Circle and Tree

We are forever here; we are forever gone.
Tho’ we stand always still, we also travel on.
The circle joins again at our elusive now.
When our memories blur, our souls remember how.
Sometimes the circle turns thru’ bleak despair and fear.
We see no gleam of light and eternal night seems near.
Horrors of abyss claw thru’ our souls with glee
But buried in the darkness are the roots beneath the tree.
The taproot reaches down beyond all dreams of light
And never hopes to see the glory shining bright.
It tangles in the bones that molder there in graves
And visit all our darkest fears cowering deep in caves
The dank black cloak seems ours to wear for all and aye,
But still our souls remember that they travel toward the day.
Yes, the circle turns and turns thru our eternal now,
And as we go around the wheel our souls remember how.
The taproot travels down in darkness, gathering strength;
Supports and feeds the growing tree along its mighty length.
It gives its branches leave to dress in living green
To remind us our eternal souls are much more than they seem.
Tho’ each soul exists forever it will never be alone.
Creation lives within us all, like marrow in the bone.
Like the taproot growing in the deepness of the earth,
Each hour spent in darkness will someday prove it’s worth.
They nourish a tomorrow that soon will be today.
They help our souls remember as we go along the way.
Thus we always circle, circle as the wheel goes round and round
And like the tree, we’re growing from a taproot in the ground.

by Faye Clark Haynes Rainbow In The West

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