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This is an index for pages that feature inspiring poems and stories from people of many different backgrounds, heritages, traditions, and nations.

According to many American Indian traditions, Kokopelli traveled to many different Nations of the "Americas," bringing music, poetry, and stories, as well as trade. Therefore he seems an appropriate background symbol for this site.

Each poem or story has its own page. There are only a few right now, but this will increase over time. There are text links to all stories and poems, at the bottom of each page.

American Indian Grandfather's Insight


A Better Plan

Circle and Tree

Courage and Love, A True Story "Trade Goods"

Hearing The Cricket

Hugs & Hopes


Love Letter To A Cat

NYC Perspective

Obligations of the True Path Walkers

A Poet's Story

Rose's Dream

The Song of the Cardinal

A Thousand Marbles

Uncle John's Album

The Water

What We See

You Are Never Alone

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