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On New Year's Eve, many people hold parties which last until late into the night. It is traditional to greet the new year at midnight and celebrate the first minutes of the year in the company of friends and family. People may dance, sing, and drink a toast to the year ahead. After the celebrations, it is time to make new year resolutions, and these are a list of decisions about how to live in the coming year. Horns are blown at midnight, and people hug and kiss to begin the new year with much love and happiness.

In British Columbia, Canada, there is the traditional polar bear swim. People of all ages put on their bathing suits, and plunge into the icy cold water which surrounds Vancouver during the winter.

In our family, my husband and I used to either visit with friends or go out to dinner, but now we stay home and watch the New Year celebrations on television. We have chosen to do this because of all the alcoholic drinking which is done, and even with road-blocks by the police, we feel safer in our own home.

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Even Santa Parties

(he's glad his work is done :o)
Santa parties in Florida, glad to get away from all that SNOW

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Party Clip Art

Mammoth New Year

Mammoth New Year

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