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For Lisbeth

Born on St. Valentine's Day in 1963
Crossed over December 12, 2007

(Please be patient, a dozen phtographs of Lisbeth)
My beautiful daughter Lisbeth suffers from a very incapacitating condition: a serious physical brain disorder that profoundly disrupts her ability to think, feel, and relate to others and to her environment. Her biological system cannot keep the proper chemical balances in her body, especially those that affect the brain, its electroneuroimpulses. Not only does this cause pain and misery, since she knows what is happening, the medications neccessary to partially control this biological condition have irritating and sometimes painful side effects. Although needed, this adds to her misery.
When Lisbeth and I talked on the telephone on January 30th, she was ina more rational part of the cycle. Because part of what she said to me on thatoccasion was so "right on" and at the same time heartbreaking, I wrote it down.
This is what she said: "........I have a bad loss of identity because of this illness. I can't find me. The way I feel and the way I talk, that's not me. I am not like that...... I can't feel love anymore. Even my voice does not sound the same. It (the illness) broke my voice box...... I get angry and I never used to be like that.............and the men I have been with have totally shattered my heart.........and (in a plaintive tone) I was born on St. Valentine's day...I'm a Saint.

Here Sweetheart, here YOU are.

Lisbeth's High School Photo

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This is YOU. In fact, this is really you, as an adult.

Lake Wales, summer 1980

What a wonderful sense of humor you have! You still have it.

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Even as a baby you had that smile that lights up the world!

A Beautiful Baby

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Christmas has always been your favorite day of the year.

Lisbeth & Christmas Tree

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You still have a love for books. They help you reach higher.

Toddler w/books

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Your Grandmother Clark always loved you very much.

Toddler w/Grandmother

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Growing prettier by the year.

Elementary School

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That basketball hoop is too high up!

Lisbeth at play

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The Difficult Years

The difficult years started in 1981, and continue (click)

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