My pet peeve on the Web is clicking on a link thinking I will get somewhere to read or see something, and instead getting to another link or list of links! And here we are doing it to you.  Apologies - it truly is necessary.

We wanted to provide a link to all of my friend Singing Feather's pages: poetry, articles, etc. She has quite a few, and we did not want to have a whole row of Singing Feather links on the Links Page! It would not be fair to the rest.

You will notice that we do not have a Link that only goes to a Links list on any of our pages, except for the Links Page which is clearly marked as such.

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Poetry and many other things

Spirit People site

Ouachita Indians of Florida

Dikanogi Ogadali

Wahyaudoi   "my Australian friend's site that I made."

Singing Feather also has four poems published in

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