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Cherokee Feast Of Days

original and volume 2
By Hifler

New Years EVE

December 31:

The woods have been a place of enchantment, a world of lacy patterns and mysterious stillness. The snow-and-ice-covered limbs of huge oaks form intricate patterns against the sky, and ribboned lace, white on white, lies across the frozen pond like tiered ruffling. It is the only time of year when the white bark of the stark cottonwood blends with the landscape, and the bright red cardinal becomes a striking contrast. Nature's patterns are etched in ice and in us. There are places within us that are as soft as silk, 'si li gi', and as polished as silver, 'adelv-negv'. We have designs in our souls, varied in color, solitary, enlivened with warmth and love - and beauty we often view as illusionary. But sometimes it is the illusion that is most real.
Quote -
You promised us that the weather would be clear and that your children should have so much silver that when they looked at each other they would look as bright as the rising sun.
~Ottowan Chief~


New Years Day


Unu la ta nee'
Cold Month

The Cherokee people stand upon new ground. Let us hope the clouds which overspread the land will be dispersed, and that we shall prosper as we have never before done.
~Chief John Ross, October 9, 1861~

January 1:

If, like a Cherokee warrior, I can look at the new year as an opportunity to stand on new ground, then strength and courage are on my side. If I have waited a long time for everything to be perfect - and there have been moments, brief as they were, that filled my expectations - then I can face the challenges.
I will remember that things do work out, bodies do heal, relationships mend - not because I said it, but because I believe it. But it is time to make things right, to stay on the path. As water runs fresh and free from the woodland spring, so new life and meaning will bubble up from my own inner source. I will be still and steady, because there is nothing to be gained by showing fear in a chaotic world. I can turn from ignorance and prejudice toward a light that never goes out.

Quote -
The death of fear is in doing what you fear to do.
~Sequichie ComingDeer~

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So - Qua
Cold Month
Unu la ta nee'

The prairie is large and good, and so are the heavens above, and I do not want them stained by the blood of war.
~Santanta, Kiowa Chieftan~

January 1

Early morning sunlight sets frosted grasses ablaze with gems, topaz, emeralds, diamonds, and the heart is supremely rich, 'u wa nei i', and very enlightened.
Such mornings call us to brightness of spirit and to healing the deep hurts of the soul. Step out and breathe in the peace. Turn up the palms to give thanks and receive strength for the day and wisdom to begin this year.
Because nature thrives where humans give up, the negative is turned away. All around us the breathtaking views tell us to do the same.

Quote -
You look at me and see an ugly old man, but within I am filled with great beauty.
~Tlo Tsi Hee, Old Man Buffalo Grass, Navajo


Elder's Meditation of the Day - January 1
".because if you believe in something, and believe in it long enough, it will come into being."
--Rolling Thunder, CHEROKEE
We are created by the Great One to accomplish His will through our mental pictures or visions. Our thoughts are three dimensional: words, pictures and feelings. We create the vision by thinking the words and we create feeling for the vision by feeling enthusiasm, desire, commitment and other strong beliefs. Once we create the vision, we move toward and become like that which we think about. All visions are tested by our self talk; for example, "This isn't going to happen, where is the money coming from anyway?" When this happens, we need to let go of the test and focus on belief in the vision. Why? Because God said if we believe it long enough, He will guarantee it!!!

Great One, let
my beliefs be
strong today.
Help me to
have faith in
my visions.

From WhiteBison.org


Think On These Things

January 1, 2001

There are so many things I wish for you... that you are always strong and able to fulfill your dreams... and see the flowers and touch the sky and feel the earth beneath your feet.

I wish that you could always be charged with energy and purpose... to feel the peace that passes understanding and meet the eyes of those you love.

I wish for you a mile of road where no one has discarded a paper cup or bottle... a free-flowing stream not jammed by junk... an open field where deer feed without fear... and people who want to rise above themselves and all the conditions that suggest they cannot.

I want all good for you... peace and happiness, health and order... and a belief in yourself to follow your star! Happy new year.

January 1, 2002

Here it is -- the New Year. We have seen many unusual changes and we can expect even more. These are unusual times we live in and predictions from times past are happening before our eyes. True, there have been many that were far out, but more have come to pass -- and more will come.

Give backing to every good thing and watch every word that it does not sink us, as individuals, in quick sand we did not know existed. This cannot be business as usual. It must be carefully handled and patiently studied if we are to reap our rich harvest.

Ignorance is like the man Emerson wrote about, "The civilized man has built a coach, but lost the use of his feet." We have to know we are daily building our lives and we need to be conscious of the blueprint we are following.

by Joyce Sequichie Hifler


I pray for World Peace, no more hunger and homeless......................
And I want to see the Environment get well and all living on Earth to be happy, healthy and peaceful.


I had a dream. I was far above Mother Earth in the Stars. I came closer, and as I looked down on North America, it looked like a Tortoise from that height. Much moreso than it does today. It was long ago. As I watched, the center of the lower part of the continent heaved, like in a great labor pain, and the Mississippi valley was born. Soon I saw great sheets of ice descend from the North and move deep into the southern part. After a bit they moved back and the Green Growing People once again came forth, covering the continent and again providing shelter and wealth for two-legged People and All Other Beings as well. I saw other People descend from the "stars" and settle on the east side of a Western Mountain slope. In time, as all Beings multiplied, North America was teeming with life, there being enough for all the millions here.

In my dream I saw many cycles come and go over a great length of time. There were cycles when survival was difficult, and populations diminished: warm blooded, cold blooded, plants - all Beings. There were cycles of plenty (like the Old Testament Garden of Eden). This is as it should be and the normal course of things in this Universe of Great Spirit.

The lesson here is that as Great and Heartbreaking the tragic event in NYC is, and events in other parts of the world as well, this is part of the cycles of life, and nothing to fear or panic over. Our grandchildren and great-grandchildren may have difficult times in their world and life cycle. But the time will come when our descendants will again be in Harmony with Mother Earth and all the Beings of our Universe. There will then be Joy, Plenty, Peace, and everyone showing Love for each other and all other Beings.

It has always been so, and will always be so.
When you retire for the night, just take a few minutes to step outside and listen to the night sounds (city ones too) as you look into the starry Universe. Ask Great Spirit if this is not so and be still and listen to Him.
))!((   :o)


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