Happy 2002 Friends :o)

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Ozq and daughter
Ozq and daughter
live in Australia

Elaine and Singing Feather Soaring Eagle
Elaine and Singing Feather
Soaring Eagle

My Neighbor Myrna, a best friend
Myrna - Gaby
Granddaughter Alison

Wind Daughter visiting & relaxing WD Drumming & Singing
Drumming & Singing
Wind Daughter - a good friend for several years

Brighteyes Brighteyes and Western Snow
Beautiful Flowers!
YAY! It snowed!
Brighteyes *~*

John Kostura

John's youngest
John's youngest

John has been my supporter, teacher, friend, since I started in 1998. He has been loyal, and never misses checking out my new pages or responding to "important" email - even jokes.

John is the originator of www.artnatam.com, a site that is a juried collection of artworks by American Indian artists. He is also a wonderful artist in his own right, both on paper and creating clay bowls and other pieces "the old way" as well as some the modern way.

If I had a photo of him, probably would not have done this writeup! You will not be sorry if you visit his sites. There are great essays on many subjects besides the artworks.

  ArtNatAm - Native American Artists
  2Near the Edge
  John Kostura - Clay and Sketch Art
  Jan's Jewels and More!
  C K Marketing

Banner for Wiz Sunset Pages
Wizard of DOS Wizard of AHS
Wizard of DOS

WIZ is also my best friend (you can have more than one!), teacher and guru. He has taught me much about computers and Windows OS. He even taught me how to install a CD Writer in this computer - using ICQ to communicate. After all he lives on the opposite coast from me! He is a kind, wonderful person who has a deep faith and loves to help people learn HTML and about computers. Never let me down :o) Click above banner to visit his site.

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All friends are very much appreciated and close to me, even though some are far away geographically. I thank all of you for your friendship and wish you the very best - whatever it is for you - in the year 2002 and forever. Somewhere on these HDs there are some photos of a few more friends. Will add them as found or received from said friend.

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