Apache Fiddle
Well the day has been long, and the chores many, but the day is finally
                drawing near an end. Much was done and much is left to do. A Mother, Father's
                work is never done. The joy of doing a good job, and the love, that is given and
                returned makes everything more than worthwhile. To see the sunrise in the
                morning and the sunset at night, to see the ones you love grow in joy, and in
                sorrow, could never be replaced by anything materialistic. To watch their spirits
                grow and rise in the wind, that is the thing. That is what makes my spirit rise in
                the wind. The peace, the tranquility, they are awesome. Thank you "Spirit of All
                Living Things", and finally, goodnight to a long and fruitful day. 
                        *Uncle John

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Apache Basket used for food storage.

This page is dedicated to my sister Catherine who has never forgotten our Indian Ancestry

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