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Born on St. Valentine's Day in 1963

Lisbeth in her Wedding Gown

Lisbeth and Russ will celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary on May 21, 2003!

Cutting the Wedding Cake Lisbeth and Russ

Yes, it is the same Lisbeth! (Eddie is history) In the fall of year 2000, the doctors put Lisbeth on Clozaril. It took a few months, but it worked, and is still working. She has her bad days and weeks, but does not slide back into the state of mental health that requires hospitalization.

Also while she was in the hospital those last few years, she met Russ. He has Huntington's disease, "a rare inherited disease of the central nervous system characterized by involuntary movements. The typical age of onset is between 30 and 50 years." (The American HeritageŽ Dictionary) He was in the hospital for depression he suffered because of developing this inherited condition. He had been an auto mechanic for many years and could do it no longer. And he fell in love with Lisbeth.

Russ was released to an Assisted Living home. Lisbeth was released to join him there in February of 2001, after it was certain that Clozaril would continue to keep her mental illness at a level she could cope with.

A couple months after Russ and Lisbeth were married, and Lisbeth continued to stay well, they felt they could manage on their own, would not need Assisted Living. They have their own place and although there is not much money, they are both doing very well, given their handicaps. They have an excellent community support team in the area where they live, which has also made a world of difference. Both need to see their doctors often, need transportation, and so on.

They help each other. Russ helps Lisbeth remember her medication, and gives plenty of moral support. Lisbeth takes care of house, cooking, and helps Russ when needed, due to his physical handicap. They still get along well and adore each other. Each gives the other a reason to stay well.

Christmas 2001

Lisbeth and Russ 
Christmas, 2002 Lisbeth and Mom 
Christmas 2002
Christmas with Lisbeth and Russ, 2002

I thank God daily for answering my prayers and Lisbeth's. I thank the doctors for persisting in their efforts til they found a medication that works for her. I thank God and modern research for giving us new medications. And most of all I thank Lisbeth for her courage in refusing to give up the fight for a level of wellnesss whereby she could live a near normal life. I pray that Lisbeth may continue to have a good life.

My Beautiful Baby - Well!

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