Image Credits for Poem: Alone

The Sun Design/Symbol is from RT Computer Graphics, Inc

Thunderbird is a wonderful carving from the Coastal Carvings Gallery

Turtle, Butterfly and Frog are credited on the pages they are linked to.

White Buffalo is Vision Seeker by Jerome Bushyhead

Grizzly Bear and Golden Eagle were purchased from

Coyote is courtesy of Utahs Basin and Range Wilderness Website

The Twelve (12) thumbnails of paintings underneath the Poem are from Rainbow In The West

The Twelve (12) images below the paintings:

  • Hummingbird, Firefly, Salmon, Grey Wolf, Mouse, and
    Redworm are in the Public Domain.
  • Owl, Bunny, Whale, Ant and Raccoon are credited on their
    respective pages (linked).
  • The "Spirit of Dolphin" is from Animal Spirit Guides

  • Background Design by 
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