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This site was created especially for my friend Myrna, my little sister Faye, my brother Llewellyn John (aka Sonny), and my various grandchildren.

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Mad Cows! |||Hangman! ||| Maze! ||| The Spy! ||| Insight Generator!
Magic 8-Ball! ||| Tic Tac Toe! ||| Where? What? ||| Simon Says!
Pong! ||| Mr. Potato Head! ||| Falcon Fighter! ||| Number Fun!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You really need the Font "Jokerman" for this page's theme - to look as designed. You will also need Artistik, FlamencoD, Lucida Calligraphy, First-Grader, and Boulder on this site. Check your fonts in Control Panel - Fonts. If you do not have them, DOWNLOAD the zip file of Fonts. Discard what's not needed after unzip. EMAIL  me if you need Install instructions.

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