Dear Family,
It is very nice to have this opportunity to wish you a contented and fulfilling year in 2003. Also I can share some of the photos from a past Family Reunion with my friends and visitors. The names will be changed or not used to "protect the innocent."


Us Kids

Webmaster - Brother - Sister


Younger Generations at Reunion, 2000

The Whole Fam Damily - Younger Generations ('cept for bro :o)


Youngest and Oldest Daughters Second Oldest Daughter
Mary, Amy, &children
Christina & friend

Webmaster's daughters


Younger Son & wife My special daughter spent many years in hospital
Sue & Jason

Webmaster's Son & wife, and another Daughter


Brother, wife to right, sons. Daughter way up back Sis 2 daughters on left, bro and wife in back
Brother (center), wife; his sons & daughter
Sis's daughters; brother & wife in background

Nephews and Nieces


My Sister's husband

Ray, my great brother-in-law


Don't mean to be playing favorites, just had  to include the following photos after I found the older one!

Greg and Amy with mothers, age 2 mos Greg and Amy at Reunion, age 40
Greg & Amy, age 2 months
Greg & Amy, age 40 yrs

Cousins: my brother's 2nd son & my 1st daughter


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