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Lisbeth's Pets: real, electronic, stuffed, and imaginery;
Poetry: some she has written,
some she treasures written by other poets.

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Here are the birth certificates for Lisbeth's
two Baby Dragons.

Birth Certificate Birth Certificate

And here are the Babies and their cave.

Happy Cave Peaches
"Happy" is the purple one. He has a crush on pretty "Peaches".
They also have some neat toys. Toycar Jack-in-the-Box

Rearing Foal
She has some Equine cyberpets too.

Sorrel Horse


Harness Horse
Equines of The World
Stop Horse Slaughter

And a PegasusEmeralda named Emeralda,
who was contributed by Sarah.

Sarah also loaned Lisbeth a few small pictures from her Dragon collection.
Moondragon Flamedragon Dragon w/Woman

Save The Dragons

Lisbeth has one very special Spirit Unicorn, two special Spirit Pegasi and six cyber-unicorns. That is too many to show here, so I have had to make a home just for them, a special Unicorn Page. The Spirit Unicorn and the two Spirit Pegasi came from Louisa's Adoption Agency and so did this little Pegasus (below). Just click on her to fly straight to Lisbeth's Unicorn Home, or click on Fly By White, later, after you have seen pictures of some real life four-legged friends who lived with her for a time.

To Unicorn's Home

Louisa's Adoption Agency

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Wonderful Memories From Days Gone By

Dalmation Puppies from Evan's Images.

As a teenager Lisbeth had a beautiful Dalmation friend named Princess. Princess' puppies looked exactly like these.

Puppy Princess
Just like Princess as a puppy!

(Note: Evan, of, came to see his images. After reading the "For Lisbeth" pages he made this wonderful Dalmation Puppy just for her. He made it to print beautifully; she loves this picture. Please visit the PetCorral.)

Young Black Lab Black Lab
Ned is a wonderful friend
with a heart of gold

He is much older than these pictures now; nine years old and heavier, but he still has one fault. He just loves to chase the neighbors' trucks (as far as he can - he is chained on a "run").   Update: Ned crossed over to Spirit World at age 11. He awaits Lisbeth at the Rainbow Bridge.

Singing Feather Gold Tiger
Evan's Images Mute BG

Is a Gold Tiger Cat good luck? clear.gif Lisbeth's Spirit Kitty Kitten Divider from Evan's Images
This row of cute kittens came from Evan's Images.

Grey Arab Mare
Older 'Firee' and Foal

Firee was a grey Arab mare. Lisbeth often rode her bareback. All grey Arabs turn white as they age, and mares get big bellies too, just like us two-legged females.

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How many of you really know Lisbeth? Do you know that she is a very talented poetess? Several years ago, before her concentration was even further damaged, and before she (partially) gave up, Lisbeth entered poetry contests several years in a row. Twice she won, and her entries were published in anthologies published by the National Library of Poetry
Do you know that she also has a great deal of artistic talent? I have some of her drawings, etc., that I plan to scan and show here. Her greatest artistic love though is hand painting ceramics. She does an absolutely fantastic job. She could have actually made a little money with this. Twice, persons did twist her arm to do a piece for them; paid her $40 or $50 for it. Really, by the time one buys the materials, and does the painting properly, they are worth more.
Why doesn't she do this anymore? It is therapeutic as well as creative and time-filling. Because her hands shake so much that she cannot control the paint brushes! And she sometimes drops the piece, which usally damages it. This problem is a result of the years of medication. But without the medication, her system goes so haywire that she would not even be able to do what she can do at present. It would be necessary to keep her in a confining "shirt". Her current doctor is working on this problem. We are also encouraging her to start trying again.
Lisbeth really loves animals, and is very good with them. Her dream and plans for her future before it became evident that she had this serious, inherited, illness, was to become a Veterinarian or a Zoologist. She was very serious about this, and still mourns the loss. She has trouble with her eyes, and cannot concentrate and/or remember when reading like she used to. It is very discouraging when you cannot use your talents!

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The Bengal Tiger

A vicious beast
A dreary, misty, jungle....
The dew...dripping without sound
The birds in the trees - without breath
I move silently
Something moves in the distance...
I melt into the underbrush
I go my way, he goes his...
My life spared by the grace of God
But I'll be back someday.
clear.gif ---Lisbeth A. Armsden

This is one of the poems that was published in the National Library of Poetry anthology one year. All Lisbeth's poems and art work are in storage with her household items; a real job to find.

April 17,1999

Poem For Lisbeth
I read your page today and cried.
I never understood how hard you tried.
Locked behind those bars of Fate,defied
Your soul still lives in Light,inside.
I'd never have the courage, Beth,
To live with every single breath
A fight for life instead of death.
But by some mighty leap or stretch
Of faith you upward soar and fly,
To reach the freedom of the sky.
To ride the mighty Pegasi
In realms where souls can never die.
Aunt Faye
by Faye I Haynes

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Louisa made me especially for Lisbeth.
Fly with me to see her Unicorns and Pegasi.

To Lisbeth's Unicorn's Home
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The Dalmations, Spirit Kitty and Kitten Bar came from :
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The Cyber Unicorns were adopted from:
Sarah's Unicorn Page

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