Images on this page represent the Sun Bear Medicine Wheel.
Mother Earth Father Sun Grandmother Moon


You are never alone.
If you feel this way
It is only that you
Have closed the door today.

Your own special ones
Are always quite near,
To guide you and keep you
So walk without fear.
There are others on call,
Those you knew when
They were in physical form.
Ask them to visit now and then.

Even more important
Than those noted above
Is the Circle of Life
With all of It's Love:
Father Sun, Grandmother Moon,
Spirit Keepers, Mother Earth,
And all of our brothers
To whom she gives birth,
Crystals, soil, plain rocks,
All of our plant friends;
Four leggeds, winged ones,
Insects without end,
No leggeds, water dwellers;
Water, clouds, stars too,
All are of One Spirit,
And all are one with you.

All talk to you too;
But do you hear?
You can if you just
Open your inner ear.
Many spirit friends
Who are often nearby
Can be clearly seen when
You open your inner eye.

Even in a city
You can walk with Spirit.
Noise and bustle
Are really no deterrent.
See in lawn grass
Patterns of life, and
Light shimmer on a leaf
What a beautiful sight,
Feel a bud open
And then grow old;
Grandmother Moon's still
A wonder to behold.
Become one with a squirrel
And with birds on the fly.
Stand still, look up,
Float with clouds in the sky.

When your main attention
Is on the lesson today,
Or solving a problem,
Or all those bills to pay,
Let a part of yourself
Be free to roam
The Circle of Spirit,
of Life and Love.
It will be impossible to feel

A gift for all from Spirit.
Star Spider Dancing
Copyright 1995

Element of Fire Turtle: Element of Earth
Element of Air Frog: Element of Water
Waboose, White Buffalo. 
Vision Seeker by 
Jerome Bushyhead.
Mudjekeewis, Grizzly
Golden Eagle
Shawnodese, Coyote

Red Hawk Beaver Deer Flicker Sturgeon Brown Bear
Raven Snake Elk Snowgoose Otter Cougar

Hummingbird Owl Firefly

Rabbit Salmon Grey Wolf

Whale Mouse Ant

Raccoon Earthworm Dolphin

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