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Nice website you have here.
Port Crane, USA - 15:18:56 4/15/103

Looking for interactive programs to educate and become a spiritual member of the tribe.
Willows, Ca USA - 15:41:6 4/4/103
Christine Thum-DeFebo
I was looking for some information on the characteristics of the moon as I had Sun Bear's Medicine Wheel Book but loaned it to someone and it has not been returned. I do a full moon healing circle each month and wanted some info. I have spent the last 20 years in healing myself and others and walked into the Sun Bear Tribal ways which saved and healed me in many ways. I am impressed by your website and want to thank you for the information. I will return when I have more time. I work as a Holistic Counselor Healer and bring forth Native Ways into my ceremonies and prviate sessions. Thank you for the opportunity to express myself. Blessings to you Christine
Atco, NJ USA - 9:44:9 1/17/103

london, f uk - 13:4:40 12/10/102
My comment is nothing but well done mugus.
dakar, senegal - 4:29:5 11/29/102
san gabino
i don't like the thing attached to the cursor. are your ancestors from zamora spain by any chance
chicago, il USA - 11:27:0 11/11/102
Mark N Graves

Fabius, NY USA - 18:20:45 10/29/102
Diana Romer
It was very impressive I love all the graphics
Vineland, NJ USA - 7:55:44 10/26/102
Dave Heaster
Great site. Hope everyone has a great harvest this year Peace and love....
Sussex, wi USA - 6:53:50 9/23/102
Ben "Broken Wing"
LittlOwls Legacy
The Villages, FL USA - 10:29:1 8/18/102
James Blackcloud Teppenpaw
I wish to contact by Email straight to Sun bear. Wrote the address in the book some time ago my mail was returned. I ve had many exspeirances sleeping next to the wheel "traveled many places have met the princes of fire have in the flesh and in spirit been to prison on creek reservation the work camp is least by d.o.c. from the creek people you may think I m crazy but I ve freed the princess from the work camp. concrete poored on many graves shes with me now Watooly- pheniox. I need to chat with you or some body the medicene wheel to me is a hoop of brothers and sisters the golden eagle is female the butterfly is male. any way would ask you to e-mail me so i can respond back. need to talk on a highly spiritual level a voice in my head said I was a holly man I ask other brothers to define kolly man to me they say one that walks with spirits this is comman for me now my brother blackhawk touch the groung with his figers and i felt it my legs some how i feel apart of this earth can feel it turning. many thigs I like to share with you.your friend blackcloud also been exsposed to the thunder bird found my spirit gurdian in the wheel farthersun this may have something to do with the princess of fire her name is twylight. hope to hear from you soon need advice and guidance.
Mobile, ala. USA - 13:44:24 7/27/102
Lynn Hayes
Beautiful site and yes...pain of body mind and soul...takes us closer to God. My daughters death at 15 yrs of age has reminded me...To Thank Him more often.
lexington, nc USA - 16:46:11 6/28/102
Guardian Caerinddy
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, USA - 20:6:47 6/25/102
Tranji "Moving Spirit Across" Garvin

Berkely, MO USA - 19:30:10 5/15/102
you have an intelligent and informative site. well done. may all your days be happy ones.
hamilton, on Canada - 11:46:46 4/8/102
Billy Marshall Stoneking
Perhaps we could exchange links
Sydney, NSW Australia - 16:50:12 3/11/102
Myrna San Gabino
Miami, FL USA - 14:7:39 2/27/102
Georg Kl ckl

, USA - 6:43:43 2/19/102
Georg Kl ckl

, USA - 6:42:49 2/19/102
What a cute cute site S S S S S S S S SS S S Happy Valentines day to you too. Thank you for making this page to share with all of us. Arent you just the sweetest. S S S I got here from my email actually. You sent me the link. LOL
Seattle, WA USA - 19:49:57 2/8/102
I Love You Too Mom
ellijay, ga USA - 23:19:51 2/2/102
Lil "Tease@hotmail.com
I really do like your website i like all of the poems on there they are so sweet i think that this is the best website i have seen on Valentines day .com
sikeston, mo USA - 10:42:19 1/31/102
Pelenaka Al Moustaffa Atmarama Dasa
came here from Google search engine.
Oroville, CA USA - 18:20:47 1/2/102
Brooksville, fl USA - 8:25:5 11/21/101
April Camarena
San Bernardino, Ca USA - 14:34:48 11/9/101
a very beautiful site you have...need to see more inspiration for all tribal people..thank you for being here
whiterocks, ut USA - 19:52:41 10/19/101
Oliva Valencia
Lil darky17@aol.com
this website really helped me with my poster i had to do on certain tribes. i enjoyed learning about that.
Sioux Falls, SD USA - 8:37:27 9/6/101

Thank You I enjoyed all the Beautiful images and Information.Wind Daughters Web Site
, mi USA - 16:44:49 8/21/101
Brigitte Joerg
Super this Site is what we want to see in the Web Many Greets from Germany - Berlin
Berlin, Germany - 16:5:6 8/4/101
Carol (Alutiiq) Bowling
( http //www.ewebtribe.com/StarSpiderDancing/ )
Omak, WA USA - 1:39:7 6/25/101
R. Isherwood
Enjoyed visiting your site...
Nokomis, Sk. Canada - 20:0:35 6/21/101
Linda C. Hooker

New Port Richey, FL USA - 19:2:29 6/17/101
Phil Frisby
Medicine wheel "MAIN". I was with another crazy VETRAN in the west desert of Utah when the SHOSHONI medicine stones (10) were found they tought me alot about spirit and the path of light the layout of the medicine wheel in SUN BEARS BOOK helped to bring the great spirit to my life and the path has shown me the connetedness of all the UNIVERSE that we enjoy. I hope to find those who are like minded about the light and love of GRANDFATHER and all that we are conneted to. Peace isnt easy in a crazy world but the quest for light is worth the adventure. Peace and Light Phil
Payson , AZ USA - 15:11:14 5/17/101
The Boys
Momom did you have a good valentines Cuz I did and asked someone to be my valentine. She was mean and said No. (from Danyuhl) Thank you for the Valentine page. We liked it a whole bunch. Your Grandsons - Clint Dale Danyuhl
Ellijay, Ga USA - 20:13:28 2/15/101
Dawn Beaverdam

Ottawa, ON Canada - 20:35:5 2/10/101
Janet Jaeger
A friend sent me the link and I just came here for the first time. I will explore your site. I love the eagle design. Coopershawks are one of my totems. They are my protectors and messengers. I have photos of one with a tree spirit.
Palm Bay, FL USA - 7:49:54 2/10/101
paul strawser
hello i'm looking for information on how to make a native american baby carrier/baby basket. I have found no book or person that can help me. maybe you can I would greatly appreciate it. thanks Paul
Sacramento, Calif. USA - 14:24:32 2/1/101
Myrna San Gabino

, USA - 22:3:1 1/22/101
The largest Middle American (Mexican) Indian collection of web-site links is apparently the one at dayofdestiny.com
Lexington, SC USA - 13:15:52 1/17/101
medicine wolf
greetings from the camp of the little people you have a powerful site please check out mine sign my g-book......keep smiling and may the ancient ones watch over you always.............
North Battleford, saskatchewan canada - 0:38:45 12/29/100
hi i was just surfing around and i stumbled on this webpage and i wish to thank you so much for the time and effort you've put into this site. this is a very beautiful and serene space that you have here on the internet and i hope to keep coming back and watching it grow further.
boulder, co USA - 13:45:14 12/22/100
Dikanogi Ogadali
Howdy Surfed your site and really like what I saw. I would like to invite you to submit your site to a family safe friendly web-site competition, The Avalon Adventure White Horse Peace Trail. We Have recently merged A FUN way to promote your web-site. Interested? Accepting sign-ups now. New Sign Ups will start Competing After Jan. 1 20001. Go to (copy and paste in browser address bar): http //avalonadventure.com/whitehorse/avptindex.shtml , WhiteHorse@white-horse.net
Z'hills, Fl USA - 19:14:29 11/21/100
Myrna San Gabino
Lake Buffum
Medley, FL USA - 20:8:33 11/18/100
Llewellyn Clark
Mineral Bluff, GA USA - 19:29:26 11/18/100

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