Rainbow In The West Title

The Other Side

On the other side of love I stopped to rest

And look around and test

The knowledge I had found.

I found the scenery I had passed

Was passing too, and could not last.

Nor could I grasp it, traveling through.

If you should come this way,

It will not be the same for you.

You will find it changes too.

You may think to follow in my steps,

Through love and hate and all the rest

Do you think when love and hate and joy are gone

That maybe hope can linger on?

On the other side of hope I paused

I rested by a stream I found and caused

The shining waters, seen

To wash my memories clean.

Where light abounds

Beyond my love, beyond my hope and joy

All troubles cease

The greatest gift is mine to find.

Creators perfect peace

Makes mine a tranquil mind.


by Faye Clark Haynes - Rainbow in the West


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