Little Owl’s Legacy

Little Owl

Teaching yesterdays traditions…
To the children of today

Second annual Festival
December 12th-14th, 2003
Phone 863-686-2673
Fax 863-686-3753
Open to Public:
Friday     10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Sunday   10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Like the Eagle, We too must earn our freedom . . . . . . .
And teach ourselves to Fly.

Vendor/demonstrator application

Upon signing this application you are agreeing to the following.

  1. Fee of $125.00 and 2 items for auction/raffle. Demonstrators will have a discounted rate. (insurance cost is over $1000 this year!)
  2. Being set up by Friday morning in time for the children
  3. Being responsible for your own insurance coverage
  4. By setting up you agree you will be available to educate the visitors about your craft. This is first and foremost an educational experience.
  5. Agreeing that ALL politics are left at the gate. There is enough negativity in the world we do not need and will not accept it to be brought in by our vendors. So from the 11th to 15th…everyone LOVES everyone else within our circle.
We will have no more than 2 of each kind of craft. So please keep this in mind.

Set-up size___________________________________

Please enter the names of persons in your group.

  1. ___________________________________________
  2. ___________________________________________
  3. ___________________________________________
  4. ___________________________________________
What type of camping facilities do you have? _______________

There is NO electricity, so Please bring your generator, or camp the "old way" :o)

Do you have any special needs and/or requests? _____________

Upon signing this application I agree to the above and request entrance into this Circle.

Copy above; submit by one of following options:

  • Email to Littleowl4
  • Fax to 863-686-3753
  • Phone 863-686-2673
  • Snail Mail:
    Little Owl's Legacy
    1310 Golconda Road
    Florida 33801-2124

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    Confirmed Participants

  • Emcee: Lee Young
  • Arena Director: Johnny MacDonald
  • Host Drum: Johnny and the Family Drum
  • Head Lady Dancer: Ms. Shenna Sunflower
  • Head Man Dancer: John (Two Flutes) Fields
  • Guest Musicians: Arvel Bird; Cousin Bruce
  • Official Storyteller: Moonstar
  • Native Songs & Flute: Adriane
  • Traders - Confirmed
    Owl Beaver Traders
    Big Bear Traders
    White Wolf Traders
    Threads by J.B.
    Leather Betty
    Deerfield Trading Co.

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    "The Counter" replaced with EasyCounter on 05/24/03

    Count was at 86 after First Annual Festival

    Photos of 2002 Festival

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