Rainbow In The West Title

Strawberry Fields

Come walk the strawberry fields with me

And there beneath our strolling feet

We'll feed on berries red and sweet.

Maybe we will even find some blossoms there

And I will twine them in your hair.

If I place a kiss on lips stained berry red

Then will you taste my sparkling wine, instead?

And drink the essence of my soul?

I gift you from my brimming bowl.

If you will only walk with me.

by Faye Clark Haynes - Rainbow in the West


You took my hand and walked awhile with me,

Then kissed my fingertips; I set your spirit free.

Those few short steps were my entire world and more,

But were you only visiting a strange exotic shore?

Now you fly across my world from time to time

You fill my eyes and heart with beauty

As I fill your heart and soul with rhyme.

The leaves are gone and frost has filled the woods.

My breath is white with winter chill.

The days grow shorter as December comes.

Ice chokes the creek and bids the water still.

The Strawberry Fields are crisp beneath my feet.

The ripe red berries all are harvested and gone.

But my sparkling wine still lingers on and on.

Strawberry Fields will bloom and fruit once more.

I hope we'll be there on that distant shore.

by Faye Clark Haynes - Rainbow in the West

Winter background by Maiden Fair


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