are one with each other, with the Universe, and with the Creator.

May these simple words I have shared with you aid you in this awakening.

lovelight fill your minds, your hearts, your paths,
the Archangel Gabriel

Messages from the Archangel Gabriel Gale Albury
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Messages to the Earth Angels

Here is the beginnings of the next book... Messages to the Earth Angels, not yet published.

It is more timely than the first book as it deals with the changing human awareness as we shift into our true star nature of Earth Angels.

CLICK HERE   HTML page, 52 KB, all Text.


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